There Are 195 Other Countries In The World

Fun(damentalist) Fact: About 50 of those countries have a Muzzloid majority.

Pick one.

Oh, they won’t take you? They’re all shitholes? They’re all as bad as your homeland?

Well, come to America the liberals scream. The land of racism, xenophobia, sexism, and myriad other bigotries. Come one, come all to enjoy our passive intolerance and so we can celebrate the diversity of your violent intolerance.

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  1. Considering that we are the Great Satan;
    How dare Trump refuse them a ticket to Hell?
    Are not pedophile worshipers souls desired in the inferno?
    Beelzebub (he was lord of the flies, there is much photographic evidence) granted them equal access, why would his successor not?
    Heaven may be an exclusive club, but Hell is supposed to take all comers.
    Maybe Trump is truly not up to the task.

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