So Tennessee Wants A Domestic Violence Offender Registry

Stupidity always has bipartisan support.

Both Democrats and Republicans are supporting a measure to create a domestic abuse registry, though some domestic violence prevention advocates say it might create a “chilling effect” for victims.

Chilling Effect is the least concern. Weaponizing marital disputes so that one party can use the government’s offender registry to effectively cut the other’s income off and stigmatize them for the rest of their life would be worse.

For an idea this stupid to be birthed, you had to know some East TN busybody Republican would be the virtue signaler playing the midwife. Apparently declaring The Bible the official state book and filing transgender bathroom bills – you know – the serious stuff, must already be sorted.

The bill, HB0221, sponsored by Rep. John Ragan, R-Oak Ridge, would add people convicted of domestic assault or convicted of violating an order of protection or restraining order to a registry list maintained by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for 10 years, similar to the Sex Offender Registry or animal abuse registry.

There is no “10 Years”. The Internet is forever. If an offense is not so serious that it can fall off a registry after “x” amount of time then there is no need for one.

There already laws on the books for each of these offenses. Creating an “offender registry” puts spouses who have an argument more spirited than a rousing discussion on Crossfire in peril of losing everything they own by equating them with sex reprobates and dogfighting rings.

How do the kids like their childhood when one of their parents keeps getting locked up in jail for not meeting child support payments when they can’t get a job anymore?

This goes for women too. I know a married couple where the wife started punching her husband for cheating, he called the cops and wifey got to spend the mandatory 24 hours in the clink.

Consequently, she was no less pissed off when her hubby was picking her up from jail the next day and she started punching him again in front of the cops outside of the Criminal Justice Center. Should have been arrested again.

She could have caught them in bed and killed them and used a crime of passion defense but there is no crime of passion defense for a minor scuffle.

Does she deserve a lifetime of unemployment or diminished earning capacity for reacting normally?

Can a 150 lbs man not defend himself against the 240 lbs Sasquatch who ate his wife and took her name?

This type of garbage is always improved upon by extending the punishment to removing someone’s 2nd Amendments rights or driving privileges with the commensurate several thousand dollars in fees to the state for monitoring, therapy, and court costs.

Same thing with DUI laws. Maybe you won’t drink anymore after you’ve lost your wife, kids, job, car, and insurance for having two drinks after work. A crime with no victim but the punishment is worse than stealing a car and strongarm robbing a gas station.

Which is to say that none of this is about reducing domestic violence or drunk driving. It is the scourge of the Do Something Caucus.

The real result will be less people getting married and less people having kids. We already see this with the fundamentally unfair way men are treated in the divorce courts. Men are already going on strike.

Relationships are complicated and having the steroidal referee of government jumping into its sometimes squared circle to hand down lifetime punishments is a Rubicon that can never be uncrossed.

What? You support wifebeating? Thank God we did something. Now, if she doesn’t divorce him she can financially support him while he’s unemployed or underemployed.

Luckily, that won’t be a sore spot and cause of future arguments for the rest of their lives as to who is responsible for all financial hardships.


  1. During my divorce back in the 80’s my ex wife threatened to falsely accuse me of sexually abusing my 3 year old daughter.
    I informed her that doing so would give me license as my life would be over and I would have nothing to lose.
    She made the right decision.
    Men don’t have problems like this. They do what is right.
    If one doesn’t, due to fear of ones wife or the government; well, you have enslaved yourself.
    When a man reaches the point where there is nothing worth dying for, he has reached the point where there is nothing worth living for and should do the rest of us a favor by eating a bullet.

  2. Sorry to hear about all that.

    All of these types of laws are meant to neuter men. It puts a trap door in any relationship. Not just husbands and wives but parents and their kids as well.

    I had a relative who “did the right thing” as well. Her brother was in and out of jail so she adopted his teenage son. She was about 5′ 4″ and he at 14 was about 6′ 2″. She would take him to school and he would skip out after she drove off.

    The police arrested her for him skipping school and put her on the evening news as an example of this great new law. She could have just said fuck it and good luck, lil bastard.

    If she smacked him or anything else, that would fall under domestic violence.

    I can’t depend on the world being on its best behavior and that goes double for do-gooder government with a solution in search of a problem.

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