Tar Baby President Fights The White Supremacist NFL

I have been as critical as anyone of Trump in the past but he is an absolute genius to take on the NFL and the NBA. Trump goading the felons, the barely able to speak and read, the pampered and powdered wig owners flinging themselves against him to support the use of their taxpayer funded stadiums as an excuse to stick their middle fingers in the faces of their fans on a weekly basis is “The Art of War”.

And to do it abroad? Well, fuck you all forever.

I’ve watched football since I was two years old. Loved it. Followed it. Spent 16 hours a week watching games or playing fantasy. And I have been done with it for about a year now and don’t miss it at all.

This current imbroglio all stems from Ferguson and the Rams celebrating their felons’ non-sequitir protest against the national anthem in the course of their work duties. I have problems with the militarization of the police, the dissolving of the 4th amendment, civil asset forfeiture, and the rampant abuse of disproportionate force against people and animals.

But who goes to work and takes a knee to protest injustice in the lobby of their building? Who makes a public display of their political agreements every day in front of their employer’s customers and what employer celebrates them for doing it?

Customer: Umm, yea…I’d like to get some chicken tenders and a coke.
Cashier at Window 1: Imma let you finish but climate change is important to me so Imma take a knee to protest the Keystone pipeline for two minutes. Fuck you and go to window 2.
Cashier at Window 2: The plight of undocumented workers being kicked out of the only country they’ve ever known is responsible for me having to work the Fry-a-lator. Imma take a knee in silent protest. Pull ahead so you don’t count against my timer and park and I’ll bring your order out when I get through.

No one is saying that no one has a right to protest. But there is a place and a time. People looking for an escape from the stress of their daily lives shouldn’t have to be subject to having their multi-millionaire entertainers throw their tantrum against the flag and the national anthem that has absolutely nothing to do with their pet causes.

What does the flag and the anthem have to do with police?

The rub is that – let’s say this is all worked out this season. Are the fans ever going to forget that the spoiled rotten, crybullies on the field are a bunch of anti-american racebaiters who hate them and their institutions?

The NFL signed a suicide note this weekend. The players wrote it so it’s illegible and misspelled but the white supremacist owners co-signed it in counterparts. The slaveowners joined with the slaves to paraphrase Colin Kaepernick’ svengal. These organizations currently only exist because of a bad deal they signed with ESPN. Like Saudi Arabia warring with US frackers, the NFL can survive for a while on less revenue from dwindling ticket sales and merchandise purchases. Not so much without advertising revenue.

But this is a war. And if it’s war the NFL wants – it’s war the NFL should get. Boycott the games in person and on tv. Have Congress end the NFL’s anti-trust exemption.

I never believed that the goal of all the concussion talk was meant to be anything other than a ploy to end the NFL. Clearly, enough owners and players have enough brain damage to make that happen.

The guardians of the goose that laid the golden egg have fatally misjudged the dynamic.


  1. To me, the $1million question is; Why did the NFL Specifically change the rules to allow this kind of behavior?
    It had always been against the rules, for as long as I have been aware of them, I am only 62, so I don’t know exactly how long the rule had been around. As a matter of fact, they weren’t allowed to make any kind of personal or political statement or act at any time on the field, not just during the anthem, but the anthem was specifically called to attention in the rules.

    This whole affair is being orchestrated from the top of the NFL, that is why coaches and owners are going along with it.

    Also, the choice of genuflecting rather than sitting it out is interesting. Where have I seen that before, and didn’t they all have an index finger pointing upward?

    I shouldn’t go there, that is crazy thinking. The NFL wouldn’t sell us out to increase it’s Muslim audience, now would it?

  2. John,

    The head of the players union was a bigtime Obama cocksucker. The NFL itself hire Clintons fat mouthpiece Joe Lockhart as their spokesman.

    This has been building for more than a decade. From the War on the Redskins to concussion protocols.

    Couple it with players coaches like Pete Carroll who are about as liberal crackpot as they come and cowardly owners who saw what happened to the basketball owner who was blackmailed by his exgf and this league is a deadman walking.

  3. Brian
    I wish I could agree with you. I really do.
    Look into the rising Muslim fan base for American football, while the rest of the fan base has been declining.
    Unlike many other games, American football has been trapped between our borders. I would have preferred that the NFL use Baseball as a model for expanding, but money is impatient.
    The rule change, and the imagery of the players, coaches, and owners genuflecting resonates with a large part of the world. Add separating themselves from the USA with these anti flag demonstrations and you have a recipe for Football to become a world game, just like Soccer.
    The primary motivating factor on the left is greed, and it is on display here.

  4. I don’t think American football will ever catch on in the rest of the world. They’ve been trying to light that wet rag my entire life and still can’t fill the lower bowl.

    Without a sympathetic tax base, they can’t/won’t build a stadium. No European country much less an individual city is going to do that for them.

    If things are so bad here, they should apply for refugee status and invade Italy.

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