Why It’s OK That Hillary Clinton Just Pissed in Your Ear

Because we’re winning, that’s why

Well yeah, Democratic voters throw off “Jesus-y” ideals like ethics and principles. They are obsolete concepts replaced by important new morals values like fighting microaggressions and structural racism.

Thinks Secretary of State information has the same value as nude selfies.

What difference, at this point, does it make?

And who can forget the timeless classic; But Bush!

From Partisans to Propagandists

Call it the Voxification of journalism. In the reverse evolution chart that begins with non-editorializing journalism and runs through to the knuckle dragging click-baiters at Gawker and Salon we find a new species; Mendax Maximus.

This newly discovered beast attracts readers in a similar fashion as its slightly more evolved cousins. With the exception that its premises don’t even have to be true. It attracts a readership that isn’t concerned with putting out good ideas or even calling out the opposition’s bad ones. It plays to the lowest common denominator, the destruction of the opponent by any means possible – deception included.

Exhibit A: Scott Walker Wants Colleges to Stop Reporting Sexual Assaults

Under Walker’s budget, universities would no longer have to report the number of sexual assaults that take place on a campus to the Department of Justice. Under Walker’s plan, university employees who witness a sexual assault would no longer have to report it.

There are no policy recommendations in Walker’s budget how or what would replace these reporting mechanisms. The Governor simply instructs that they should be deleted.

(No link for Jezebel)

Only one problem – it didn’t happen.

U. of Wisconsin asks Walker to remove redundant sexual assault report requirement

Also note that this breed also seems to have only vestigial traits of shame or integrity.

Smartest guys in journalism

Online Progressive hyper-smart think tank, Vox.com takes issue with premise that hard work is actually more important than being smart.

Please bear in mind that their gaffe prone, though smart, journalism is pretty poor quality. This might be possibly due to skimping on the hard work of fact checking.

Never heard of Vox.com? Good for you. You’re richer for it. Still curious? Check this out.

Buffet Bytes 140 Chars. Max.

Hey Guys,

Some of your hosts here at the Buffet are active Twitter users. See what we’re blathering about!

The Sweet Smell of Desparation

That Akin guy… I didn’t know his name before this week. Then he steps in it. And now, he is in full damage control mode. Know how I know?

Because he purchased an email list that has my CrankyNeocon email address and he sent me two messages. Well, actually one. His wife sent the other.

Will you chip-in $5 to help me fight the party bosses?

I believe in God, and I’ve asked him for forgiveness for what I’ve said. I’ve asked the people of Missouri for forgiveness, too.

For anyone serving in a position of public trust, those are the only two authorities that should matter – as a Christian, God is the ultimate authority. As a public servant, voters are who I answer to.

Party bosses and the insider establishment have a different view. They think you answer to them, not the other way around.

Missouri, I need your help more than ever. You are ready for change. You are ready to put a conservative voice in the Senate. You are ready to turn this country around and get us back on track.

The media is against us. The Washington elites are against us. The party bosses are against us.

I am ready to move forward and continue the fight to get our country back on track. Will you help me fight back by chipping-in $5 today?

Egads. He won’t be getting a nickel from me since he put his senatorial aspirations ahead of the good of the country at such a critical time.

Of course, the little Mrs. wrote me, so maybe I’ll reconsider.

Dear Friends,

My husband is a man of principle and courage. He’s a great husband and a wonderful father to our daughters and sons, but he’s not perfect. He made a mistake and he apologized for it. Now we need to move forward and defeat Claire McCaskill.

Todd is 100% pro-life, Claire is 100% pro-abortion. Claire was the deciding vote in support of Obamacare, she voted for the failed “stimulus” and was Barack Obama’s biggest cheerleader when he ran for President in 2008.

For all these reasons, Claire needs to go. We need your help today to defeat Claire in November.

Donate $5 right now to show that you’re in this fight with Todd!


Lulli Akin


Thank God for New Media

Remember when this stuff was said unchallenged? I do.

If it weren’t for the rise of the Internet and New Media, we would think that Trayvon Martin was a kid murdered by a convicted felon and that Romney was amazed by a touch-screen.

At least we’re dealing with an enemy that is so predictable. Here’s to hoping there are people smarter than us who can leverage this Dinosaur Media’s shopworn tactics against them.

(sirloin tip Jim Treacher)

Racist Liberals – The REAL Reason for the Chik-fil-A Boycott

White liberals across this great land of ours = and by “across this great land” I mean the East and West coasts – are up in arms about Dan Cathy’s fiery condemnation of homosexual marriage.

Chik-fil-A president Dan Cathy told the Baptist Press that the company was “guilty as charged” for backing “the biblical definition of a family.”

The resulting outrage has been ferocious. One has to wonder why the intensity? Is it really simply about gay rights? So it would seem until you realize that percentage of gays in the United States is about 3.5%.

No, the evidence points to the fear white liberals – particularly affluent ones – have of African Americans. Chik-fil-A built an empire on chicken sandwiches. Their most popular sandwiches are fried. This evokes white race memory of “poor ol’ black folk” eating their fried chicken.

The African-American community’s traditional opposition to issues dear to the gay rights movement only stokes the institutional racism of the white liberal community.

This distrust of the “other” no doubt would justify trying to keep Chik-fil-As out of traditional liberal strongholds like Chicago and Boston.

p.s. I owe a debt of gratitude to Jonathan Chait for calling my attention to the subtle dog-whistles of racism. (safe link)

Wayne Brady Slaps a B*tch

Courtesy of the Daily Caller, we find one of my favorite comedians (and seemingly nice guy), Wayne Brady giving his thoughts to the most panderingly pander-bear of all panderers, Bill Maher.

“I would gladly slap the shit out of Bill Maher in the middle of the street.”

In 2010, Bill Maher said he wished President Barack Obama was less like Brady and more like Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight.

In response, Brady said that just because Maher likes black prostitutes, doesn’t mean he understands the black experience, adding that he wouldn’t appear on Maher’s show because he would not be able to get the last word.

“So, that means it’s a diss to Obama to be called me because he wants a brother-brother, or what he perceives.

I would guess that Brady is an Obama supporter. His outrage appears to be because Maher needs Obama to be an authentic Black.

Maher falls into the liberal trap that sees “black people” instead of a gangsta, a business owner or an accountant. Black, to Maher and his ilk, is a something to be fetishized and pandered to. You know, support the Black folks with government programs, but God-forbid let them live in his neighborhood. Yeah, yeah, I know that Maher could boast having James Earle Jones and LaVar Burton living nearby, but Suge Knight? Or how about the “real” Hip-hop artists or the kids that live the lifestyle they endorse?

You’d think Bill would have had the good sense to watch this first.

Oh, and for the record, I love that 1) Brady has a nice-guy persona and 2) not above a little self-effacing humor. Also, he was the most talented member of the unfortunately short-lived Who’s Line is it Anyway?

Sh*t My Newscaster Never Says

Sh*t you will never see on the news
Night after night I patiently wait for one of these stories to be covered in my nightly infotainment.

  • Good Money After Bad – The Education Crisis: Why does throwing billions more not lead to noticeable improvement?
  • Is Black Racism, like that espoused the likes by Al Sharpton, just as bad as regular old racism?
  • Our Generous Soul: A three part look at the incredible works done by people of faith.
  • Teacher’s Unions; do they always act in the best interests of our students?
  • Mitt Romney; why a business approach to our nation’s problems might be a good idea.
  • Illegal immigration; the difference between nativism and a common sense approach to immigration.
  • Academic Greed: Why more government aid causes tuitions to skyrocket.
  • Nation of NIMBYs; a shocking and possibly disturbing look at the strong arm tactics and endless lawsuits of the Sierra Club.
  • Corporations: Legal entities that people put together to conduct business and create employment.
  • Are We Creating a Nation of Slackers? A shocking and possibly disturbing look at questionable majors in our institutes of higher learning.
  • Eminent Domain: Tonight we interview a poor minority family ousted from their home by the government.
  • Abortion: Two sides of the debate.
  • Shameless Extravagance: Meet The Other Fat Cats of Rodeo Boulevard.

Gawd, I could go on…

Cranquee en France – Parte Deux

Bienvenue and welcome to the Quel Surprise edition of Cranquee en France. For three decades I have heard that Parisiens are rude and arrogant. Well, yes. But if you’ve spent any time in New York City then you really got nuthin’ to complain about. Some are and some aren’t is my deep insight of the day.

Ninety-five percent of the attempts I’ve made to communicate with a waiter, sales person or someone on the street has been decent. No, they aren’t thrilled to see me, and none want to be my best friend, but they are courteous and helpful. Total douchebags* encountered: 3.

Here’s some more pix with commentary:

Hot wine on a chilly December night? How bad can this country be? A: Not bad at all!

Mythbusted #1 – French don’t like Americans. In the circles our media and celebrities run in, perhaps this is the case. It doesn’t seem jibe with the facts on the ground and I have been in tourist and non-tourist areas.

Perhaps the original title was “Down and out with the greedy, stupid troglodytes”

No doubt a relic of World War II. But it does show some appreciation for our nations involvement in liberating Europe. Possibly also a tip of the hat to the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Mythbusted #2 – The French are incapable of badassery.

These commando looking types were at every major landmark being visible and carrying firearms that would make Eric Holder consider a Euro straw man purchase just for his cartel amigos.

There was a parade down the Champs Elysee for France’s surviving WWII vets.

* Not a bad word here. Go figure!

Cranquee en France – Parte Un

Today we will be focusing on what you might expect to find should you be in France for a vacation. These observation are anecdotal and not taken from seasoned analysts with inside access to the political dynamic. Rather, it is the view on the street from a tourist with somewhat limited access to information beyond my impressions.

Confirming the cliches.

France is Expensive.
The currency used in France is the Euro.

The Euro is curious because it is worth more than a dollar but appears to buy a whole hell of a lot less than a dollars worth of goods and services.

As of yesterday’s exchange rate, $1.33 buys you one Euro. So, if you want 100 Euros to spend, it would cost you approximately $134. But you say, you have a more valuable currency now, you can buy more stuff. Wrongo my red-necked friend. Let’s look at an example.

I want a d*mn cup of coffee in the morning. There are only two rules, it must have caffeine and it must be available in mass quantities.

So after visiting a few cafes and realizing that the choices are thimble-size espresso shots for $4.00 US or shotglass sized coffee au creme for about $4.90, you are thrilled to discover there is a McDonalds with coffee on the menu.

So your jonesing for 22 glorious ounces of a crappy yet fully effective roasted cup of coffee. Well, in the US, that might set you back $.89. But you walk away with a big a$$ cup of wake me up juice.

Not so in France. McDonald’s equivalent cup it the Cafe Creme. And it is a decent quality expresso-styled drink that runs about $1.85. Would it be worth it? Yes, unless you actually wanted 22oz of d*mned coffee to walk around with in the first place.

In fact for a country that is legendary for it’s fine coffee beverages, it is dang near impossible to get a simple cup of joe in a paper cup.

Because of the exorbitant prices on everything (I can’t find a cheeseburger for less than $15), you find yourself spending faster than a Greek pensions bursar. The only time I’ve seen money go so fast was when the pit boss at my Vegas craps table was running his Hoover across my bets in the worst run of luck since the Hindenburg disaster.

Truth is, I think the expensive cost of living results in the middle class living in cramped apartments, driving cramped sub-compact cars (more pix later) and paying more for the basic necessities of life. But with the promise of “free” healthcare they seem happy with it. And to be honest, their “top 1%” has all the goodies – there are plenty of Mercedes, BMWs and expensive real estate. But the middle class is content with this. They don’t get the newest iPhones, their laundry rooms are washers tucked next to the dishwasher in their kitchens and a restaurant meal is a rare treat. But again, they seem content with that.

Our next installment is about the surprises that a non-jet-setter discovered. Think of it as Mythbusters – Buffet Edition

Cranquee en France

Dear Buffet Friend,
I am corresponding this week from France. Why France, the land of Socialism, chic anti-Americanism and steadfast opposition to “Le Cowboy, Bush”?

Short answer, free airfare and distant cousins who live here. Also, waaaaay before I became conservative back in high school, I wanted very much to visit the place.

So, time and jet-lag permitting, I will correspond with you dear reader from the City of Light; Paris.

End Corporate Weed!

Everyone has a right to free education!
Everyone has the right to free healthcare!
Preach it brother!!
Everyone has the right to internet access!
Woo hoo!
Everyone has the right to some of your doobage!
Woah, bro, step off! I HAVE weed.

I know the Occupiers like to blame the fringe for acts of rape and murder, but when you’re throwing a party dedicated to tearing down the “system”, well you can’t be surprised by the arrival of folks who actually live that message. This movement has more fringes than a tacky faux Persian rug.

These comfy white kids and their liberal enablers in the media play pantomime revolution. My concern is that out of the mess comes another Bill Ayers or John Kerry type. As history shows, the “masses” generate chaos and in steps a person of privilege who fills the vacuum with something much worse than our imperfect republic. Not that I think this little hissy fit is Russia 1917 waiting for its Lenin, but it is the same pattern and should it come to pass, all the limousine liberals in Hollywood won’t be spared. But it is fun for now for to indulge in peasant populism.