The Most Underrated American President

Thanks to my Buffet bretheren for allowing me the indulgence of reposting this from my “11” days:

He’s not on any American currency, there are no monuments to him in Washington (though you can stay at a Bed and Breakfast named after him while visting). Most American History classes pretty much ignore his administration. He never even won an election.

But looking at him now, it’s clear that America could use another Chester A. Arthur. Elevated to the Presidency upon the assassination of James Garfield, Arthur enacted policies that pissed off both Democrats and Republicans…

Heard of The Pendleton Act? Chester Arthur signed that law that…get this…actually required government appointees to show some level of competence before they get appointed. No more cronyism. While The Pendleton Act is still allegedly in effect, clearly our current administration doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Arthur also enacted our nation’s first immigration law:

The Arthur Administration enacted the first general Federal immigration law. Arthur approved a measure in 1882 excluding paupers, criminals, and lunatics. Congress suspended Chinese immigration for ten years, later making the restriction permanent.

Now that’s an immigration policy I can get behind. Not the part about the Chinese…but excluding paupers, criminals and lunatics. You poor? Sorry, you’re not bringing your destitution here to leech off our social services. Criminal? Get your gang-bangin’ ass back to El Salvador. Lunatic? If you came from a country that thinks that a child-molester is a prophet

Got a little pork in that bill you got through Congress? You couldn’t get that past Chet Arthur:

The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it.

Because Arthur decided to actually look out for the American people and failed to hire Republican cronies, Arthur didn’t even get his party’s nomination in the 1884 election. Not that he particularly wanted it. See…the dude was dying and wouldn’t have even made it through the first year of his second term. And before you think I am being disrespectful for calling him “dude”…well, dude…his nickname was The Dude President.

My favorite author Samuel Clemens said this about my favorite Arthur:

I am but one in 55,000,000; still, in the opinion of this one-fifty-five millionth of the country’s population, it would be hard to better President Arthur’s administration.

Another Chet Arthur fan

Happy Presidents Day, Chester A. Arthur. Mt. Rushmore should have had space for ya…

(A little Chester Arthur video…and you thought Barack Obama’s background was mysterious):

Why we are ****ed…graphically speaking

Remember two years ago when Glenn Beck was warning us all that the US was monetizing its debt…:

…but then Ben Bernanke told us all, “Glenn Beck is full of shit, we aren’t and will not monetize our debt, as our Messiah Barack Obama is my witness”?

(OK, he said SOMETHING like that anyway.)

Well…check this bar graph out.

The analysis? We’re screwed:

OK, in plain English, the Fed is essentially monetizing it’s own debt – in other words, purchasing debt with debt. Parenthetically, I am sure this is the point where the Fed would want me to say that it shouldn’t be considered a complete monetization of debt on account the Fed is supposedly using proceeds from mortgage backed securities it purchased through QE 1, in order to fund the purchase of QE 2 i.e. the $600 Billion in treasuries from retail banks. Damn . . . that was a long parenthetical statement. But it is an important one. This is how the Fed sleeps at night, thinking that they are using capitalized “profits” to fund the purchase of its own debt. To be fair, I would say this ostensibly makes sense however, I ain’t much into the ostensible as much as the practical . . . and well, the “ostensible” version smells like something is rotten in the State of Denmark, if I may borrow a paraphrased line from Hamlet.

But just remember if gas goes to $6 a gallon, it’s Sarah Palin’s fault.

Parents of moron “journalist” supported Alvin Greene with drug money

Well…some have said anyway. I can’t actually verify that, but SOME have said.:

The name of Jose Lambiat, the Palm Beach Post’s resident idiot who’s been exploiting U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ Jan. 8 shooting for cheap website hits, may sound familiar to Palm Beach drug dealers and hookers.

That’s because Lambiat’s mom and pop, sisters and brothers have all been squatting in a foreclosed and abandoned $5 million house in Palm Beach SOME HAVE SAID.

And while Jose is leeching off the shooting of the moderate Democratic congresswoman, some are saying Jose’s parents (not named here because they are likely illegal aliens, though we can’t verify that) have been using the proceeds from selling drugs and pimping Jose’s sister out to rich Democratic operatives to support Democratic candidates— including Dem Party goofball Alvin Greene!

Ironically: Among their favorites are some of the very idiots whose controversial rhetoric and campaigns are said to provide a fertile ground for dumbasses who believe the Tea Party is responsible for the likes of Jared Loughner, who allegedly injured Giffords and killed six others in Tucson.

Again, Six Meat Buffet cannot confirm any of the above, only that we’ve been hearing this. OK, nobody else at this site has heard this stuff, only me. Because it’s been said that Lambiat is (read the comments here):

an idiot

a liar and hypocrite

digging for crap

neither skilled nor professional

the product of a profoundly disturbed mind (OK, that was actually in reference to Loughner, but it applies to Lambiat as well)

scraping the bottom of the septic tank

author of the most pathetic dribble ever read

Using liberal logic without any actual evidence, I simply connected the dots. See how easy that was?

Wondering if the Palm Beach Post has any job openings…

Don Surber flips the bird to liberals

Of course NOW libs want us to talk nice…and Surber ain’t having any of it:

Once in power, liberals were the opposite of gracious.

For two years now, I have been called ignorant, racist, angry and violent by the left. The very foul-mouthed protesters of Bush dare to now label my words as “hate speech.”

Last week, the left quickly blamed the right for the national tragedy of a shooting spree by a madman who never watched Fox News, never listened to Rush Limbaugh and likely did not know who Sarah Palin is.

Fortunately, the American public rejected out of hand that idiotic notion that the right was responsible.

Rather than apologize, the left wants to change the tone of the political debate.

The left suddenly wants civil discourse.

Bite me.

The left wants to play games of semantics.

Bite me.

The left wants us to be civil — after being so uncivil for a decade.

Bite me.

Want a reminder of how the left has acted for the last 10 years? Go here.

And here.

And here.

Make sure you read all of Surber’s column.

They come for your kids…

I share Sesame Street’s youtube videos with little Nigel Jr.

Here’s a reminder to make sure to watch Sesame Street WITH your kids…don’t just plop them down in front of the TV:

Didja catch that? Subtle, ain’t it?

And if you didn’t, go to the comments section on youtube…though I really wish some conservatives would “tone down the rhetoric”. And I wish some liberals wouldn’t use the “F” word to comment on videos children might be watching (of course they can’t help themselves).

What should Maine Governor Paul LePage’s next words to the NAACP be?

How about, “Eat Shit you race-baiting, grievance-mongers”?:

Aww…leave it to the NAACP (an organization that has been trying to find relevance since the civil rights movement ended about 35 years ago) to whine, bitch, moan…and invoke the Arizona shootings:

Dan Demeritt, LePage’s spokesman, had said the Republican governor was unable to attend an NAACP dinner honoring King in Portland on Sunday because of personal commitments and an NAACP breakfast in Orono on Monday because he plans to attend the funeral for a former state trooper.

But leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People pointed out in a news reports published Friday that LePage had declined numerous invitations from the organization.

Rachel Talbot Ross, state director of the NAACP, told the Portland Press Herald she was concerned “we’re not welcome and we’re not part of the Maine” LePage is preparing to lead.

Within hours of LePage’s comments, the national president and CEO of the NAACP, Benjamin Todd Jealous, issued a strongly worded response.

“Gov. LePage’s decision to inflame racial tension on the eve of the King holiday denigrates his office,” said Jealous, whose father is from Maine. “His words are a reminder of the worst aspects of Maine’s history and out of touch with our nation’s deep yearning for increased civility and racial healing.”

Similarly, Robert Talbot, a board member of the Greater Bangor NAACP was not amused by LePage’s comments on Friday.

Talbot said he found it ironic that the governor would say such things at a time when so many people nationally are talking a “return to civility” in political discourse following the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

“The NAACP was reaching out to him as we have all of the other governors,” Talbot said Friday afternoon. “We need more civility. He needs to understand that although Maine is the whitest state in the country, it is made up of a lot of different people and he is the governor of all of the people … and he needs to act that way.”

“Kiss my butt” inflames racial tensions? In MAINE?

Uh…who’s inflaming racial tensions here?

You know if the NAACP really wanted attention this bad, couldn’t they just recreate that famous “March on Bangor“?

Is Frances Fox Piven batshit crazy?

After listening to this, I think Glenn Beck gives her entirely too much credit for her influence on today’s progressives:

Can anyone understand a damn thing this old broad is saying? Note…she doesn’t have any “data” or evidence to back up her ramblings…

Oh…except about that redistributive thing and the stimulus package. She got that right.

Maybe she’s confused with the words “stimulus” and “package”…

Who is REALLY to blame for the Arizona shootings

Well…let’s get this out of the way. If you ask a liberal, the one person who is NOT responsible is Jared Loughner.:

Maybe in the days to come conservatives will listen to Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who denounced “the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about the government” at a Saturday night press conference.

Yes. It’s “vitriol” that caused the massacre. I am not yet ready to blame Sarah Palin, even though it is evident that ONLY CONSERVATIVES NEED TO LISTEN to Sheriff Dipshit…er…Dupnik.

I could suppose we could blame THIS guy…but no, we can’t blame him. He’s black. Oh…and he’s liberal, so what he said isn’t “vitriol”.

But I agree…we can’t hold a crazy man accountable for his actions. We have to find the SOURCE of his angst and address THAT. Who is the voice behind the hate…behind the VITRIOL?

Well, considering that Loughner’s lunatic obsession with Congresswoman Giffords began before anyone knew who Sarah Palin was that SHOULD let her off the hook, right?

So who’s really to blame?

Well…how about someone who clearly “clings to his guns”?

Who has the ability to reach young minds like Loughner’s and mold them into violence?

Who spews violent rhetoric inciting to “KILL!”? Who clearly doesn’t possess the liberal mental capabilities to settle his disputes peaceably?

Someone who has been at this game for an awfully long time.

Look no further.

When the left tells us to shut up or people will die…

...we say:

Thanks Uncle Jimbo…

And SCREW YOU Raul Grijalva, you mouth-breathing moronic communist pile of crap…

Grijalva said that Tea Party leader Sarah Palin should reflect on the rhetoric that she has employed. “She — as I mentioned, people contributing to this toxic climate — Ms. Palin needs to look at her own behavior, and if she wants to help the public discourse, the best thing she could do is to keep quiet.”

Am now waiting for Congresscockroach Grijalva to offer the same advice to our President…

PLEASE come back Ruth McClung…

Hello? Is anyone here?

You know that obnoxious roommate who eats everyone’s food, smells up the apartment with his dirty socks that he never washes, and pays his rent late every month? The guy everyone wants to kick out of the apartment, but nobody has the guts to do that intervention?

I suspect that’s me.

The solution? Just move out and don’t tell the guy…then he’s left in the apartment all alone.

So unless the roommates return, I’m just going to start posting “mashups”. Maybe the 17 readers we have left will stick around long enough for me to build a new team here.

I’m taking over:

What got UP my butt as I was enjoying my coffee, sports page and morning crap…

Just sitting on the can this morning waiting for my coffee to do its job…perusing the sports page as I usually do…

I read this seemingly innocuous blurb:

IRVING — Jason Garrett will likely be named the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, according to a high-ranking team source.

With an open process, Super Bowl champion coaching free agents such as Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher and Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher, if he is let go, would certainly be associated with the Cowboys job.

But it’s very clear inside Cowboys headquarters that Garrett is the man for the job.

He has long been a favorite of Jones’ dating to his days as a backup quarterback on the Cowboys’ Super Bowl title teams of the 1990s.

And in guiding the Cowboys to four wins in seven games since taking over for the fired Wade Phillips after Dallas’ 1-7 start, Garrett has proved to Jones that he is more than just a bright offensive mind. He has shown to be an effective leader who can run the team and get players to respond to him.

Kudos to Garrett. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but the Cowboys were a bumbling and unmotivated team until they fired Wade Phillips and installed Garrett as “interim coach”. Dallas’ performance since then has improved dramatically despite a back-up quarterback at the helm and myriad injuries. Then I read this:

It can’t happen now because the Cowboys must adhere to the “Rooney Rule” and interview at least one minority candidate…

…In a perfect world, Jones would make the promotion shortly after today’s season finale at Philadelphia.

But that’s not how it works.

Jones must go through the process of interviewing at least one minority coach, whether he likes it or not.

OK fine. The Cowboys just have to go through the same process as every other NFL team. The rule is applied evenly throughout the league…right? Multiple interviews to give otherwise unconsidered coaching candidates a shot at a job…

Then I read this:

Sounds like Leslie Frazier finally got his meeting with Vikings owner Zygi Wilf. Minnesota’s interim head coach is hoping to become Minnesota’s 2011 head coach. According to Judd Zulgad of the Star Tribune, that could happen as soon as Sunday.

Zulgad says Wilf and Frazier have held serious discussions, and “it is believed Frazier could receive a contract in the neighborhood of three years. Wilf has declined interview requests in recent weeks to discuss the coaching situation.”

The Vikings were 3-7 when Frazier took over. A win at Detroit would give them a 4-2 record under the former defensive coordinator.

Hmm…the Vikings aren’t interviewing any other candidates?

Oh wait…Frazier is BLACK.

See…both Garrett and Frazier have EARNED their opportunities by their performances as interim coaches this season. But only Frazier will be immediately offered a coaching contract…Garrett must wait until the Cowboys go through the “token” process of interviewing a black (or other “minority”).

Wouldn’t that make the interviewee a “token black”?

Meet Ray Sherman…the Cowboys’ “token black“:

Owner Jerry Jones has already identified Cowboys receivers coach Ray Sherman as an interview candidate to “satisfy the mandate” (quotation marks are mine-Nigel).

Sherman has coached 21 years in the NFL. He has worked for nine teams and been an offensive coordinator (three times), an assistant head coach, receivers coach and running backs coach. But he has never interviewed for a NFL head-coaching job. His name was linked to the St. Louis Rams job in 2009, but he was never brought in for an official interview.

That’s an impressive resume. Perhaps Sherman deserves an interview somewhere…however there are dozens of other assistant coaches in the league of varying races with similar job experience…and they don’t get interviews either.

But Sherman will get his…not because of his qualifications, but because of the NFL’s version of “affirmative action”.

It’s really not that big a deal. Sherman will get the experience of interviewing for a job he likely will never get, the Cowboys will hire Garrett at the end of this charade.

Supporters of this dumb rule point to the hiring of Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh…claiming he never would have had his shot if not for the Rooney Rule. Except that Tomlin was interviewing for a truly open position (their coach, Bill Cowher, had retired AFTER the 2007 season)…both the Vikings and Cowboys have already found coaches this season who have performed admirably. One team has to follow this rule, another team really doesn’t.

The REAL reason this is dumb? While there certainly has been racism in the NFL’s history…(see the Washington Redskins and George Preston Marshall), in the current NFL owners and fans don’t give a rat’s ass what ethnicity their coaches are. ALL each team wants is a winner. Hell, I’d probably fall in love with Barack Obama if after he is voted out of office in 2012 he assumes the head coaching position of the San Diego Chargers and takes them to a Super Bowl.

No…really, I WOULD.

Aww hell…I can’t figure out how to put photos up right now to spice this post up…and besides we can leave it up to the guys at AOSHQ to post hawt cheerleader pics. This is all I got:

Because everyone else around here is too damn lazy to put up a post for a week, allow me to bitch and complain about the morons who are wrecking California (updated)

Today’s proof that public employee/educators are some of the most out-of-touch tax revenue suckers causing our California paradise to sink into oblivion:

Five UC San Diego academic leaders are among three dozen of the University of California’s highest-paid executives to threaten a lawsuit unless they receive a boost in pension benefits they say was promised to them.

Their demand is outlined in a Dec. 9 letter to the UC Board of Regents obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We believe it is the university’s legal, moral and ethical obligation,” to increase the benefits for employees earning more than $245,000, the executives wrote. “Failure to do so will likely result in a costly and unsuccessful legal confrontation.”

Remember that quote the next time educators bemoan the rising cost of college and beg for more money to reduce tuition costs for students. Because it isn’t actually about education…it’s about gettin’ theirs.

The university system estimates that the pension hike would add $5.5 million yearly to its $21.6 billion unfunded pension liability. In addition to that, UC would be on the hook for a one-time $51 million cost to make the increases retroactive to 2007.

To date, pensions are calculated as a percentage of the average of the last three years of pay, capped at $245,000. For a 30-year employee, the maximum pension is therefore $183,750 — whether their final salary is $245,000 or much more.

If the cap is lifted, someone making $700,000 could make a pension of $525,000.

Disgusting. “Educators” like these dweebs have spent their entire lives sucking their living out of taxpayer pockets. Example…UCSD Rady School of (Business) Management Dean Robert Sullivan…current salary $331, 373. From his University profile, let’s see what actually qualifies Dean Sullivan to know anything about “business management”…other than how to steal funds from the government:

Prior to his arrival at UCSD, Dr. Sullivan served as dean of UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. Under his leadership, Kenan-Flagler rose significantly in the national rankings. He initiated a weekend executive MBA Program that was ranked 5th in the world by Business Week magazine in 2001. He also launched the OneMBA executive MBA program, the first truly global program delivered in partnership with four other top-tier international business schools.

From 1995 to 1997, Dr. Sullivan served as director of the University of Texas at Austin’s IC2 Institute, a nontraditional international center for research and education on innovation, creativity, capital and commercialization. He held the J. Marion West Chair for Constructive Capitalism in the university’s Graduate School of Business. Dr. Sullivan served as dean of the Graduate School of Industrial Administration at Carnegie Mellon University from 1991 to 1995. During his tenure, the school’s rankings rose dramatically. He led a complete reengineering of the school’s educational programs, including integrating advanced technology into the field of finance and creating experiential and international distance-learning opportunities for students.

From 1976 to 1991, Dr. Sullivan served in a variety of posts at the University of Texas, including the Joe B. Cook professor of management and associate dean for research and academic affairs in the Graduate School of Business. He was co-director of the Center for Technology Venturing, director of the Bureau of Business Research and director of the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program in the College of Engineering. Dr. Sullivan was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia from 1968 to 1970, where he worked as a lecturer in production management in the College of Business Administration at Haile Selassie I University in Addis Ababa (now Addis Ababa University).

Well…he WAS a Peace Corps volunteer. Did he actually ever run a business?


But he has built his career entirely on taxpayer dollars…so it’s understandable that despite running a business school, he hasn’t a clue as to how the greed of public employees like Sullivan is driving business out of California. In his little world, the State has unlimited funds to give to him and his fellow shake-down artists:

Sullivan, the UCSD management dean, said he and his colleagues are not expecting widespread sympathy for their fight. He said the issue at hand is about ethics, and keeping promises, rather than money.

“We know that benefits packages and health care have to be reined in,” Sullivan said. “We are aware that the issue of the day — salaries and retirement packages — may influence this. Opponents will not be sympathetic.”

Oh. Dean Sullivan IS aware that public employees are draining the public coffers. But heck…that’s for OTHER public employees to worry about…just give him HIS money. Because when Dean Sullivan retires, you really cannot expect him to live on a measley $245,000 a year.

Speaking of entitled “educators”, I was sad to see this letter to the editor from a teacher at my high school alma mater:

In response to “Educator pension crunch looms” (Dec. 28): The article fails to mention that public educators earn at or below median income, especially in California. Few jobs that require postsecondary education are so limited in compensation. Thus, the percentage received in pension (58 percent) may seem high, but the story connects the percentage to an abysmally low rate of pay for highly qualified and educated employees. I am in my fifth year of teaching, with a master’s degree, and I gross $53,000. A first-year California Highway Patrol officer is estimated to make about $87,000, according to the agency’s website.

If the goal is to help destroy the CalSTRS program, then realize that the lack of attractiveness of teaching will diminish from an already very low level. One of the few consolations for our meager paychecks is the promise of stable employment (already dashed by budget cuts), holiday vacations (proposed to be diminished by the White House) and a pension. Sure, most educators teach because we love what we do and that it’s rewarding. But the personal cost is becoming prohibitive to continuing a career in public education.

Chris Fanning

Valhalla High School

El Cajon

Chris Fanning is whining about a “meager” paycheck of $53,000 a year. For a job that he works 9…perhaps 10 months out of the year, has healthcare costs paid for, and a pension paying him 90% of his final salary if he retires at 55. But…he’s not in the job for the money.

Of course he could apply for jobs teaching at private schools…but oops, there would go that taxpayer funded/teacher’s union safety net.

Or better yet, he could direct his career path to university administration…so he can get the big money.

Update: I forgot to add that our President’s admonition here can never apply to a tax-sucking public employee: