Questions Asked And Answered

I give Instapundit credit since I generally agree with about 90% of his positions.

Curious that he doesn’t know the answer as to why Obama is protecting the Saudis from 9/11 families suing them.

WHY IS OBAMA PROTECTING THE SAUDIS HERE? Congress set for Saudi showdown with Obama.

The Senate will stay in session next week for a looming showdown with President Obama over legislation making it easier for the families of victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia.

Obama is expected to veto the legislation by Friday, the deadline for him to use his veto pen. The bill has overwhelming bipartisan support, suggesting the two-thirds majorities in both chambers necessary to override the president’s veto are there.

Obamanian obstinance to this is not really about the Saudis at all. It’s about precedent setting.

If Obama could overthrow the Saudis this afternoon he would since they are the only real opposition left to Iran in the Middle East.

However, part of Obama’s Not Legally Binding Iran Nukes Deal was a “side deal” blocking victim compensation to US plaintiffs of Iran’s decades of terror and kidnapping.

If he opens the door to the lawsuits against the Saudis then it’s re-opening the door on the Iranian lawsuits.

Always look as to what’s best for Iran and Obama’s position will overlap it.

Throw in the kicker that Saudis are waging a war to drive US frackers out of business and everyone’s got their uses.

Trumptards Face The Puppy Blender

It’s been kind of entertaining watching Insty veer to the right during the Obama years.

He’s sat out a lot of the feuding following his addition of a comments section especially during the Rise Of Trump. But this morning’s troll of Trump’s statement criticizing the US on civil rights as an excuse to not condemn Erdogan’s violent purge of the remaining secularists in Turkey is sure to produce 300 comments:

Well, it’s a standard lefty talking point — those tend to come, ultimately, from Soviet propagandists whether the talkers know it or not, and usually they don’t — and it’s one that’s been echoed by President Obama with his reminders to Americans not to get on our high horse (the Crusades, you know) and his disparaging of American exceptionalism.

The big news here is that a Republican candidate is saying it, but then, Trump spent most of his life as a Democrat.

He’s not just been a lifelong Democrat. He’s repeating Soviet propagandist talking points Democrats have been using for years. Perhaps some salt on that wound will help?

It’s ok though because Wall ™ and America’s going to be great again or something.

Reynolds isn’t wrong. It’s just odd that he’s deciding to take this tack so soon after the RNC convention given how many of his readers and commenters are still rolling around in the post-coital Cleveland cuddle puddle.

Belated Weekend Must Reads

Daniel Greenfield takes a blow torch to Obama’s trolling treason and doublethink version of Patriotism. Greenfield has quickly become one of my top three favorite reads because of columns just like that one.

Ross Douthat’s “Caesarism Without Apology” begs to be fired from the New York Times for telling the truth to the stupid faces of their commenters about the imperial nature of their favorite cocksucking (I mean benevolent) dickhead (I mean dictator). Just kidding. I mean cocksucking dickhead.

Maureen Dowd finally hits publish on this surprisingly vicious and catty blog screed against Hillary Clinton that she’s been saving ever since Bill came in her hair back in 2002.

Finally, I have to say that I’m enjoying what seems to be a transformation of Instapundit into a pissed off, right-leaning, libertarian and this particular take on the OU/SAE Fraternity racist video flap.

May everyone enjoy their enemies who give them opportunity to mount their wildest horses to hurl their spears.

Jester, Jester Truth Molester

The NY Post has an outstanding piece by Kyle Smith pissing on the media parade for Jon Stewart’s not-a-moment-too-soon exit from the Daily Show:

Stewart is a journalist: an irresponsible and unprofessional one.

He is especially beloved by others in the journo game. (For every 100 viewers, he generated about 10 fawning profiles in the slicks, all of them saying the same thing: The jester tells the truth!).

Any standard liberal publication was as likely to contain an unflattering thought about Stewart as L’Osservatore Romano is to run a hit piece on the pope.

The hacks have a special love for Stewart because he’s their id. They don’t just think he’s funny, they thrill to his every sarcastic quip. They wish they could get away with being so one-sided, snarky and dismissive.

And that couldn’t be more true. Though, in fairness, CNN and MSNBC have ritually hoisted the pole and populate the three ring Old Media circus with lesser bozos like Don Lemon, Ashleigh Banfield, Piers Morgan, Ronan Farrow to unintended comedic effect.

Back to Stewart, there is no greater dissembling of his clown shoes and red rubber nose than this Bill Whittle take down of his assertion that the atom bomb did not need to be dropped on Japan to end World War II. If you watch anything today let it be that. Whittle should have done the humanitarian thing and dropped leaflets over Comedy Central before laying waste to Stewart’s sanctimonious misinformation in an attempt to cast a U.S. victory in WWII as being based on a war crime. It should be mandatory viewing in any journalism class, US history class, and tattooed on Stewart’s tombstone when he chokes to death on his lack of success in a post-Daily Show world.

Brian Williams has become a joke for telling lies, but Jon Stewart is a liar for the way he told jokes.

The ATF is going to have to investigate Kyle Smith for dropping all that Kaboom without a federal license.

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Prayers for Nigel

For those of you who do that kind of thing, please keep our brother Nigel in your prayers as he goes through some health issues. We know that he shall overcome, but every prayer counts.

Important Update
Nigel tells us that Toad Blogging might make him feel better. So without further ado, Stalky the Democratic Opposition Researching Frog.

Get well, Nigel!

The John McCain of Blogs

Hot Air used to be the daily.  Now it’s just doing Media Matter’s dirty work for them.

I don’t disagree with much, if anything, in this video presented earlier today on Fox & Friends.  Neither, I suspect, will many of our readers.  But does this make anyone uncomfortable at all in regard to its source?  Via Greg Hengler, here is a four-minute Fox News retrospective on Hope and Change.

Just being fair, boss!  Clutch the pearls!  Fox & Friends just spent a week of air time covering Obama pushing a girl in the playground 50 years. ago.

No, wait.  They just spent another 3 days discussing Michelle Obama’s expensive boob belt collection.

No.  They spent the last two news cycles demanding Obama repudiate comments from his spiritual advisor Al Sharpton.

One last point: Several people in the comments argue that F&F is an opinion show, and that this is therefore fair game. That would certainly be true if they wanted to play ads run by other organizations as part of their commentary. My point is that this ad was produced by Fox News itself, and it’s clearly intended to campaign against Obama. That’s the problem with this video, and I think it was ill-advised by Fox to have produced and published it. If CBS News produced a four-minute video extolling all of Obama’s accomplishments, or a four-minute video with this dramatic music and animation ripping Romney for his years in Massachusetts and at Bain Capital, we’d be screaming our heads off, and rightly so.

And CBS does.  And they don’t care if you care.  And they don’t care if it’s fair.

Scott Pelley’s so far up Obama’s ass that he won’t have to get a prostate exam this year.  He’s already got a live action report on the scene at his balloon knot.  Morning news anchor and Oprah same-sex partner Gayle King is hanging with Her Royal Blackness at the Beyonce concert tonight.  Hide your red carpets especially if they’re shag. Every morning starts with a replay of Jon Stewart’s slam on any given Republican from the night before.

Four years of late night comedians have somehow managed to avoid making fun of the President at all.  Didn’t think they’d make it didja?  They showed you. “Honest to God, what more do you want of the man?”

Should we look at NBC?  The View?  Is this not a 20 minute in-kind campaign contribution with the obligatory “you will win” endorsement at the end?

Does Captain Queeg not think we can see him auditioning for David Frum’s job?

The War on Media Bias is over.  Media Bias won.  By my count, we need about 5 more Wall Street Journals, three more national level Fox-like news stations and at least one taxpayer subsidized NPR that presents the views of the other 80% of the country instead of just the hardcore Bill Moyers autographed tote bag aficionados.

But this “I’m upset with Fox because an accurate video they produced could be construed as biased” garbage is too much.  As long as it’s truthful who cares?

Methinks the Captain needeth to check thyself in or around the time before thine wrecks thyself.  Pick a fricking side, tool.

Bring back SeeDubya.  This mushy middler bullshirt sucks fat Gergens.

On Arguing With Terrorists, Leftists and Democrats (of course, I repeat myself)

Patterico’s read on his saga has been, by far, the most riveting non-reported in the media story this week.  For anyone who has blogged for any length of time, the constant threat of lawfare comes with the territory but the notion that someone is spoofing your telephone number and calling an armed SWAT Team to you door is domestic terrorism as a reward for indulging in your hobby.

Thanks to godawful technology and enemies of anonymity on both sides of the aisle, the Wild West days of the Internet are rapidly drawing to a close to the detriment of us all.

With anonymity, you can say what needs to be said without having to risk your livelihood, your life or the safety of people you care about.  Your opinions only carry as much weight as the argument that is made.  It’s not based on your job, education, your family history or station in life.  Imagine that!  Arguments being won based solely on merit.

By all means, terrorize this anonymous artifice of your face to the world to shreds.  Tomorrow you can create a new one.  It’s much harder to do so when forced to flee your home or your wife is being targeted for your truth-telling.

The two most standard rejoinders to this idea being:

a)  Well, *sniff* if you don’t have anything to hide then you don’t have anything to worry about.

b)  That it’s cowardly because you’d never say to someone to their face what you’d say anonymously on the internet, blah, blah, blah.

While the latter can easily be proven in public, the former is beyond your control.

You don’t get to decide what someone else finds controversial.  What may be totally unremarkable to you may be the thrown down gauntlet for the mildly deranged  Or, it may be the invitation to lawfare and harassment by the professionally deranged who are usually under the employ of the media in one form or fashion, to destroy the lives of people they politically disagree with.

And for what?  Your personal vanity?  To like being talked about?

As technology is becoming so pervasive in every aspect of our lives from an early age, it is going to be more and more important to maintain separate identities in public and private.  It’s nothing new and what’s always been done whether you guarded your opinions at work  or whether you maintained a close circle of friends and kept acquaintances out of the loop on certain details of your life.

It needs to be a conscious decision very early on or you are walking unprepared into a future where nothing is ever forgotten and poor choices or unpopular candor as a teenager or young adult will haunt you for the rest of your life.

You can fool yourselves and think that people on the other side of the ideological spectrum disagree with this campaign of terror waged in their names but their silence always endorses it.

The First Amendment protects you from the government trying to intimidate you into silence.  The unreliable criminal justice system is all that stands between you and a lunatic with 8 fingers because he blew 2 of them off building a bomb so he’d be the most popular rapist at the Occupy Wall Street camp.

If the 2nd Amendment is required to protect the 1st, everyone should exercise a natural right to protect your identity from all threats foreign but in most cases domestic.



Gay-Hating, Magic Underwear Wearing Pack of Wild Dogs Attacks Flock of Seagulls. Or Not.

How desperate is the “All-In” media to polish the turd of Obama’s re-election campaign?  Desperate enough to give top of the fold coverage to half a century old allegations of high school pranks.

Prepare yourself for the nastiest campaign in American history.  And look at that turd shine:

…this morning the Washington Post dropped what had to be an intentionally-timed bomb on presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. Within hours of Obama suddenly deciding to stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage, the Washington Post read Mitt Romney’s teenage mind,  found it anti-gay, and in a huge, attention-getting feature worked hand-in-hand with the Obama campaign to paint their likely challenger as a snooty, wealthy, homophobic, prep school bully.

This is the best they’ve got.

We’re to believe that Mitt The Mormon was running around like a “pack of wild dogs” at the same time that Obama was eating packs of wild dogs.  Guess which one is a five page Washington Post cover story?

Hey, now…didn’t Journolist’s founder work for the Washington Post?  Come to think of it, he still works for the Washington Post!

This screenshot from Memeorandum is the textbook definition of “I got the memo”:

Message received loud and clear.

After Obama’s Epic Fail on same-sex marriage, we have to change the subject to a half century old nontroversy that the bankrupt Washington Post has been keeping its powder dry on for who knows how long.

What’s a bigger story?  An alleged prank from 1965 or Obama’s cocaine use in the last twenty years?  A dog put in a kennel on top of a car or the President eating it?

Why can’t we know what classes Obama took in college?  Why can’t we know his GPA?  How is teenage Mitt Romney somehow fodder for major news outlets but Obama starting his career in the home of a domestic terrorist and spending 20 years in a racist crackpot’s church off-limits?

Old Media, just go out of business already.  The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes and his only modesty is you covering up his pride with your mouth.

No Silence There

Regretfully, it appears that Michael Silence of No Silence Here at the Knoxville News Sentinel was laid off this week.

Despite the several times I traded paint with him along our I-40 stretch of the information superhighway, I always found him to be one of the most fair members of the Old Media in the online game.

Go over and wish one of the good guys a fond farewell.

Classy move, KNS. Now go do some more supportive OWS reporting on those greedy corporations throwing people into the street

Why Won’t The Internet Stop Masturbating Me?

You’ve got to rove Arrec Bawrin.  Sure, it’s been several decades since Glengarry Glen Ross, but he’s still the closer.  Are you interested???  I know you are:

Which brings me to Anthony Weiner.

The Internet, as I understand it, is best for sharing information, ideas and even feelings. We send our thoughts and feelings, our very spirit, over the airwaves, with astounding velocity. At times, as human beings, we want to attach the body to the feelings, as well. Photos of ourselves and loved ones. Pets. The view out our window. The image of a child’s purity.

Barring any further revelations about the underage purity of the children Mr. Weiner of the Incalculable  Certitude, may or may not have spanked his Hebrew National to – that might have been Mr. Barrwin’s most unfortunate turn of phrase in this curiously unsolicited defense of the wanky Weiner.

Photos to find love. To find sex.

My thought on Weiner is that he is a very busy man.

For high functioning men like Weiner and other officials who have lived through such scandals, who are constantly on the go, that leaves one tried and true source of a reliable high. The affirmation that comes when someone lets you know they want to sleep with you. Or even cyber-sleep with you.

“High functioning” weiners, aside the running sexting joke is that no one ever knew if the person on the other end was a hot co-ed or a beefy bear with the keyboard of a slutty angel.

One busy gentlemen may feel a bit betrayed if he comes home from his busy day at work to find his missus jilling off to a tattooed, unemployed construction worker who’s milking the coconuts to his veiny palm tree on the other end of the Skype connection.  Much less half a dozen construction workers.

Who can say?  Working for Hillary Clinton might be a walk in the park.  A park fraught with flashers in trenchcoats.  Or the ever-gracious  frotteurs on the subway who, above all others, understand how pressed for time you are.

This is sex for many people now. No time for Mateus and cheap spaghetti. No time for slowly moving toward one another with a combination of hope and caution, lust and integrity. One can push a button and get something beyond porn. Porn is essentially two dimensional. One sees and hears. Internet sexting can be perceived as three dimensional by adding the component of “feel”, regardless of how cheap and unearned those feelings are. That person on the screen is doing whatever they’re doing… just for you.

Is this a defense or a confessional?

We tell ourselves that these devices help us communicate more effectively. What they actually do is allow us to bypass the person lying right next to us, across the room from us or at an airport heading home to us, in order to meet our immediate, even inconvenient, needs. To bypass their moods, their current view of us and their own desires, or lack thereof.

Weiner is a modern human being. So he ensnared himself in things that modern humans do. When I first heard about his problems, I snickered and made jokes, too. Now, I’m sad for him, his family, his district and his colleagues.

Let he who is without sin…

So only the atheists should be allowed to criticize Weiner by Barwin’s standard.  Preferably ones who aren’t so modern or busy.  Lazy Luddites who are fapping in the ways of our forefathers.

Through all of this, there is an unreasonable assumption that Weiner only played Hide The Salami with himself and throughout his engagement and marriage that he never indulged in an extra-marital affair.  He’s earned it, right?

Running a self-styled gauntlet of leftarded bimbos and pornstars stands he, Integritous Masturbatus.

An undeserved presumption of innocence for someone who played fast and loose with anyone on Twitter who paid him a compliment.

Damn you, sexy Internet.  I’m a married man!  And oh so busy.


Transparency for Thee, Not for Me

Your Time to Divest From Facebook Is Now.

Realizing, of course, that your information is the asset.  Given freely and with no hopes of ever concealing it.  Your real name, your hometown, every medical issue you’ve ever discussed, every old flame you’ve ever looked up, every opinion on every issue and your Zynga poker strategy to boot – handed over to an untouchable, Democrat sociopath:

For years, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, has extolled the virtue of transparency, and he built Facebook accordingly.


“Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity,” Mr. Zuckerberg has said.

Now, Facebook is being taken to task for trying to conceal its own identity as it sought to coax reporters and technology experts to write critical stories about the privacy implications of a search feature, Social Circle, from its rival, Google.

Transparency for thee, not for me it seems.  The Founding Fathers of this country understood perfectly the role of anonymity and I would rely on their 200+ year old integrity against Zuckerburg and his ilk any day of the week.

I was always reluctant to ever open a Facebook account and never fully embraced it. But hey, everybody’s doing it.  And if everybody’s doing it…that’s a lot of guys doing it*.

You’re faced with handing over not just your content but a map of everyone you know (home, work, church, other)  to someone who ostensibly hates you and has the ability to use it against you.  That I cannot stomach.  I don’t go to movies or buy the music of people who openly express contempt of my values.  Why should this be any different?  This isn’t to say that I’m so self-centered that I think a multi-billion dollar corporation is after me.  It just could if it wanted to and I don’t have to be the one to give it the ammunition.

It’s the Disclose Act on a personal level.

In a statement issued Thursday, Facebook said: “We wanted third parties to verify that people did not approve of the collection and use of information from their accounts on Facebook and other services for inclusion in Google Social Circles. We engaged Burson-Marsteller to focus attention on this issue, using publicly available information that could be independently verified by any media organization or analyst. The issues are serious and we should have presented them in a serious and transparent way.”

After they were caught hiring a top flight PR firm to engage in an anonymous smear campaign.  It’s almost like the private sector parallel of the President they support. Openness, honesty and transparency for all – except me!  It’s still the Gilded Age for these information railroad robber barons and it’s time for a trustbuster.

Don’t anyone be offended when I start de-friending you.  I’m not hating the players, I’m hating the game.


Because I’m All About Compromise Up In H’yere

So we can’t see OBL’s splodeydome because it would inflame the LGF comments threads, the  goatbuggering Arab Sodomy Fields Street.

How about if we had him in an open casket funeral provided that the closed half was covered by an American flag?  Or, maybe if we dressed his corpse up in women’s panties and threw it on top of a big  pile of Abu Ghraib prisoners with Lindy’s dangling cigarette hanging over him?

Since neither photos of flag-draped coffins or prisoner abuse concerned Obama with international backlash, or threats to our troops and ambassadors abroad, this would have seemed like a safe compromise.

And then, in accordance with Islamic practice, we could have strapped a bomb to his remains and tossed him in a Beslan schoolhouse.

/Because of 16 hours of rawmuscleglutular and courageously gritty sleep deliberation!

The Fred Phelps of Global Warming

Hot Air’s got the link to the punk bitches at ThinkProgress.   I don’t want to rip their tiny holes with my massive link since under Obamacare I will have to pay for the stitching.  And the therapy.  The so many hours of therapy.

But blaming tornado victims because their state representatives don’t vote to wreck their economies over non-existent global warming?  Well….that’s not Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson all rolled into one, how exactly?

The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.

So if you’re just joining us because you’ve spent the last two days pulling your loved ones out from under the bricks of what was once your home – you know in your heart of hearts that you had this coming didn’t you?

I expect no class from the left ever.  I’ve tried to show them the error of their ways but they refuse to learn.

Everybody – you have a free pass the next time an earthquake hits San Fransicko, a terrorist hits New York City, or Allah willing, a fire burns Chicago to the ground.  Have at it.  Let them know that God is punishing them for their AIDS , buggery or whatever square that you don’t like about them that can be hammered into the round hole of reality.

They’re liberals after all.  I don’t need any other reason to wish every last one of them dead in the most painful way possible or to gloat over it before they have a chance to be buried.



Did Porkulus Pay For Speed Bumps On The Road To Damascus?

And why can’t anyone speak the truth about Syria.  I mean, I know why Hijab Nancy won’t speak about Syria.

Assad treated her like the filthy little whore she is, threw a paperbag over her head and road her like the convoy carrying WMDs out of Iraq.  Squealed like a little piggy she did.

And the stink of her Sizzlean and hot garbage has got Krauthammer bent out of all kinds of shape:

“Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.”
Hillary Clinton
on Bashar al-Assad, March 27

Few things said by this administration in its two years can match this one for moral bankruptcy and strategic incomprehensibility.

Syria is like the French Riviera for the Communist Left for some reason.  They loved to go there during the Bush years.  Can someone fill me in on why exactly?  Is it because Assad wears a suit and doesn’t walk around in bed linens or military garb with mirrored sunglasses and gold plated epaulets all day?

Their feelings on the subject of people being clean and articulate is well documented.  Nevermind what’s coming out of their mouths.

Here are people demonstrating against a dictatorship that repeatedly uses live fire on its own people, a regime that in 1982 killed 20,000 in Hama and then paved the dead over.

Here are insanely courageous people demanding reform — and the U.S. secretary of state tells the world that the thug ordering the shooting of innocents already is a reformer, thus effectively endorsing the Baath party line — “We are all reformers,” Assad told parliament — and undermining the demonstrators’ cause.

Third, it’s strategically incomprehensible. Sometimes you cover for a repressive ally because you need it for U.S. national security. Hence our muted words about Bahrain. Hence our slow response on Egypt. But there are rare times when strategic interest and moral imperative coincide completely. Syria is one such — a monstrous police state whose regime consistently works to thwart U.S. interests in the region.

During the worst days of the Iraq War, this regime funneled terrorists into Iraq to fight U.S. troops and Iraqi allies. It is dripping with Lebanese blood as well, being behind the murder of independent journalists and democrats, including former Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri.

This year, it helped topple the pro-Western government of Hariri’s son, Saad, and put Lebanon under the thumb of the virulently anti-Western Hezbollah. Syria is a partner in nuclear proliferation with North Korea. It is Iran’s agent and closest Arab ally, granting it an outlet on the Mediterranean. Those two Iranian warships that went through the Suez Canal last month docked at the Syrian port of Latakia, a long-sought Iranian penetration of the Mediterranean.

Take the whole thing out for a spin.  Kick the tires.

Hlllary Clinton is a Grade A+ moron.  You’d never know it by how wildly popular she is.  Just ask her old pollster since he’s the one who ran the survey that determined her to be The Most Popular Secretary of State Evar.  Carrot Top “Reset Button” Diplomacy was such a hit.

The same week she’s garbling Obama’s “get rid of Qaddafi/don’t get rid of Qaddafi”, “it’s of paramount national interest/not really in our interest at all” misdirection and praising the Torquemada of Damascus.

What’s not to love?

I’d ask how the military recruitment numbers are going to see how many people are chomping at the bit to join the US Armed Services so they can serve at the pleasure of the Arab League but since the news hasn’t mentioned that once burning question since November 2008 I already know.

It’s snug and tucked away with the monthly casualty numbers and front page flag-draped-coffin cover stories that don’t warrant a mention now either.



Juan Cole: Liberal Chickenhawk And The Date Raping Of Congress on Libya

Damn you, archives.  Damn you!

It’s too delicious.  Purveyor of pejoratives, Juan Cole of Misinformed Comment has put his war face on – Raawwwrr!  Or should I say, bok-bok-ba-kok:


I would like to urge the Left to learn to chew gum and walk at the same time. It is possible to reason our way through, on a case-by-case basis, to an ethical progressive position that supports the ordinary folk in their travails in places like Libya. If we just don’t care if the people of Benghazi are subjected to murder and repression on a vast scale, we aren’t people of the Left.

It’s not that they can’t “reason their way” into Libya, it’s that it is a direct contradiction from every position they vehemently supported for the most memorable moments of the last, easily researched decade.  To make the strident case for Liberal Hypocrisy on military intervention in Libya’s Civil War.

We can’t just stand idly by while “ordinary folk” are murdered and repressed on a “vast scale”.  Funny.  That’s exactly what you did on Iraq and Afghanistan.   Are you saying that Libyan scale is more vast than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq?  It couldn’t be that your thumb is on that scale now that a Democrat is in the White House.

Before Obama’s gas prices go up any more, let’s take a trip down memory lane:

2/28/2006 – While tut-tutting on the news of over 1,300 people killed in sectarian violence in Iraq and arguing  for reducing our overburdened, stretched-thin troops in Iraq so that Iraqi “ordinary” folks” wouldn’t be subject to murder and oppression on a “vast scale” –

The LA Times reports that the recent violence in Iraq has provoked a debate in the Pentagon about planned troop draw-downs in Iraq. Some officers think it is crazy to reduce the number now. Others believe that the Iraqis will never step up to the plate as long as they can call in US soldiers. The article quotes Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute (Likud Branch), who is a civilian chickenhawk even though he is young enough so that he could have joined the military and served in Iraq, as saying that it is not the right time to bring home the troops.

My, my, my.  We’re still in Iraq yet now Colonel Cole is willing to send those brave souls to Libya and not let them come home.  Encourage your readers to join the military and bring home something Not Victory, since we’re not imperialists in Libya.  I’d hate for you to be a Chickenhawk ™, Juan.

2/6/05 – Re-posting a letter from one of his lickspittle minions to Jonah Goldberg:

In your post titled “EMPIRICISM”, you quote a reader who seems to value concepts above experience. In many ways, this may be a good explanation of the root of your feud with Cole. By all appearances, you view the war in Iraq much the way you might treat today’s Superbowl. Its something about which you feel free to state strong opinions and something which might provoke a certain amount of emotional argument.

You might win or lose a few dollars and/or the ability to gloat for a few days. But, in the end, its simply entertainment. Certainly, despite the strength of your convictions about aspects of the game, you don’t feel yourself qualified to actually take the place of Belichick or Reid. You wouldn’t consider for a moment strapping on a helmet and lining up in place of TO.

Cole, on the other hand, knows that war is not a game. He lived in war-torn Beirut and knows the realities of civil strife.

Do you feel any responsibility for the real and empirical deaths that have occurred due to your mistakes of concept and theory? Finally, I really appreciate your frankness in explaining why you are not currently serving in “the kill zone”. It is the best and most honest display of chickenhawk hypocrisy I have yet to come across. It confirms my belief that the war in Iraq is little more than a game to you.

Game on!  I’ve never seen a Superbowl where the teams just switched sides like this.  Now Cole wants to be the chickenhawk hypocrite.  Your helmet is waiting in “the killzone”, sir.

9/22/03 – On Max Cleland comparing our unnecessary intervention into the peace-filled, protester friendly streets of Iraq:

Iraq and Vietnam

Max Cleland, former Georgia senator and a decorated war hero from the Vietnam era, who lost three limbs in that war, is comparing Iraq to the Vietnam War. When he says it, it is chilling. (Note, he was defeated in his campaign for another term in the senate by some chickenhawk Republican who characterized Cleland as unpatriotic for not supporting the Iraq war).

Apparently Max never learned how to “roll and chew gum at the same time”.

4/2/03 – On intervention in Iraq creating instability elsewhere and the utopianism of the chickenhawks:

But if unrest continues to brew over this issue in Indonesia, an anti-American government could come to power in Indonesia eventually, and Islamists could become powerful. They aren’t, now, and Indonesia’s experiment in open society has certainly been damaged by the US war in Iraq. People like Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz think they can have their cake [war in Iraq, support for Sharon in Israel] and eat it too [spread of liberalism and democracy in the Muslim world]. But it is possible that these two goals are incompatible with one another. Isaiah Berlin warned us about incompatible ideals. The chickenhawks in Washington are imbued with a utopianism (at least in their rhetoric) of which he would have disapproved.

But attacking Qaddafi and leaving open the option of him remaining in power is going to create Heaven on Earth when the civil warring factions are left without an occupying army to watch over them.

3/17/03 – Those Neo-con Jews chickenhawks want to take over Egypt!

*The Muslim Brotherhood representatives in the Egyptian parliament have demanded that Egypt forbid the US to transport war ships to the Gulf via the Suez Canal. They also want the Mubarak regime to refuse to accept the $2 bn. in aid received from the US every year (most of it anyway goes to US firms who supply goods and weapons to Egypt). Next the chickenhawks will be saying we need to occupy the Suez Canal zone.

No, we should occupy Tripoli.

3/9/08 – On Rep. Steve King commenting on what an Obama election would look like to the much bally-hooed “Arab Street”:

Actually, I can’t find any evidence whatsoever of anyone in the Muslim world noticing what Barack Obama’s middle name is. Hussein in that part of the world is like “Steve” over here. Just as I don’t get happy that King’s name is “Steve,” they don’t care what Obama’s name is. And, I presume that King, a chickenhawk, also has a problem with American war hero Omar Bradley being named “Omar.”

No word yet on what platoon Obama served in.  Perhaps his DD-214 is locked up in a safe in Hawaii too.

8/14/07 – On a fevered dream about Karl Rove resigning:

An early and avid supporter of war, Rove did everything in his power to prepare the American people for a large scale military conflict. During the Iraq War, he increased his power and influence through shifting alliances with other Republican leaders. By late 2006, the war had turned into a disaster for the Coalition powers, but this only spurred Rove to intensify the propaganda by urging the Americans to accept the idea of total war and mobilization, which he called “the surge.” Rove remained with Bush almost to the very end.

His height exposed him to ridicule and humiliation in a society that worshipped physical prowess. A chickenhawk, he later frequently misrepresented himself as qualified to make pronouncements on war.

Hrm, a physically weak presidential advisor pronouncing thusly on War as opposed to the hulking uber-macho physique of your typical college professor/MSNBC talking head.  I guess that would qualify as a Doughboy, technically.

10/15/06 – On the heroism of John Murtha’s call for defeat in Iraq:

Rep. John P. Murtha is among the bravest men in the US Congress. He minds chickenhawks like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush insinuating that he is a coward or a defeatist for arguing that the US should draw down its troops in Iraq and let the Iraqis sort things out for themselves.

Let those Libyan sort things out for themselves.  What a novel idea.  Glad you thought of it first.  Oh, wait.

4/15/06 – On newly retired Major General John Batiste fragging Donald Rumsfeld and complaining that there Weren’t Enough Troops on The Ground:

Retired Major General John Batiste said Friday of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, “We went to war with a flawed plan that didn’t account for the hard work to build the peace after we took down the regime . . .” and added, “We also served under a secretary of defense who didn’t understand leadership, who was abusive, who was arrogant and who didn’t build a strong team.” He is the latest in a string of retired generals to call on Rumsfeld to step down.

There has been some snarking that Gen. Batiste did not speak out while in uniform. These comments come from civilian chickenhawks.

We’ll see how well received any comments criticizing the lack of strategy and clarity on Libya from military personnel about their superiors are from Col. Cole.  Nay, they should be encouraged to speak out publicly against their commanders now so that liberal chickenhawks can’t criticize them for retiring to state their opinions.  From some strange reason, I can imagine that they’ll be traitors and Qaddafi sympathizing white supremacists.

This is where the Date Rape comes in.  First, the suave Obama’s going to play it cool and call the Congress up this week after not seeming too eager to notify them about going out in a War together.  The Arab League allegedly vouched for his bona fides and they’re like the of the Middle East.

After an evening of lively conversation about People Wanting to Live Free,  the tipsy strumpet of Congress will be invited to go back to his place where he’ll only want to stick the tip of the US forces into a Libya aching for our troops to fill their gaping holes with smart diplomacy.

First it will be “just for a minute”.  Come on, all of the rest of The Coalition is doing it.  *Drinks*  Then it will be days, not weeks.  Then it will be weeks, not months. *Puts his hand on our leg*  In fact, it’s already gone to months, not years.

How long is this date going to last exactly?

It will be No Troops on the ground.  Until it’s “troops on the ground – limited in scope (under NATO no less and thus not US troops on the ground)- to deliver humanitarian aid and support the relief effort”.  Then it will be troops on the ground just to make the area safe for humanitarian aid by clearing out Qaddafi’s terrorists dressed as civilians.

American troops on the ground are protected by the prophylactic rubber of International Consensus.

Then it will be “I never said we would never put troops on the ground – we’ve always maintained we needed troops on the ground and to characterize the President’s position which he has held since the beginning any other way is, quite frankly, a bit disappointing in this unpatriotic line of questioning Mr. Tapper.”

In fact, our little adventure won’t even cost money.  It will SAVE money!  How many Middle Eastern democracies have been created or saved by bombing Libya with unicorn-powered peace missiles filled with rice and medicine?  All of them I bet.