Eminent Domain Abuse

Which One Are You Supposed To Be?

“To God what is God’s, and to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” said Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez, as he presided over the expropriation of at least a dozen rigs, more than 30 oil terminals and some 300 boats.

We know Obama will only have a problem with this if Chávez is referring to himself as God.  There can be only One.  Or, Uno as the case may be.

Dictators, Ayatollahs and Oligarchs are okay, George Bush excluded, but when you start blaspheming – boy – you’re walking on the fightin’ side of our demigod.

Liberals, man your local recruiter’s offices.

WTW: Hillbilly Robin Hood

“The hoary doctrines of Anglo-American civil asset forfeiture law that have been resurrected like some jurisprudential Frankenstein monster, from the dark recesses of past centuries.”
“In my view, a drug ‘war’ has been perverted too often into a series of frontal attacks on basic American constitutional guarantees – including due process, the presumption of innocence, and…unrelenting government assaults on property rights, fueled by a dangerous and emotional vigilante mentality that sanctions shredding the U.S. Constitution into meaningless confetti.” Henry Hyde, Forfeiting Our Property Rights: Is Your Property Safe From Seizure?

That’s a great quote from Henry Hyde regarding the outright abuse of power by police departments and prosecutors in leveraging asset forfeiture as a punishment of first resort against innocent and guilty citizens alike when it comes to drug crimes. To begin, how do you defend yourself when everything you are worth is taken from you?

In a perfect world, there are little angels on the shoulders of the S.W.A.T. team when their guns are drawn and your property happens to be worth a lot of money that can conveniently be auctioned off and placed in their budget. But sometimes those angels get stuck in traffic.

Naturally, I was perplexed today when I heard that everyone’s 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th favorite state legislator, Doug Jackson (D – Dickson), is introducing a law that encourages asset forfeiture if dog fights take place on your property. Finally, someone taking a stand on the tough issues. And he’ll give the money from the auctioned assets to animal shelters. He cited asset forfeiture for drug crimes as the logical progression for extending that punishment to other crimes.

A real life Hillbilly Robin Hood. (more…)

Return Back To The Planet of The Apes Again

Somewhere Dr. Zaius is smiling. Human See, Human Do:

KINSHASA (Reuters) – Congolese militia are threatening to slaughter rare mountain gorillas in Congo’s Virunga National Park after they raided the eastern reserve at the weekend, killing a wildlife officer, officials said.

They” would be the Congolese militia. Thus, the importance of pronoun usage.

Conservationists also accuse the Mai Mai of slaughtering hundreds of hippos with machine guns on the southern shores of Lake Edward in late 2006.
In January, WildlifeDirect accused rebel fighters loyal to a renegade Congolese army general of butchering two silverback gorillas — adult males so called because of their grey coloring. But the rebel fighters of General Laurent Nkunda later agreed to stop
killing the rare primates

Cornelius The Wise

I believe it was Cornelius The Wise who said, “Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land.”

The plight of the rare silverback gorilla is indeed a tragedy. Geographically surpassed only by the actual humans forced to live in the Congo with the true legacy of Kofi Annan.

Reflections While High On Bunny Christ’s Chocolate Communion

By way of Glen Dean’s completely innocuous post that got threadjacked:

But that you have no right to be born until a head pops out is disingenuous. Maybe I’m the worse in this line of thinking for having demystified the gated community that is the vagina where rights cannot enter but only escape upon crossing some magical threshold.

I want to believe in the magic but somehow I can’t suspend my imagination long enough to concede the rabbit wasn’t present before he got yanked out of the tophat.

Our increasing unlikely drinking acquaintance, Sarcastro, recently became the proud papa of a fully-functional fetus and I’ve been at loggerheads trying to determine why a baby should have no rights at 8 months, 30 days and 12 hours but is slapped on the ass with a spanking new copy of The Constitution at 9 months.

Bunny Christ, why do you mock me with peep induced visions? Were that I cast in your furry image I could twitch my nose, hop along, and dwell in pollinated fields of sweet, fetus carrots forever and ever. Amen.

Kelo Picks Up Speed

The far reaching impact of the Kelo decision was dragged into the street and tear gassed earlier this week after citizens stood up for their rights against a government that essentially shows up at their door in a ski mask and with a gun:

Thousands of villagers in southern Guangdong province moved on the building on Wednesday as dozens of officials gathered for its opening.

Police arrived with tear gas after the villagers refused to leave, demanding an official inquiry.

Rural unrest over alleged illegal land grabs in China is a growing problem.

There are thought to be thousands of protests a year, with farmers in villages whose land has been taken often directing their anger at corrupt local officials who skim off the profits of its sale to developers.
“We have been protesting against corruption for many months and we are very determined,” the villager said.

I wonder where those whacky Chinese officials got some of their ideas from?

Bush Abandons the Orange Revolution

The Ukraine’s Orange Revolution is in jeopardy as it’s been some time since we’ve witnessed President Junior donning the orange neckties. A year ago we were treated to this lip service following Yushchenko’s stunning Pro-Western victory after almost being assassinated several times by the Kremlin:

“The United States wants to do everything we can to help you meet the expectations of the Ukrainian people after this turmoil,” (Colin) Powell said at the start of the meeting.

“I’m sure that on Independence Square you will see hundreds of thousands of people with very bright eyes,” Yushchenko said. “None of that would have been possible without our partners who share the same democratic values as we do, in which I include President Bush and you.”

Bush called Yushchenko on Saturday to congratulate him on his election and on “democracy’s victory” in Ukraine, White House spokesman Brian Besanceney said in Washington.

“The two leaders also discussed their support for the people of Iraq and for democracy in that country,” Besanceney said.

As of a few weeks ago, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was given a sweetcake position in the recently nationalized Russian oil firm Gazprom as remuneration for abusing his position to push for the Northern European Gas Pipeline and to use his Euro connections to apply pressure on former Soviet republics to stay loyal to Snake Pootie-Poot. Ray D. at Davids Medienkritik is, of course, all over it like kraut on a bratwurst:

It is so heart warming to see Gerhard Schroeder looking out for the little guy this holiday season. Not long after leaving office this past November, he took on two lucrative jobs, one with his old Maennerfreund Vladimir Putin at Russia’s state-controlled gas giant “Gazprom.” Of course while he was in office, Schroeder was instrumental in negotiating a multi-billion dollar pipeline deal with Russia and Gazprom on behalf of the German state. His decision to join the company was met with a bit of token outrage in the German media before the subject was promptly dropped. No Watergate knives were brandished and the ex-Chancellor has been largely left to continue about his merry business.

And Schroeder is certainly a busy man these days. As always, he’s deeply committed to the ideals of democracy and social justice. Now his new company, Gazprom, is being used by the Putin government to twist the arm of the newly elected, democratic Ukrainian government led by Victor Yushchenko.

In a few hours, Yushchenko’s fledgling democracy will have to respond to the extortion letter delivered from the Kremlin with the help of Herr Schroeder. They can either accept an almost 500% arbitrary increase (from $50 to $230 a cubic meter) for Russian oil imports or they can have the gas spigot cut off at the start of winter. Snake Pootie-Poot has magnanimously offered the Ukraine a $3.6 billion loan to help cover his punitive pricing that has been rejected just moments ago. Indeed, the borrower would be slave to the lender.

The mods at the Pravda forums have dubbed the situation as the start of “A New Cold War”. Get it? They’re going to freeze them to death. Last century they were just starving them to death. My how times change.

From mod Chornyvolk who is creepily “watching your every move”:

PICTURE the families shivering in apartments without heating, factories grinding to a halt, frozen water pipes bursting in the depths of winter. Welcome to the new Cold War.

At 10am on Sunday, Russia is threatening to unleash the most powerful weapon in its post-Soviet arsenal: unless Ukraine agrees to a fourfold increase in the price it pays for gas, Russia will simply turn off the tap.

We expect no better from the murderous rotten commies but is this the repayment the Ukraine gets who, at one time, held the 4th largest contingent of foreign troops in Iraq? Silence from across the ocean from the President who wants to talk like Reagan, walk like Reagan, but Mister – you are no Reagan.

The Twelve Days of Christmas – DAY TEN

Christmas is only three days away! Have you gotten all your shopping done for those lefties in your life? I mean, besides buying them those big CHOOSE LIFE t-shirts that Wham! used to wear.

Fear not, for I bring you good tidings of The Twelve Days of Christmas: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Liberals, Day Ten!

Today’s gift: Monopoly: Eminent Domain Special Edition!

You may remember playing classic Monopoly as a youngster. Sure the games took forever, but remember the fun you had buying property, setting up houses and hotels? Remember the pride you took in actually owning property and protecting that property from interlopers?

Well, in the new Monopoly Eminent Domain Edition, you can take as much pride in your property as you want, but remember – in today’s version, that property is temporary. Thanks to SCOTUS’ Kelo decision, this new game version reflects the new American reality that, as long as a developer wants your land and government wants more tax revenue, your property can taken on a whim, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it!

Roll the dice and buy this lovely property in Fort Trumbull.

But lookout! That property is in New London, Connecticut, where the city government and local developers now have the Federal green light to take your property so that they can put up an office plaza for a pharmaceutical company! When the city needs more tax revenue, it’s time for you to hit the bricks, sister.

Maybe you’re running a little low on Monopoly Money and you need to find some affordable housing. Really affordable housing. You could do a lot worse than Riviera Beach, Florida. Sure, the area is a bit run down, but you’ve got a hell of a view. Not so fast, homeowner! Mayor Fatso wants to toss your poor ass out into the street so that he can build beachside condos and restaurants for people who do have a lot of Monopoly Money! You lose!

It’s not all bad news, playing Monopoly: Eminent Domain Edition. If you get really lucky, you might roll the dice and have the option of landing on Cilley Hill Road in Weare, New Hampshire. This will give you the opportunity to tear down David Souter’s run-down shack and put up a Lost Liberty Hotel. It’s in the community’s best interest, you know.

Monopoly Eminent Domain is sweeping the country! Now that the flood gates are open, there’s barely a state or local municipality that isn’t jumping in on the fun! And you may get to play as well – whether you want to or not!


Ya’ll Gonna Get Relocated

This fat bastard:

With the full support and legal backing of these anti-individual-rights-pansy-ass-bitches:

Is planning to “relocate” 6,000 property owners in Riviera Beach, Florida.

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — It’s across the inlet from Palm Beach, but this town–mostly black, blue-collar and with a large industrial and warehouse district–could be a continent away from the Fortune 500 and Rolls-Royce set.

Riviera Beach’s fortunes may soon change, however.

In what has been called the largest eminent domain case in the nation, the mayor and other elected leaders want to move about 6,000 residents, tear down their homes and use the emptied 400-acre site to build a waterfront yachting and residential complex for the well-to-do.

The goal, Mayor Michael Brown said in September, is to “forever change the landscape” in this municipality of about 32,000. The $1 billion development scheme, local leaders have said, should generate jobs and haul Riviera Beach’s economy out of the doldrums.

Opponents, however, call the plan a government-sanctioned land grab that benefits private developers and the wealthy.

“What they mean is that the view I have is too good for me and should go to some millionaire,” said Martha Babson, 60, a house painter who lives near the Intracoastal Waterway.

“This is a reverse Robin Hood,” said state Rep. Ronald Greenstein, meaning the poor in Riviera Beach would be robbed to benefit the rich.

Usually municipalities shoot for displacing smaller groups of people – this move to kick 6,000 people off their property takes it to the next level. This yacht club project is obviously a better use of the land than whatever the rightful owners might have had in mind – especially with their shabby, run-down houses and raggedy old cars.

Mayor Michael Brown didn’t help his case with these comments:

“We are going to rescue and relocate individuals and we will put them in a better position than they’re living in now,” Mayor Michael Brown told Sean Hannity of the Fox News Channel tonight. “They are not thrown out into the streets, they are compensated. … It’s no different than building a courthouse or a hospital or anything else.”

The city government is going to RESCUE and RELOCATE these poor citizens. Save them from themselves, if you will. Sounds a little bit like N’awlins.

Unfortunately, with the Kelo decision, the Mayor is correct when he says “it’s no different than building a courthouse or hospital…” With SCOTUS’ feces-encrusted Kelo decision, eminent domain property theft doesn’t have to meet public use requirements anymore.

When interviewed on Fox last night, Mayor McCheese had the following exchange with Sean Hannity:

“Is that the America we want to live in where you take a person’s home?” Hannity asked Mayor Brown.

“The America we want to live in is one that talks about personal sacrifices that you and that your colleagues talk about every night,” Brown said.

“Sounds like the Soviet Union,” responded Hannity.

“This is a redevelopment plan which includes restaurants and condos,” said Brown. “The overall plan is designed to train people, get them better jobs so they can have a living wage and not a minimum wage so we can increase our tax base so that we can pay for fire, police, so we can provide basic services.”

You know, personal sacrifices. For example, hand over your personal property or we’ll simply take it and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

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