Whose Side Are You On?

I asked rhetorically (via Gateway Pundit):

“President El Sisi (Egypt) asked for American intelligence targeting intelligence before today’s strikes and didn’t get it. King Abdullah of Jordan asked for Intelligence data on targets to respond to the murder of a Jordanian aircraft pilot. The Kurds are begging for arms and ammo from the United States, not one bullet has been delivered by the United States.”

The only reason why Obama would be ordering no logistical support to Jordan and Egypt is because he is already collaborating with ISIS on Syria. That’s why we keep distinguishing ISIS and ISIL. ISIL is as bad as The Khorasan Group – whoever the fuck they are.

You know! The Khorasan Group. The group of ten foot tall, bullet shitting desert warriors that no one had even heard of until September 2014 when their Wikipedia page was first fabricated.

But ISIS, like the Taliban, are our buddies now and need midnight basketball, a culturally sensitive school lunch program, and continuing adult education programs to steer them away from chopping off the heads of journalists, Christians, or captured foreign aid victims they rape and sell into sexual slavery.

That’s why Obama will not assist our allies in killing any of them. Is there some other way that makes sense?

Meaty Bites

Mmmmm meat

Hmmm, it’s been a while. I dunno. A couple of years maybe. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been paying attention. Kind of like Santa Claus in June. Sure, he may be hanging out on a beach in Fiji with some of his special lady “friends” but he’s still watching everything you do.

So COOTUS’ friends over in Iraq and Syria are beheading and torturing Christians at will. Mass executions, blowing up hotels, female genital mutilation, anti-freedom rallies, forced child homicide bombers, executing teenagers for watching soccer, throwing gays off roofs, and too many other beheadings, crucifixions and executions to count. All in a day’s work for the religion of peace.

Luckily, none of this has to do with islamofascism.

Meanwhile, back here at home, the left is still desperate to kill the unborn. So much so that they’ve invoked their two favorite things – accusing people of rape and pushing the sacrament of abortion – in one fantastic vomitous bleat:

“We require in various states to do trans-vaginal ultrasounds before abortion, which by every state law, the involuntary introduction of an object into a woman’s vagina is rape, so in certain states we are requiring physicians to rape their patients,” Herndl said to a group of around 50 people, including some of her students who were in attendance.

Yes, yes, we get it. Everything is rape. Fortunately hundreds of thousands showed up at the March for Life this past weekend and younger people are trending more pro-life, which has got to be grinding the gears of the infanticidal left. There is reason for hope. But don’t look to the cowards in the GOP to help out.

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, it’s fitting that someone would be butthurt about something. This time it’s a GoDaddy commercial.

Godaddy has already wimped out and pulled the ad, which I found pretty damn funny. People who think that this is tantamount to animal cruelty really need to get a grip. The ads that need to be pulled are the moronic domestic violence ads that the NFL has shoved down our throats all season long. Note to Fidel Goodell, most of us don’t beat our wives. Why don’t you cram your illiterate PSAs down your players’ throats and let the rest of us enjoy the violence on the field, as we have for so many decades.

Ok, back to my job as a typical heteronormative white male. There are people to oppress!

The Racial Potty Training Of A President

The only thing more offensive than Obama’s antagonistic and bigoted soliloquy following the Zimmerman acquittal has been the simultaneously condescending and exultant exhortations of his admirers.

We are somehow supposed to be amazed that a Chicago machine pol who has profited from pimping his race his entire life can give a speech that makes white liberals feel comfortable in their prejudices and their continued inability to overcome them.  So comfortable, in fact, that they follow the speech with praise more suited to a little boy who has learned to use the bathroom all by himself.  In public no less!

Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who lost the 2008 presidential race to Obama, called the president’s remarks “very impressive,” and said they should help all Americans think about how to improve race relations in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death.

“I think we continue to make progress,” McCain told CNN’s State of the Union, but recent events show “we still have a long way to go.”

McCain also said he wouldn’t “second guess” the Florida jury’s decision this month to acquit George Zimmerman for the death of the 17-year-old Trayvon.

What an impressive turd of a speech you have laid on the front lawn of every American!  All by yourself!

But “second guessing” the Florida jury’s decision is precisely what Obama said.  I respect their decision but I don’t agree with it and I’m going to have my Attorney General continue to harass Zimmerman for alleged civil rights violations until he’s either shot by a Trayvon Martin supporter or commits suicide.

This is McCain’s idea of “impressive” for President 12%.  If Obama is only going to represent 12% of the population then that’s what he needs to be called and he doesn’t represent them all that well to begin.

Not one to be outdone, David Brooks had a keen eye for slacks creases on the Meet The Press this morning:

On Sunday’s broadcast of “Meet the Press” on NBC, New York Times columnist David Brooks gushed over President Barack Obama’s speech on race in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict a week earlier.

“It seemed superficially unimportant, but it’s important to remember race is his first subject, as it would be if you had a black father and a white mother,” Brooks said. “And all the mental habits, he breached all the other issues, grow out of the way he framed race and the way he started thinking about race — his tendency to do, ‘On the one hand, on the other,’ his desire to reconcile opposites, his ability to see different points of view. All the stuff we’ve come to see him apply to every other issue, it started with race.  And I thought this speech was one of the highlights of the presidency.”

“I thought it was a symphony of indignation, professionalism, executive responsibility, personal feeling,” Brooks said. “It had all these different things woven together, I thought beautifully.  But it’s important to remember, race is how he thinks.”

He said as he wiped off his chin and dusted his knee caps.

And what was his most memorable line for this “highlight of his presidency” to elicit such effusive praise?  The only line I’ve heard anyone quote is a play off his earlier comments that “He could have been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago”?

I wish.  If he’d assaulted someone like George Zimmerman 35 years ago it would have saved us several trillion dollars.

What Brooks is praising, Obama’s ability to keep himself in two worlds, is the problem.  You can’t pledge false allegiance to the rule of law while encouraging a mob action.  You can’t be both right and wrong.

In keeping with the commodal  theme of this post, you either shit or get off the pot.  You either urge calm, or you don’t.  You don’t say the law was right and then side with thousands of protesters laying seige to federal buildings all over the country laboring under the stubborn narrative that Travyon Martin was stalked or hunted by George Zimmerman and killed for being black on a Tuesday night by a Stand Your Ground defense using cracker.

That is not what happened and siding with people who have turned it into that is more than just unpresidential.  It’s a shitty thing to do.

And leaves others to clean up the mess he made.

Candy Crowley’s Collusion With Attack Watch

By now, everyone should realize that at some point prior to last nights debate that the Obama campaign contacted Crowley to convince her to throw a month’s worth of recent history down the memory hole.

The fallacious assertion that Obama called the Libyan attack “terrorism” on day one is nothing more than an attempt to re-write the last month despite al evidence to the contrary.  Two weeks afterwards, UN Ambassdor Rice had already debased herself on national tv, Carney was hunkered down in hiding, Obama speechified at the UN mentioning the Youtube video a half dozen times and the media did their best to try and bury the story.

Well, a funny thing happened yesterday when a reporter who Obama was joking with started asking about Libya.  Suddenly he just clams up and walks off.

Are these the actions of someone who called it a terrorist attack on day one?  He was keeping his powder dry for the debate.  Magic powder.  With Crowley as his chubby assistant who helped to saw Romney in half on an a point he got right.

The transcript of the WH garden speech on Sept. 12 says flat out that the Libyan attack was “senseless violence” because of a video denigrating Islam.  The only question now is when did Obama administration officials / Attack Watch contact Crowley to risk their fingers feeding Crowley this line of BS that she gobbled up like so many Ho-Hos.

President Thin Skin did not allow Republicans to eviscerate him on the Benghazi attack for a month without responding and claiming that it was a terrorist attack.  They invented this new defense and Crowley colluded with them.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend Obama did say it was a terrorist attack on day one.  So, your embassy is attacked.  You don’t know if your Ambassador or the staff are hurt or killed.

You go to bed.  Then, the next day you attend two fundraisers rather than meeting with your National Security team and speaking with Libyan counterparts to catch the perpetrators.  His 3 am call came at 5pm and he let it go to voicemail.  A month later he claims he sent us an e-mail about it and didn’t get a read receipt.

Pakistan Is Now An Official State Sponsor of Terrorism

Because that’s the definition when a government official puts out an open call to a terrorist organization to kill someone:

A Pakistani government minister on Saturday announced a $100,000 bounty for the killing of the person who produced an online film that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad.

Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour also asked the Taliban and al-Qaida to extend support to the would-be killer.

Speaking at a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club, the federal minister said whoever is responsible for blasphemy deserves death.

“The American who produced the sacrilegious film in the U.S. is also liable to death and we will shower dollars on the one who killed the blasphemer. If members of the banned militant organizations kill the maker of the blasphemous movie, they will also be rewarded,” Bilour announced.

Umm, Pakistan has nuclear weapons.  This would make them more dangerous than Iran, right?  They harbored Osama bin Laden for years.

Quick!  Somebody get this man an apology.

I Wish That Romney Would Quit Killing People

For those of you who may have missed COOTUS’ tearjerker “Romney killed my wife” ad, here it is. Get out a hanky, you’ll need it.

This works nicely with COOTUS’ gubmint healthcare plans as well as drives the point home that Rethuglicans want to kill people. Especially old people. Especially old, different-looking people. Because they’re bigots. And stuff.

The only problem with that ad is that (like everything else that comes out of the assmouth of the Obama team) it’s a lie.

COOTUS is lucky the American voting public is so damn stupid.

And, besides, we all know the real cause of cancer:

Cranquee en France – Parte Un

Today we will be focusing on what you might expect to find should you be in France for a vacation. These observation are anecdotal and not taken from seasoned analysts with inside access to the political dynamic. Rather, it is the view on the street from a tourist with somewhat limited access to information beyond my impressions.

Confirming the cliches.

France is Expensive.
The currency used in France is the Euro.

The Euro is curious because it is worth more than a dollar but appears to buy a whole hell of a lot less than a dollars worth of goods and services.

As of yesterday’s exchange rate, $1.33 buys you one Euro. So, if you want 100 Euros to spend, it would cost you approximately $134. But you say, you have a more valuable currency now, you can buy more stuff. Wrongo my red-necked friend. Let’s look at an example.

I want a d*mn cup of coffee in the morning. There are only two rules, it must have caffeine and it must be available in mass quantities.

So after visiting a few cafes and realizing that the choices are thimble-size espresso shots for $4.00 US or shotglass sized coffee au creme for about $4.90, you are thrilled to discover there is a McDonalds with coffee on the menu.

So your jonesing for 22 glorious ounces of a crappy yet fully effective roasted cup of coffee. Well, in the US, that might set you back $.89. But you walk away with a big a$$ cup of wake me up juice.

Not so in France. McDonald’s equivalent cup it the Cafe Creme. And it is a decent quality expresso-styled drink that runs about $1.85. Would it be worth it? Yes, unless you actually wanted 22oz of d*mned coffee to walk around with in the first place.

In fact for a country that is legendary for it’s fine coffee beverages, it is dang near impossible to get a simple cup of joe in a paper cup.

Because of the exorbitant prices on everything (I can’t find a cheeseburger for less than $15), you find yourself spending faster than a Greek pensions bursar. The only time I’ve seen money go so fast was when the pit boss at my Vegas craps table was running his Hoover across my bets in the worst run of luck since the Hindenburg disaster.

Truth is, I think the expensive cost of living results in the middle class living in cramped apartments, driving cramped sub-compact cars (more pix later) and paying more for the basic necessities of life. But with the promise of “free” healthcare they seem happy with it. And to be honest, their “top 1%” has all the goodies – there are plenty of Mercedes, BMWs and expensive real estate. But the middle class is content with this. They don’t get the newest iPhones, their laundry rooms are washers tucked next to the dishwasher in their kitchens and a restaurant meal is a rare treat. But again, they seem content with that.

Our next installment is about the surprises that a non-jet-setter discovered. Think of it as Mythbusters – Buffet Edition

Your David Mamet Quotes of the Day

You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way! And that’s how you get Capone. Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that? I’m offering you a deal. Do you want this deal?

Jim Malone, the Untouchables

Socialist Europe is help us as a model of “just behavior”; but the Left forgets that for seventy-five years America defended Europe from the Communist threat, and bore the cost, would have bankrupted Europe… The Left looks at the peace in Europe since World War II and forgets that is was not only ensured, but created by American military strength and determination. And now the Left has elected a president who thinks it good to go to Europe and apologize for our “arrogance,” who proclaims the benefits of appeasement both at home and around the world.

David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge

So Whazzap?

It’s been a while. How you been? You still doin’ that stuff you do? Thought so. Me, I’ve been watching the idiots in D.C. fall all over themselves, pretending to come up with ideas that are going to save the economy. Rethuglican or Dim-O-Crack, doesn’t matter. None of them are prepared to do what needs to be done to actually “fix” the economy, because that “fix” would leave them unable to continue robbing from the public coffers, and, let’s face it, they’re all in it for the graft. At some point, you just have to look at the list of GOP “contenders” and COOTUS and say to yourself: We’re just plain-old fucked.

At least we have some comedy with COOTUS bouncing from airport to airport touting his new “jobs bill”. I know he doesn’t mean to be funny, but how can you do anything but laugh at this douche? It helps that he’s been semi-neutered by a limp-wristed GOP House, otherwise, it might not be quite as funny. A little Steyn helps, though.

Not all supporters are content merely to singalong with the prompter-in-chief. In North Carolina, a still-devoted hopeychanger cried out, “I love you!”

“I love you, too,” said the president. “But… .”

Oh, no, here it comes: conditional love. “But, if you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!” You’d be surprised how effective this line is: I tried it on Darlene in the back of my Ford Edsel when I was 17, and we didn’t get home till two in the morning.

Heh. I never had the guts to try that line, but I encourage all you youngsters to give it a shot. What do you have to lose, really?

Pass this bill now, or I’ll say “Pass this bill now!” another two dozen times! With this latest inspiration, Obama has taken the post-modern phase of democratic politics to a whole new level. “Pass this jobs bill”? Simply as a matter of humdrum reality, there is no bill, it won’t “create” any jobs, and it will be paid for with money we don’t have. But the smartest president in history has calculated that, if he says the same four monosyllables over and over, a nonexistent bill to create nonexistent jobs with nonexistent money will be yet another legislative triumph in the grand tradition of his first stimulus (the original Dumb And Dumber to the sequel’s Stimulus And Stimulusser).

That’s how he got elected, isn’t it? Just repeat the same meaningless tripe until it turns into a chant and *bingo*, you’re COOTUS.

This $447 billion does not exist, and even foreigners don’t want to lend it to us. A majority of it will be “electronically created” by the Federal Reserve buying U.S. Treasury debt. Don’t worry, it’s not like “printing money”: we leave that to primitive basket-cases like Zimbabwe. This is more like one of those Nigerian email schemes, in which a prominent public official promises you a large sum of money in return for your bank account details. In the case of Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner, one prominent public official is promising to wire a large sum of money into the account of another prominent public official, which is a wrinkle even the Nigerians might have difficulty selling.

At this point, who is going to loan us a buck or two? Mr. T? I don’t think so.

So, we all sit back, kick our feet up, accept the fact that everything we once assumed about our economy, investments, retirement, etc, no longer applies. In the meantime, go long on ammo and canned goods, baby.

As for me, I’ve found riding bikes with the kids much more rewarding than the blogosphere so cut me some slack. And thanks for checking in Chuck. We’ll still be here until the speech police come and haul us away.

9/11/2001 – Where Were You?

Fox News has a montage of the morning’s events in chronological order.

Please drop us a comment sharing where you were, what you were doing and how you felt that September morning.

I was at my desk in a shared workspace. A co-worker came in and announced that a plane hit the World Trade Center. In the era of the 24 hour news cycle, it was interesting but just another happening. It had the same impact on me as hearing there was a 4.5 earthquake in California. So I mumbled something about it and returned to my work.

Then the second plane hit.

The chill of realizing that something intentional was going on. Most of us in the office headed up to the break room to see the news. CNN was on and the crappy TV was fuzzy. Twenty or so people were all standing under the set straining to get whatever information we could.

From that point on, it was nearly impossible to work. Suddenly, the computer program I was writing seemed very trivial and I was trying to get any news websites to load.

My moment of actual terror happened when the Pentagon was hit. It was then that I wondered how many more planes? How many more targets? Will planes fall all over the country?

This was bin Laden’s momentary victory. One I’m very pleased to say was fleeting as American resolve drove him from Tora Bora.

In no way can my experience compare to the tragic loss of life for those who were on the ground or in the buildings or rushing in to save lives.

Why Is Reagan The Democrat’s New Favoritest President Evar?

More than likely just to piss you off because they’re a completely petty bunch of bitches like that.  Also, that they’re petty at such high institutional levels that you can’t ignore them.  And that they’re disingenuous shitbirds who think we’re as historically ignorant as they are.

Which is impossible.

In the course of the last week, I’ve gotten TMJ syndrome from how frequently my jaw keeps dropping in response to the number of Leftists who insist that Ronald Reagan was actually a born again, tax and spend, compromising New Dealer.  What sayeth these leftwing Revisionists of their new Nicene Creed and the canonization of St. Ronnie?  Whatever their talking points memo tells them to because they’re a bunch of braindead cut-and-pasters:

After he switched to the Republican Party in 1962, Ronald Reagan famously quipped: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.”Now, the Republican Party is doing the same thing to him — and Democrats are happy to take Reagan back….Nobody knows what Reagan, who died in 2004, would make of the current fight over the debt limit. But 100 years after Reagan’s birth, it’s clear that the Tea Party Republicans have little regard for the policies of the president they claim to venerate.

Tea Party Republicans call a vote to raise the debt ceiling a threat to their very existence; Reagan presided over 18 increases in the debt ceiling during his presidency.

Tea Party Republicans say they would sooner default on the national debt than raise taxes; Reagan agreed to raise taxes 11 times.

This is a man that they spit on during his funeral who they’re glad to slander with such idiocy now that he can’t refute them.

Nobody knows what Martin Luther King, Jr. would think about the state of race relations today, he died in 1968,  but I’m sure he would be glad to lead the KKK in the lynching of Barack Obama from the closest, highest cherry tree. He did like to lead people after all.  And he did have trees in his yard.  Is that too strained of a comparison of what Commies like Dana Milbank have proffered above?

Or like when Jesus said “I am my brother’s keeper” in response to Rome’s lack of universal health care.

This is the sort of contrarian drivel masquerading as creative and versatile writing that we’ve come to expect from our colleges in the last several decades.  Take the truth, subtract all historical context,  turn it on it’s head and tell everyone that black is actually white and right couldn’t be more wrong.  Like Bill Clinton, the budget balancer – deficit reducer – welfare reformer – surplus providing Saviour.

It’s all mildly amusing were our country not whistling in its economic graveyard the theme song  from the decidedly, no-where-close-to-Reaganesque Obama presidency.   Part of this, I imagine, is based on an extremely false comparison from leftwing “economist” Brad DeLong whose adherents commandeered a Wikipedia page claiming that Republican Presidents Raise The Debt Ceiling More Than Democrat Presidents.

End of Story from Wikipidiocy, right?

Were that it true that the President is the one who writes and passes the budget.  A look at every Republican President shows either a divided House and Senate or total Democrat control of both.  So, if you can look beyond the fact that the President is not the one who passes the budget, this argument might appear to be true.  Reality and Mr. DeLong have an estranged relationship it seems.

Otherwise, one can surmise that everytime the Democrats control Congress that they spend like drunken sailors with other people’s money.   I stole that last line.  I don’t remember who said it.  Obviously, some self-hating Democrat.

As long as the commies are re-discovering Madman Reagan – who they hated with all their little black hearts and souls – how about you listen to some of his other speeches too?

The Perils of Big Government  (On Welfare, Social Security, Eminent Domain abuse, Interference with private business)

Reagan’s 1964 “A Time For Choosing”  (Our nation’s enemies, individual liberty)

Or, if you’d really like to cheez their whiz, make them read Reagan’s entire speech on the debt ceiling that they love selectively quoting so often:

My fellow Americans:

There’s good news. The Federal deficit for this year is expected to drop by some 30 percent compared to last year. That could be a whopping $65 billion reduction, and it happened without a tax increase. There’s also some disappointing news. The Congress, once again, has passed a bill that puts me in the position of accepting legislation with which I fundamentally disagree.

The bill would continue the authority of the United States Government to borrow funds which we must do to avoid the default on our obligations. This legislation also includes a so-called fix of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction law, but it really is an attempt to force me eventually either to sign a tax bill or to accept massive cuts in national defense, or both. I would have no problem with signing an extension of the debt limit. But the choice is for the United States to default on its debts for the first time in our 200-year history, or to accept a bill that has been cluttered up. This is yet another example of Congress trying to force my hand, and it’s one more reason why the President needs the lineitem veto to separate the good from the bad.

Unfortunately, Congress consistently brings the Government to the edge of default….

etc., etc., you’ve heard the next paragraph ad nauseum from an ad put out by Democrats browbeating Republicans as saying Reagan like raising taxes and the debt ceiling.   Twisting the words of a dead man for an obscenely partisan end to claim he supported something he absolutely did not.

For those who say further responsible spending reductions are not possible, they are wrong. For those who say the only choice is undermining our national security at a time when the United States is close to an agreement with the Soviet Union on reducing nuclear weapons, they are wrong. For those who say more taxes will solve our deficit problem, they are wrong. Every time Congress increases taxes, the deficit does not decrease, spending increases. It’s time for a clear and consistent policy to reduce the Federal budget deficit.

In the weeks ahead, Congress will have the opportunity to meet this commitment. So today, let’s get some things clear. I will not hesitate to use my veto to hold down excess spending, and I will spell out the impact that defense cuts will have on our long-term security interests. You don’t need more taxes to balance the budget. Congress needs the discipline to stop spending more, and that can be done with the passage of a constitutional amendment to balance the budget.

That’s from the same speech that comment threads have been flooding claiming that Reagan supports raising taxes 18 gillion times and the debt ceiling millions more.  Because Democrats are liars at their cores.

To us about the words of others.  To themselves for what they are.


Like Father, Like Son

If it’s named Obama, it’s good at walking out on it’s responsibilities:

So far the Moody’s threat is having precisely zero impact on the debt ceiling farce, with just 8 days left until July 22. But the latest development is certain to jar both S&P and Fitch, not to mention Dagong, out of hibernation. Reuters reports that President Barack Obama abruptly ended a tense budget meeting on Wednesday with Republican leaders by walking out of the room.

Is Obama half Japanese too?  His economy is so bad that even his Kabuki needs worky.

If only Obama drove his own car we could see how many other similarities he and his dreamy father might have.  Instead, he’s playing chicken with our economy.

Everyone.  Get your prescriptions filled and your shotgun shells.

This is exactly what he wanted in the first place.  When Jugears presides over our Moody’s, S&P and Fitch downgrading he’ll get an A+ on his Cloward-Piven lab project. Then we’ll all finally be equal.  Equally worthless.


The Most Underrated American President

Thanks to my Buffet bretheren for allowing me the indulgence of reposting this from my “11” days:

He’s not on any American currency, there are no monuments to him in Washington (though you can stay at a Bed and Breakfast named after him while visting). Most American History classes pretty much ignore his administration. He never even won an election.

But looking at him now, it’s clear that America could use another Chester A. Arthur. Elevated to the Presidency upon the assassination of James Garfield, Arthur enacted policies that pissed off both Democrats and Republicans…

Heard of The Pendleton Act? Chester Arthur signed that law that…get this…actually required government appointees to show some level of competence before they get appointed. No more cronyism. While The Pendleton Act is still allegedly in effect, clearly our current administration doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Arthur also enacted our nation’s first immigration law:

The Arthur Administration enacted the first general Federal immigration law. Arthur approved a measure in 1882 excluding paupers, criminals, and lunatics. Congress suspended Chinese immigration for ten years, later making the restriction permanent.

Now that’s an immigration policy I can get behind. Not the part about the Chinese…but excluding paupers, criminals and lunatics. You poor? Sorry, you’re not bringing your destitution here to leech off our social services. Criminal? Get your gang-bangin’ ass back to El Salvador. Lunatic? If you came from a country that thinks that a child-molester is a prophet

Got a little pork in that bill you got through Congress? You couldn’t get that past Chet Arthur:

The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it.

Because Arthur decided to actually look out for the American people and failed to hire Republican cronies, Arthur didn’t even get his party’s nomination in the 1884 election. Not that he particularly wanted it. See…the dude was dying and wouldn’t have even made it through the first year of his second term. And before you think I am being disrespectful for calling him “dude”…well, dude…his nickname was The Dude President.

My favorite author Samuel Clemens said this about my favorite Arthur:

I am but one in 55,000,000; still, in the opinion of this one-fifty-five millionth of the country’s population, it would be hard to better President Arthur’s administration.

Another Chet Arthur fan

Happy Presidents Day, Chester A. Arthur. Mt. Rushmore should have had space for ya…

(A little Chester Arthur video…and you thought Barack Obama’s background was mysterious):

Why we are ****ed…graphically speaking

Remember two years ago when Glenn Beck was warning us all that the US was monetizing its debt…:

…but then Ben Bernanke told us all, “Glenn Beck is full of shit, we aren’t and will not monetize our debt, as our Messiah Barack Obama is my witness”?

(OK, he said SOMETHING like that anyway.)

Well…check this bar graph out.

The analysis? We’re screwed:

OK, in plain English, the Fed is essentially monetizing it’s own debt – in other words, purchasing debt with debt. Parenthetically, I am sure this is the point where the Fed would want me to say that it shouldn’t be considered a complete monetization of debt on account the Fed is supposedly using proceeds from mortgage backed securities it purchased through QE 1, in order to fund the purchase of QE 2 i.e. the $600 Billion in treasuries from retail banks. Damn . . . that was a long parenthetical statement. But it is an important one. This is how the Fed sleeps at night, thinking that they are using capitalized “profits” to fund the purchase of its own debt. To be fair, I would say this ostensibly makes sense however, I ain’t much into the ostensible as much as the practical . . . and well, the “ostensible” version smells like something is rotten in the State of Denmark, if I may borrow a paraphrased line from Hamlet.

But just remember if gas goes to $6 a gallon, it’s Sarah Palin’s fault.