Illegal Immigration

Illegals… Stabbing The Unwed Mothers That Americans Won’t Stab

None of the news sources I’ve read will verify whether or not Jesus Humberto Canales has a green card, but I’m going to make an unfair assumption here and see how the fuzzy dice land on this one. If you happen to see Jesus driving around in his bronze minivan, do humanity a favor and shoot him on sight.

First, there are wails and a shuffling sound. Then the trembling voice of a 9-year-old Lancaster girl who had just watched her father kill her mother.

“Hello, my dad just stabbed my mom,” she tells the 911 operator, crying.

“He what?” the dispatcher asks.

“He just stabbed my mom,” she sobs into the receiver.

“With what?”

“A sword.”

The screams of her three siblings can be heard in the background. They all had just watched as Jesus Humberto Canales plunged the weapon into his girlfriend early Saturday morning in their two-bedroom apartment.

At one point, a child’s voice screams, “Daddy!”

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on Monday released a recording of the gut-wrenching 911 call in a public appeal for help in finding Canales, 29.

After killing Lucy Preciado – the 26-year-old mother of three of his children who spent her days at home watching them – he jumped in his 2002 bronze GMC minivan and took off, authorities said.

One thing is certain, whenever they do find Canales, John McShame and B. Hussein Obama will both be first there to beg for his vote and offer Amnesty.

UPDATE: Well, my hunch was right. “Chuy” the mom-stabber is from El Salvador. And he’s looking for some Meth. Which means that he could be on his way to East Tennessee.

Canales is Hispanic and a native of El Salvador. He is 5-foot, 7-inches tall, around 200 pounds with a shaved head. He has been known to sport a mustache and goatee. He also wears glasses. Canales has the word “Brown” tattooed on one arm and “Pride” on the other.

Canales is a known user of methamphetamines and may be looking to obtain the drug, Las Cruces police said.

Brown pride indeed. Nice ink, scumbag.

Kids Today

Always with their Xboxes and Playstations and Nintendo DSeses. Maintaining an increasingly sedentary lifestyle void of meaning and substance. I wish they’d pay more attention to what’s going on in the world, you know? Get involved. Do something with their life.

Like this kid:

HAVANA, Cuba (AP)The Cuban boy at the center of an international custody battle eight years ago has joined Cuba’s Young Communist Union.

Elian Gonzalez said he will never let down ex-President Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro, according to the Communist youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

Because so many 14 year olds want to get involved in politics and defend murderous dictators. Who does Elian Gonzalez think he is the average commenter at Digg or something?

Juventud Rebelde says in its Sunday edition that the boy was among 18,000 people who joined the group Saturday.

That’s one hell of a “Vote or Die” campaign F-Diddy has got going on down there. I don’t think that Miss Cleo or possibly Whoopi Goldberg could have seen a future where little Elian would be used as a tool for Communist propaganda for the rest of his life. I refuse to be that cynical.

Ah, the 1990s. It was a simpler time. The world was at peace. Everywhere an American traveled abroad the local peasantry tossed rose pedals at our feet. The French always sent us this most excellent cheese sampler every Christmas. The Chinese were only putting antifreeze in the cat food instead of the dog food too. The Russians were charging the Venezuelans retail for AK-47s. I made a million dollars a year at the Cotton Candy factory, myself.

And damn it, the government knew how to deal with illegal immigrants.

Tell those bigots to shut up!

After all, we don’t have the money to go after every illegal alien with a fully locked and loaded SWAT team. Only the 6 year old ones.

Who Wants Mexican Tonight?

I mean besides the sharks:

No one could even remember a shark attack along this resort-studded stretch of Mexican coast popular with surfers and Hollywood’s elite. Many of the large predators had been pulled from the ocean by fishermen.

So when sharks attacked three surfers in less than a month, two fatally, it was unthinkable.

The Mad Seal Poop Shovelers at Monterrey Bay Aquarium are indeed having the last laugh when it comes to stemming the tide of illegal immigration.

Told you so!

Terrorist Imprisoned – The Digg-tators Lament

A Constitution torn asunder. Suspension of habeas corpus. Children ripped from their mother’s breasts. Isn’t this what Hitler did?

But Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri is a U.S. resident (not a citizen – ed.) being held in a South Carolina military brig; he is the only enemy combatant held on U.S. soil. That makes his case very different.

Al-Marri’s capture six years ago might be the Bush administration’s biggest domestic counterterrorism success story.


A Qatari national, al-Marri came to the U.S. with his wife and five children on Sept. 10, 2001 — one day before the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. He arrived on a student visa


According to court documents citing multiple intelligence sources, al-Marri spent months in al-Qaida training camps during the late 1990s and was schooled in the science of poisons. The summer before al-Marri left for the United States, he allegedly met with Osama bin Laden and Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The two al-Qaida leaders decided al-Marri would make a perfect sleeper agent and rushed him into the U.S. before Sept. 11, the government says.


The FBI interviewed al-Marri that October and arrested him in December as part of the Sept. 11 investigation. He rarely had been attending classes and was failing in school, the government said.

When investigators looked through his computer files, they found information on industrial chemical suppliers, sermons by bin Laden, how-to guides for making hydrogen cyanide and information about chemicals labeled “immediately dangerous to life or health,” according to Rapp’s court filing. Phone calls and e-mails linked al-Marri to senior al-Qaida leaders.

Hrm. Qatari national who went to al-Qaeda training camps arrives in U.S. on September 10th, 2001 and enrolls at smalltown university and promptly stops attending classes and failing out – while on a student visa. Gets caught ripping off credit cards and with laptop brimming with information on bombmaking, OBL sermons, and making phone calls to senior AQ leaders.

You would think that the Diggtators would pick a different hill to die on but no – this one looks fine.

Valerie Plame! Military dictatorship! Racism! Ron Paul!!1!! Diebold’s gonna round us all up to be gassed in teh FEMA trailers for KingBushCorp.!!!!

Why, if King George can unilaterally declare this guy an “enemy combatant”, then we could all be next! If I can’t associate with known terrorists, manufacture poisonous gases, and steal other people’s identities while listening to my favorite OBL tunes on my i-Pod in Peoria then this is just like Nazi Germany.

Stock up on bullets and creamed corn man, that’s all I’m saying.

How Do I Reach Deez Keedz?

It’s a simple mistake. One anyone could have made.

Though many of our amigos come to this rapidly depreciating great land of ours to make a living by doing jobs Americans Don’t Want To Do, some habits are too hard to break:

A Mexican official allegedly swiped half a dozen or more BlackBerrys belonging to his White House counterparts during a U.S.-Mexico summit this week, according to news reports.


Rafael Quintero Curiel, a member of Calderon’s press office, allegedly took six or seven BlackBerrys belonging to White House staff from a table outside a room in the hotel where Mexican officials were meeting with Bush…


The U.S. Secret Service is said to have caught Quintero Curiel pocketing the devices on a surveillance video. Mexican media confirmed the story and Mexican officials told The Times today that Quintero Curiel was fired after he returned to Mexico. According to Fox News, the Secret Service caught up with him at the airport, where he “said it was purely accidental, gave [the BlackBerrys] back, claimed diplomatic immunity and left New Orleans with the Mexican delegation.”

¡Ay, caramba! How do I reach deez keedz?

Sr. Quintero was apprehended selling the Blackberrys by the bag at the off-ramp to the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. He deftly played the Bill Belichick card and responded to the Secret Service that when he was told that he was going to America to pick Blackberrys that he misunderstood the job requirements.

“A gringo pulled up in a limousine and picked up our Mexican delegation in the parking lot of a Shell station a few miles from the Summit”, Quintero Curiel explained. “They left me in a room and I see a bunch of blackberries so I started picking them. I’m going to chalk this up to a cultural differences.”

Presumptive Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Huckabee Jack Kemp Arlen Spektre Lindsey Graham seized on the plight of Sr. Quintero to underscore the need to half-heartedly fund an imaginary fence along the U.S. southern border to make the bigots shut up.

Tuesday’s Trash

Just go ahead and put these kids to sleep. It will save us a lot of money in future meth-lab cleanups, I can promise you.

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Video was released late Monday afternoon showing a brutal beating at the hands of a gang of teenage girls. Their motivation for the attack was allegedly so they could post the video on YouTube and MySpace.

The victim reported the attack after she was beaten so badly she had to be treated at the hospital. That’s when the sheriff’s office started looking into it and learned about the video.

The sheriff calls it shocking, saying he’s never seen anything like it. It was a vicious attack all captured on home video inside a Polk County home.

When 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay arrived at her friend’s house where she had been staying, six girls were waiting. Immediately, they started yelling and one girl began pummeling the victim.

On the video, the girls can be heard encouraging the fight in the background, even taunting Lindsay to fight back, all while one of them held the camera. The victim’s family has said it was an elaborate plot to injure and embarrass Victoria Lindsay. Lindsay’s parents couldn’t believe their daughter had to endure the attack.

Too bad the mother didn’t have a shotgun handy. It would have been society’s gain.

And no, I’m not posting the video. If you want it, you know how to find it.

B-Mac Update:

Further to the possible assault on a high schooler from yesterday that I linked to in the comments, her story and the videos just didn’t pan out.  Though several students are still under suspension for destroying her sign,  her other accusations have since been recanted.

Come on, kids.  Between drunkenly mowing down track stars, running drugs, and killing/raping 70+ year old grandmothers, it’s not like you have to make stuff up!

Most Aggressive Response to Illegal Immigration To Date

Leave it to the environmentally ecotarded and the law of unintended consequences:

A great white shark released from the Monterey Bay Aquarium six weeks ago has already swum past the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula — about 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) away.

Aquarium staff said the male shark’s migration is the fastest ever documented from Monterey to Mexico.

The shark was documented though. Perhaps with that additional paperwork it will speed his Path To Citizenship ™.

The mad seal poop shovelers of the Monterey Bay Aquarium cackled that they will release an additional Great White shark every hour, on the hour until Mexico starts enforcing their side of the border.

G.W. Shark

Si, se puede! 

Guys, I’m all for border control but this probably violates the Geneva Conventions or something.

Close Encounters of The Limey Kind

I’ll admit to liking a couple of Beatles songs but the idea that we should make them our deep space musical ambassadors to possibly hostile alien life forms just strikes me as needlessly initiating negotiations from a position of weakness:

The Beatles are about to become radio stars in a whole new way.NASA on Monday will broadcast the Beatles’ song “Across the Universe” across the galaxy to Polaris, the North Star.


“Send my love to the aliens,” Paul McCartney told NASA through a Beatles historian. “All the best, Paul.”

Yes. By all means let’s send the aliens our love and hope that they speak the intergalactic language of “hippie”.

Love me do


All you need is love.


I came for the earthhole



Love me do


Love, love me do?


I came for the earthhole



Love me do


I want to hold your hand.


I came for the earthhole

Do you think I traveled from Arturos 9 for heavy petting in the back of my dad’s Galaxie 500? Grab your primitive feet handles and prepare to initiate “Operation: Infinite Uranus” gangbang protocols in 3…..2…….1……




You’re not from around here, are you? 


Ramming the Homeland Security Vehicles that Americans Just Won’t Ram

This one would be hilarious if I didn’t know that this over-stuffed vanful of illegals would have probably smashed into some other innocent motorists if they hadn’t rammed an official Homeland Security SUV. Then again, the SUV deserved it, because, well, it’s an evil SUV.

Normally, a non-injury rear-end collision wouldn’t warrant a news story. But in an ironic twist, this crash involved a van full of illegal immigrants which slammed into an SUV owned by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety said the Chrysler van was heading west Tuesday morning when it was involved in a three-vehicle chain-reaction crash near the Elliot Road off-ramp. Harold Sanders with DPS said, “the 11 illegal immigrants inside the van were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

There were no reports of any injuries, despite the fact that the van was overloaded.

One has to wonder if there were empty bottles of tequila rolling around the floorboard of the over-stuffed Hispanic Mystery Machine. Surely not.

President Junior was quick to send a personal handwritten apology to the illegals, and included a cash advance on their soon-to-come tax rebate checks. Compassionate conservatism.

h/t yet again to MB

That’s Quite A ‘Funny Accent’ You’ve Got There

“I think it is really kind of offensive actually to suggest, to say look, you know what, if you are a homeowner and you hire a company to come provide a service at your home … if you hear someone with a funny accent, you, as a homeowner, are supposed to go out there and say, ‘I want to see your papers.’ Is that what you’re suggesting?”

Mitt Romney, CNN Youtube debates, November 28, 2007

Compare and contrast:

Today I learned that employees of your company, who were assigned to work on my property, are not permitted to work in the United States. Given your company’s disregard for the clear instructions provided on this issue last year, I am forced to terminate my contract with your company, effective immediate,” he wrote.

If Mitt’s going to pop a squat in his bushes stab his landscapers in the back after all of their years of faithful service, his eight wives wife had better start putting their her divorce attorneys on retainer.

Why Tancredo Is My Choice

He’s been the only candidate who, from the very beginning, is willing to link our open borders with the throngs who are here and/or coming to kill us.

“There are consequences to open borders beyond the 20 million aliens who have come to take our jobs,” a narrator says. “Islamic terrorists now freely roam U.S. soil, jihadists who froth with hate, here to do as they have in London, Spain, Russia. The price we pay for spineless politicians who refuse to defend our borders against those who come to kill.”

Tancredo, a Colorado congressman who has long advocated tight limits on immigration, barely registers in public opinion polls. But the immigration issue does resonate. Sen. John McCain, who helped lead an effort to overhaul immigration laws and provide a path to citizenship for some immigrants, lost momentum last spring as the debate over the legislation played out in Congress.

The powerful image of a hooded terrorist plays to viewers’ post-9/11 fears. It is reminiscent of Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad in 1964 against Barry Goldwater, which suggested a Goldwater presidency could result in nuclear war.

“I approve this message because someone needs to say it,” Tancredo says at the beginning of the ad.

We need more ads that speak the truth like this one.

Blurring the Lines

The other day in Long Beach, the Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist was set to debate open-boarders-give-California-back-to-Mexico advocate Enrique Morones. Even though the audience was filled with pro-Morones students, he decided to call off the debate during his opening remarks because he objected to the format. In reality, I think that he knew that it is impossible to defend the indefensible and that his positions were extremely weak so he planned his “walk-out” well in advance. What better way to draw attention to yourself?

The problem I have is the ongoing and purposeful blurring of the lines between illegally entering our country and legal immigration. The phrases “immigrant”, “migrant workers”, “undocumented workers”, and “illegal immigrant” are so frequently used interchangably that it’s understandable that young, impressionable minds could have difficulty making the distinction. However, one would think that college students would be old enough to know better. Unfortunately, you cannot count on the Los Angeles Unified School Districit to properly educate high school students on the differences between legal and illegal behavior.

About 300 students and faculty gathered on the green outside the auditorium where the debate was held, carrying signs reading “Racists go home!” and wearing fliers taped to their shirts with the names of the countries their parents and grandparents came from.

How insulting to their parents and grandparents! They compare the hardships their ancestors endured to start a new life in America (legally) to the cowardly and selfish behavior of those who have no interest in becoming Americans. The sad part is that the probably do not even know the difference because they have been taught that there is none.

When the debate began, the auditorium was packed with students. But the room quickly emptied when Morones challenged students to walk out in protest during his opening remarks..

In other words, “I do not want you to hear an opposing point of view that may change your mind”. What a coward!

Please read the article and look at the picture slideshow as well. It’s both sickening and sad.

Amnesty Comes Back Out For An Encore

The bedwetting socialists in your Federal Government are going to try and ram home the “Dream Act” this morning. What’s the Dream Act? It’s more cash & prizes for millions of lawbreakers who have come here and taken a massive dump on our Constitution.

The current political debate over undocumented immigrants in the United States has largely ignored the plight of undocumented children. Yet children account for 1.8 million, or 15 percent, of the undocumented immigrants now living in this country. These children have, for the most part, grown up in the United States and received much of their primary and secondary educations here. But without a means to legalize their status, they are seldom able to go on to college and cannot work legally in this country. Moreover, at any time, they can be deported to countries they barely know.

Well, they should be deported, but we know that’s never going to happen with Jorge all up in the White Hizzy.

About 65,000 undocumented children who have lived in the United States for five years or longer graduate from high school each year. Although they can legally attend most colleges, they are not eligible for most forms of financial aid.

Because of the barriers to their continued education and their exclusion from the legal workforce, only between 5 and 10 percent of undocumented high-school graduates go to college.

So, now that we’ve paid for their elementary and high school education, we owe it to the illegals to help pay for their college. Will John McCain serve as a guest professor teaching Lettuce Picking 101?

The bipartisan Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, first introduced in Congress in 2001, would provide a solution to the current dilemma by allowing undocumented students to apply for legal permanent resident status.

The DREAM Act would provide 360,000 undocumented high-school graduates with a legal means to work, and could provide incentives for another 715,000 youngsters between the ages of 5 and 17 to finish high school and pursue post-secondary education.

Translation = Amnesty.

MM has a list of the Senatorial fence sitters getting fingered behind the scenes for a Y vote. If you’re in their domain, give them a ringy-ding.

Your government will never give up until they’ve rammed legislation down your throat that you’re just too stupid to support. It doesn’t matter what the vast majority of the population says, they’re the little megalomaniacs in power and they’re damn sure going to let you know it.

UPDATE: Amnesty buried again. But expect it to rise from the dead. When it comes to taking away your freedoms or reallocating your wealth to those who don’t deserve it, the walking, talking stool samples in congress will never give up.

Let your reps know that no matter how they want to dress it up or try to disguise it, it’s still Amnesty and you’ll vote their asses out if they support it. I’m pleased to say that Alexander and Corker made the right call today.

The real reason the cloture vote failed today? Global warming.

Sanctuary Cities Scolded

A warning to “Sanctuary Cities”

Mr. Chertoff said his agency will enforce the Basic Pilot Program that requires businesses to check the legal status of new employees by matching Social Security numbers and information in Homeland Security Department databases.

Mr. Chertoff told the House Homeland Security Committee: “I certainly wouldn’t tolerate interference” by cities who attempt to block the program.

William Teach is perplexed:

Political pandering or actually paying attention to the American People? This is not a left or right issue, as both sides are not particularly happy with illegal immigration. For the most part, of course. Both sides have their open borders folks. Only time will tell.

But it looks like it could be political pandering, as, without penalties, without a carrot and stick, why would any city, including my own of Raleigh, comply? Why should we believe Chertoff, when all he really does is talk? ICE and other agencies have gotten more agressive as of late, but, what about the border? The fence is a disaster. Agents are being given conflicting advice. Ramos and Compean are still in jail.

It is hard to tell considering that Chertoff supported the Amnesty Without Enforcement fiasco.

I guess we’ll wait and see.

As we’ve all learned in Cynicism Training, making pronouncements doesn’t necessarily mean there is action behind it. In fact, it may be a feint to provoke a reaction, which ends up accomplishing just the opposite. Very Rovian.

Compassion Line Crossed

OK, this is too much. I haven’t been too hard on the whole illegal immigration problem. Frankly, I think sealing the border and letting those who are here stay wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.

Then some world-is-upside-down shiz happens:

A Mexican Senate committee passed a measure Wednesday urging President Felipe Calderon to send a diplomatic note to the United States protesting the deportation of an illegal migrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year.

She said she would help organize a rally in Tijuana that same day to demand Mexican authorities do more to protect migrants.

“For me it is very important that our government take a strong stand to defend all of us who decide to migrate to another country,” she said.

That is some jumbo industrial strength audacity right there. The mind bends into mobius strip shapes pondering how the world got to a point where this is even conceivable.

The Mexican government wants to censure the United States for deporting an illegal immigrant. The aforementioned illegal immigrant demands the right to do just that.

And no one is noting that a corrupt government and a criminal might, just might not have an ounce of moral authority to make these pronouncements.

Egads, next time I’m fired from a job for stealing, remind me to demand a raise and get the Aging Jewish Computer Professional Action Committee to condemn my employer.

High-Speed Clown Car Chase (Full of Illegals) Ends In Unfunny Manner

A high-speed, late-night chase involving a Texas state trooper and a Ford Excursion chock-full of illegal immigrants undocumented workers ended in a flaming rollover early Monday morning outside of San Antonio.

A Ford Excursion packed with at least 19 undocumented immigrants rolled several times early Monday, killing three and injuring a dozen. The vehicle crashed on San Antonio’s far East Side after a high-speed chase with a state trooper and police from three area departments that covered more than 100 miles, authorities said.

Most of the people in the sport utility vehicle were believed to be from Guatemala and Honduras and were apparently being smuggled to Houston, according to officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Among the injured was the driver, a native of Cuba, who allegedly swerved to try to ram a San Antonio police cruiser and sustained minor injuries. No names were released, but the driver is to be charged by proxy with three counts of capital murder, said San Antonio Police Sgt. Gabe Trevino.

“We have accounted for 19,” Trevino said. “We’re not eliminating the possibility that one or two may have fled on foot.”

It is not known whether or not the Federal Goverment will file charges against the San Antonio police officer and other Texas authorities for interfering with Michael Chertoff’s lettuce picking recruitment program, but it looks very likely.

Bob Novak Hates America

Not as much as an overstatement as you might think considering his Godwin-invoking disdain for representative government:


These callers recently swamped phone lines to GOP congressional offices with threats that they never would vote again for anybody supporting “amnesty.” While that intimidated previous supporters of the immigration bill, its opponents reacted to the xenophobia of their backers as a ray of light in the bleak political landscape.
“This isn’t a day to celebrate,” McConnell said in his post-mortem, contradicting victory cheers by DeMint and Gingrich. Indeed, Republicans drove another nail in George W. Bush’s political coffin and undermined hopes for the growing, winnable Hispanic vote. Contending the time “wasn’t now” for immigration, McConnell added: “It wasn’t the people’s will. And they were heard.” He was blaming Republican failure on his fellow citizens, which seldom works in politics.

Apparently Mr. Novak holds Republican party politics above The Will of the People ™. Novak certainly has an interesting take on the Establishment Republican’s attempt to bribe Hispanic voters into joining their electoral landscaping crew, but it’s the scorn he heaps on the politicians who finally listened to their constituents that he spins so poorly.

Amnesty did not succeed because the voice of the people was finally heard and the only “long knives” Novak’s subtle nazi cleansing reference confers is to the Republican leadership that stabbed every American in back.

Bigots Emerge Temporarily Victorious

According to The Hill, the Shamnesty Bill is officially pushin’ up the little daisies.

It’s Over. FOR NOW.

Message to Junior: Now that you’ve gotten your nose rubbed in it, why don’t you quit being a dick and build the fence?

Message to South Carolina: Take this opportunity to kick Graham out on his ass.

Message to Me: It’s lunchtime.


President Malaprop weighs in:

Legal immigration is one of the top concerns of the American people, and Congress’ failure to act on it is a disappointment,” he said after an appearance in Newport, R.I. “A lot of us worked hard to see if we couldn’t find common ground. It didn’t work.”

Where was this bill about LEGAL immigration? All it looked like to me was a bunch of different methods of rewarding criminals. Please let us know which laws will be enforced going forward and which won’t, because once I have that list, I’m going to go on a federally-approved crime spree the likes of which you ain’t never seen, darlin’.

Junior on his man-love, Kennedy:

Kennedy’s pragmatic history and his expertise – he maneuvered a broad immigration overhaul through the Senate in 1965, during his second term – has earned him Bush’s trust.

“Senator Kennedy is one of the best legislative senators there is. He can get the job done. I know firsthand, because we reformed our education system,” Bush said at a March news conference in Mexico.

Damn! You mean we just missed out on another massive Bush-Kennedy failure!? Now I am depressed.



This one really did make me LOL.


Fred sez: Hell yeah.

This has been a good day for America.

For a while, it didn’t look like Washington was going to listen to us regarding real immigration reform. Thankfully, we’ve been spared a serious mistake, but I wonder if things would have turned out the way they did without the work done by the bloggers, talk radio and the American people. Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, RedState, Powerline, Pajamas Media and a lot of others have done a great job. Take that, Fairness Doctrine.

True rule-of-law conservatives rejoicing tonight, drunken, gay, coked-up Mexican transvestites more angry than ever.

We’ll Have A Gay Ole Time

Illegal Mexican immigrants are adulterous alcoholics, coke-addled urban cowboys, and lovers of only the finest lowest class transvestite prostitutes. Not the first thought that comes to my mind but how else could you arrive at a different conclusion from this week’s “progressive” Nashville Scene cover story?

Walking into El Dos de Oros (a Mexican bar) is like stepping into another country. A very loud, dark and crowded country.
Downstairs in the basement, a man whose bright-yellow polo shirt offsets his mocha-colored skin holds out his hand. In his palm sits a matchbook, slid open to reveal a thin, thumbnail-sized Ziploc baggie lying in a bed of strike-anywhere matchsticks. Inside the bag is less than a gram of white powder. Another man—this one wearing an enormous tan leather cowboy hat and black suit with matching leather trim on the lapels—reaches for it with a grin.

“Excellente,” he murmurs slowly, disappearing behind the bathroom’s lone stall door.

The night is just getting started at El Dos de Oros.

So rarely do I read something and not have an idea of what the writer is going for. A piece that starts off as a Mexicans-in-Nashville-carve-out-a-folksy-local-scene will now be a prime target for police surveillance thanks to that line. And for a town that has had so many adult oriented businesses shut down allegedly under the color of health codes violations, this story has legs. Horribly, shaved mens legs in mini skirts:

To buy a drink for Crystal or many other girls at El Dos de Oros—including the transvestites—costs $10. With that money they will buy themselves a 4-ounce $1 can of beer. The remaining 9 bucks goes straight into their respective pockets.
Sometimes, if the girls are drunk enough, they might let some of the men put hands up their skirts or feel their breasts. Though Crystal will soon be so drunk she can barely stand up, she and her sister are earning. On a good night, the girls can take home $300 each.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a whole lot against whoring per se, but El Dos de Oros sounds like an economy sized bucketful of AIDS waiting to happen. Leaving aside the fact that illegal immigration is a top domestic concern and national security risk, if I or any of the well-groomed staff of 6MB had rolled out a piece characterizing illegal aliens as sexually deviant dope-fiends that the blogswarm to call us nativist xenophobes would be en route faster than you could say “Speedy Gonzalez”.

Match this with The Scene’s ritually irrelevant “Ask A Mexican” column and one can’t help but wonder how the racism of The Left gets such a free pass. Any takers?

But then, in what I’m sure was intentional, things take an even more disturbing turn:

Ben and his partner are soon joined by Gracia, a 23-year-old transvestite from Mexico City.
He can also make some money here.

“These men like me,” Gracia says, “and I like to dance, have a beer, so it’s nice.” He says that he does pretty well if he wants to, taking home over $100 on a busy weekend night.

He might do better, but there’s quite a bit of competition.

Eh, tranny prostitutes operating in the open? Big deal. But here was the money quote:

Gracia’s friend “Ashley” (my quotes) can usually be found perched atop a stool, sipping a beer and trying to catch the eye of men on the El Dos de Oros dance floor. Originally from Honduras, Ashley now manages a Jack in the Box restaurant in South Nashville. He actually likes his job, but he admits that it would be awkward if fellow employees knew how he spent his weekends.

“I’m not sure they would understand at all,” he says laughing. “Here though, they do.”

So did The Scene just say that the manager of the Antioch Jack-In-The-Box is a transvestite prostitute? Call me crazy (you’re crazy), but I think sales of Jack’s Meaty Breakfast Burrito may have hit a brick wall.

Jerkin’ The Proverbial Gerkin
Show me your cock or I’ll put you
on fry detail, vendejo!

At first, I was thinking this entire piece was an exercise to see what they could get away with in light of the Kroger’s grocery chain removing Out & About magazine from their racks. As if to gain some Michael Moore-ian attention by trying to provoke the food giant into signaling out their flagging weekly for moral rebuke.

But if removing Out & About was the right thing to do, how long should it take them to find the heterosexual balls to remove The Nashville Scene?

The He/She/It Civil War Continues…

And it’s Brother against, er… as the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition gives the story’s author, P.J. Tobias, a cauliflower ear for maligning Mexicans as transvestite hookers portraying Mexicans as bad dressing dope sniffers giving love a bad name improper pronoun usage.

It was with great dismay that I saw the totally incorrect use of terminology regarding the transgender customers of the club.

First, the term “transvestite” is a perjorative term and is considered insulting. If a male-to-female transgender person lives in their birth gender, then the proper term is Crossdresser.

Second, regardless of whether or not a transgender person “has transitioned” (ed. my scare quotes), that person should always be addressed by the gender pronoun appropriate to their gender presentation. The Transwomen described in the article should have been referred to as “She” in every single instance.

So we are arguing over whether he’s a whore or she’s a whore? Observe the moral high ground.

If the Scene’s High Justice of Diversity, one Bruce Barry, bangs his gavel of homo-sensitivity about Mr. Tobias’ head and shoulders, we should expect a decree forcing him to sit down to pee for 6 months at 30%.

Illegal Immigration Station

Malkin is live-blogging the goings on in congress. I guess she just plain doesn’t like brown people. NZ Bear has put the massive list of amendments online – organized and searchable.

She’s got some droppings from the Clay Pigeon amendments package here. Even Captain Ed is exposing outright lies hidden in the package, which I’m sure the Senate would rather you not bother reading. Then again, I’m sure the Captain will find a way to excuse any involvement GOP Senators may have in the bill in an effort to continue showing blind loyalty to the dying party. Hope I’m wrong…

Check Malkin, Ed, NZ Bear and Ace for your breaking betrayal news this week. Me, I’ve got a damn job.

The Amnesty Train Be A-Rollin’ – Grab a Taco and Hop On!

Allah has the scoop: Countdown to Amnesty. Me? I’ve been busy enjoying lunch with this guy.

Via Ace, Kurtz at the Corner aptly points out why this is more distressing than the usual Congressional betrayal.

Somehow this immigration battle feels different. The bill is wildly unpopular, yet it’s close to passing. The contrast with the high-school textbook version of democracy is not only glaring and maddening, it’s downright embarrassing. Usually, even when we’re at each others’ throats, there’s still an underlying pride in the democratic process. This immigration battle strips us of even that pride.

I’m still stuck on the way this bill was going to be pushed through without a public airing of crucial provisions, in the two or three days before Memorial Day recess. But I should be stuck even further back–on the way this bill was cooked up in a backroom deal that bypassed the ordinary process of public hearings. We take them for granted, but those civics textbook fundamentals are there for a reason. We’re going to pay a steep price for setting the fundamentals aside.

You can’t solve an argument by imposing a “compromise” on parties who don’t actually view it as a compromise. You can’t heal social divisions by forcing your version of a “solution” down the public’s throats. Real healing comes only when two sides reach what they themselves consider a valid compromise, or when one side wins the argument by persuading a clear majority of the validity of its case. Democracy does work, but first the Senate has got to give it a try.

It’s absolutely flabbergasting that we’re about to get a bill shoved down our throats that AT LEAST 75% of the American public is dead-set against. Every stinking one of these ass clowns needs to be thrown out at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Corner has the switched (from the original June 7 vote) Nay and Yay votes. Plenty of Senators gobbled up the administration’s amnesty seed and switched to the Yay column….

Nay to Yea (17)

NV to Yea (1)

My recommendation? Go ahead and order one of these. That will hold you over until the assholes in the Senate mandate that Arabic become the Official National Language and we all receive government-issued prayer rugs emblazoned with the Presidential Seal of Failure.

Shamnesty Update

RWN has an update on what’s happening with the shamnesty bill this week in the good-ol-boy club that is the U.S. Senate.

To begin with, the key thing to keep in mind about the upcoming vote on the Senate immigration bill is that the pro-amnesty forces have two key cloture votes that they have to win.

The first is the vote on the so-called “clay pigeon” strategy. What this does is take the original bill and all of its amendments and reintroduce it on the Senate floor as a new bill. There are two reasons for doing this. The first is to prevent killer amendments that could upset the “grand compromise” from being voted on. The second reason is procedural, because it keeps conservative Senators who are opposed to the bill from being able to slow up the process.

The conventional wisdom has been that this first cloture vote is a done deal because the Senate leadership has been wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. The way it works is that they go to a Senator and offer to allow a vote on their Amendment IF — and only if — that Senator agrees to vote for cloture on the “clay pigeon” strategy.

My source tells me that this has left a sour taste in the mouth of a number of Republican Senators who are upset that Mitch McConnell is cooperating with Harry Reid to curtail the rights of Republican Senators. Moreover, there’s a growing fear that a dangerous precedent is being set here that could be used against Republican Senators again and again as long as they’re in the minority. After all, if the “clay pigeon” strategy is used against conservatives on the immigration issue, who’s to say it won’t also be used against them on any number of issues in the future?

Read the rest, and find out how Trent Lott and Lindsay Grahamnesty are becoming even more enraged at you and your talk radio buddies.