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So Whazzap?

It’s been a while. How you been? You still doin’ that stuff you do? Thought so. Me, I’ve been watching the idiots in D.C. fall all over themselves, pretending to come up with ideas that are going to save the economy. Rethuglican or Dim-O-Crack, doesn’t matter. None of them are prepared to do what needs to be done to actually “fix” the economy, because that “fix” would leave them unable to continue robbing from the public coffers, and, let’s face it, they’re all in it for the graft. At some point, you just have to look at the list of GOP “contenders” and COOTUS and say to yourself: We’re just plain-old fucked.

At least we have some comedy with COOTUS bouncing from airport to airport touting his new “jobs bill”. I know he doesn’t mean to be funny, but how can you do anything but laugh at this douche? It helps that he’s been semi-neutered by a limp-wristed GOP House, otherwise, it might not be quite as funny. A little Steyn helps, though.

Not all supporters are content merely to singalong with the prompter-in-chief. In North Carolina, a still-devoted hopeychanger cried out, “I love you!”

“I love you, too,” said the president. “But… .”

Oh, no, here it comes: conditional love. “But, if you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!” You’d be surprised how effective this line is: I tried it on Darlene in the back of my Ford Edsel when I was 17, and we didn’t get home till two in the morning.

Heh. I never had the guts to try that line, but I encourage all you youngsters to give it a shot. What do you have to lose, really?

Pass this bill now, or I’ll say “Pass this bill now!” another two dozen times! With this latest inspiration, Obama has taken the post-modern phase of democratic politics to a whole new level. “Pass this jobs bill”? Simply as a matter of humdrum reality, there is no bill, it won’t “create” any jobs, and it will be paid for with money we don’t have. But the smartest president in history has calculated that, if he says the same four monosyllables over and over, a nonexistent bill to create nonexistent jobs with nonexistent money will be yet another legislative triumph in the grand tradition of his first stimulus (the original Dumb And Dumber to the sequel’s Stimulus And Stimulusser).

That’s how he got elected, isn’t it? Just repeat the same meaningless tripe until it turns into a chant and *bingo*, you’re COOTUS.

This $447 billion does not exist, and even foreigners don’t want to lend it to us. A majority of it will be “electronically created” by the Federal Reserve buying U.S. Treasury debt. Don’t worry, it’s not like “printing money”: we leave that to primitive basket-cases like Zimbabwe. This is more like one of those Nigerian email schemes, in which a prominent public official promises you a large sum of money in return for your bank account details. In the case of Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner, one prominent public official is promising to wire a large sum of money into the account of another prominent public official, which is a wrinkle even the Nigerians might have difficulty selling.

At this point, who is going to loan us a buck or two? Mr. T? I don’t think so.

So, we all sit back, kick our feet up, accept the fact that everything we once assumed about our economy, investments, retirement, etc, no longer applies. In the meantime, go long on ammo and canned goods, baby.

As for me, I’ve found riding bikes with the kids much more rewarding than the blogosphere so cut me some slack. And thanks for checking in Chuck. We’ll still be here until the speech police come and haul us away.

Fried Friday

Here’s a quick roundup of linkage before I get on a winged girder-bird this afternoon departing for the Windy City.

T-Man takes CNN to the woodshed for showing a video of a sniper killing a U.S. soldier in broad daylight. CNN has been in the camp of the enemy since the very beginning. This is simply the latest, and most offensive, example of their hatred for America.

Two vlogs that will keep you warm at night: Mary Katherine Ham and Annika (via Beth).

John Hawkins has an interview with Bob Corker. Still don’t know if I’m going to hold my nose and vote. I’ll keep you posted, because I know you just can’t bear the suspense.

Apparently Rush “Country Club Republican” Limbaugh has been bumbling about the blogosphere as of late. Since I haven’t tuned into Rush in the last few years, I have no idea what was said, other than that he just doesn’t get it. No big surprise there. Ali Bubba has more: ¡Reynoldistas unidos!

There’s plenty more out there – just hit the Six Meat blogrolls for the best stuff. I leave you with this warning – I will be out of town for the next 5 days or so – blogging will either be lighter or heavier. That much I can promise to you, dear reader.

In the meantime, go send the pint-sized, needle-dicked North Korean tyrant a sympathy card.

Sausage… Mmmmm

It’s been a damn long time since we’ve had a good link drop. So let’s get it started all up in here.

The lovely and brilliant Right Thinking Girl alerts us to – horror of horrors! – a koran found in a crapper at Manhattan College in NYC. Upon finding the krapper koran, a paper-pushing administrator surely filled up an adjacent toilet with rivers of politically-correct-angst-inspired stool. How did the koran manage to go for a swim in the crapper?!?

Two guesses: It was dropped there or it was placed there. Either case, no biggie.

And even better is RTG’s conclusion…

So understanding Islam will automatically stop people from trying to flush the vile Koran down a toilet? I think not. Maybe they understand Islam and so they stuff the Koran down the toilet.

Is it any wonder I’m smitten with her?

Speaking of the Religion of Peace™, you better know what’s happening at your kids’ school. LGF notes that the “diversity police” are beginning the indoctrination process in Oregon and at least have some sort of blessing from the weak-kneed SCOTUS.

Elsewhere, if you want to go beyond politically correct and straight into “wrong”, look no further than Sharpy’s new T-Shirt. Too soon?

Sean Gleeson has demonstrated – yet again – that he is a true blog superstar. Visit Hot Air to see how his detective work uncovered the original bikini photo that Wankette and her fever swamp minions used to try to paint Michelle Malkin as a hypocrite.

In a massive post, Ace examines the irony of the gay left and their gay Republican witch hunt and outing festival. Read the whole thing if you enjoy bathing in the mental illness of the left – and there’s plenty to be had, brother. Plenty.

In other news, I’m a blog daddy. This must be one of my outside children. I’m tryin’ to figure out which girl I knocked up to produce this one. The list got so long, I quit counting years ago. But thanks for the kind words, Rollin’ Danny.

The Rottweiler drops an oratorical atomic elbow on the sub-humans from the Westboro Baptist Church, who are/were planning to protest at the funeral of the slaughtered Amish girls.

Take it one step further: Don’t allow them to ever steal oxygen again.

If we learn later that an unspecified number of Phred Phelps’ Syphilitic Hellspawn were killed in uncommonly brutal ways, we won’t as much as try to feign outrage, disgust or concern.

We’ll be too busy whooping it up, dancing the Happy Dance and buying drinks for every stranger we meet.

And if the local Police Dept up there suddenly develop a strange case of collective, spontaneous amnesia regarding what happened and who did what afterwards, we’ll just call it an Act of G-d and make another donation to a charity of our choice to show our gratitude.

No, we won’t be apologizing for our “eliminationist, hyperbolic rhetoric” either, so all of you bedwetters out there can go kiss our Imperial Ass.

Some things should never be tolerated.

You should read the whole thing if you can handle the spicy language, which is entirely called for when talking about these knuckle-dragging inbreds. I’m hoping that perhaps the Westboro “church” members will be taking a private plane that will somehow disappear from the radar during their journey. But that’s just the mean-spirited me talking. Don’t listen to that guy, he can be nasty.

Elsewhere, in the lefttardosphere, we’re reminded that when the left is racist, it’s cute, isn’t it?

More on Foley from Goldstein… When ‘child molesting’ is neither molesting, nor involving a child. Also, I had this same question when I received “tips” about the identity of one of Foley’s IM partners – what was the point?

Last but not least – Agent Bedhead serves up some red meat for you chubby chasers out there. Dig in, freaks.

Good Links

Now, for the linky-link.

The Hatemonger’s pass 150k hits! Proving once and for all that literacy and blogging are compatible and that even something as harmless as Phil Collins is not safe. Also, they use the “B” word for the first time.

Are You Conservative is looking for root causes* for the horrific bombing that took place in India yesterday.


Microwave Quick Breakfast Links

Lots happening in the newsworld/blogosphere this week and here I am with this damn job. Anyway, onward with some quickies:

Say a prayer for Michael Silence, who has unexpectedly been hospitalized with some heart issues. Hopefully all will turn out well and he can get back to work asap.

HotAir, the new video project from Michelle Malkin, Allahpundit and others, is now broadcasting. Check it out.

The Religion of Peace™ is now threatening Mr. Pink because he’s involved (directing/acting) with a film that is a tribute to murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh. In the loving islamofascist tradition, the religion of peace’s beheaders-in-waiting are threatening Buscemi and co-star Sienna Miller for daring to make the film. Let’s hope they don’t cave into the threats like so many others.

RightWingSparkle’s gone and got herself a blogging gig at the Houston Chronicle. Congrats, RWS!

John Hawkins of Right Wing News shares the story of Andrea Clarke, a hospital patient in Houston, who may have the plug pulled on her by St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, against the wishes of her own family. Full story here.

Party At The Hatemongers!

This weekend, The Crack Young Staff of the Hatemonger’s Quarterly had their second anniversary soiree. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Hatemonger’s Quarterly, it is fine publication that makes the Atlantic Monthly look like Highlights magazine.

As a guest – well actually, as a person who knew one of the waiter’s cousins, I was able to attend. Although I didn’t understand many of the large words they used, it was a fun time.

I recommend making the Hatemonger’s one of your daily stops. The Academic of the Month is worth the trip alone.

Keep up the good work, “Chip”!

Microwave Links




A delicious appetizer:

1. Susan Sarandon is still a twat. Yes we need International Election Monitors. Because we are like Haiti and Iraq. Jesus, is there no end to the shit spewing from this bitch’s pie hole? Seriously. Shut the fuck up.







As you were.

Quantity is Job One

Here is some great stuff that I would read over and over again if I’d ever finished that adult literacy course.

No Amount of Ground-Up Babies Sufficient To Save Dana Reeve

Cops: The Yanni Incident

Fashion Insurgency – Cindy Sheehan

It’s White Trash Wednesday Every Day at MySpace – and Beth Knows WTW!

Last Week’s SUV Victim Couldn’t Put Down the Bong

Sweet Ride for Sale – Cheap!

Thursday Linkage

An outstanding poll from Riehl World View – how can we best bring capitalism to the islamonazis so that they will quit trying to kill us?

An interesting read from JackLewis.Net – the battle of extremist idiots.

LGF notes that Britain’s “Muslim Action Committee” promises that 100,000 muslims will rally this weekend to protest the mohammed looney tunes that has their collective burqas in such a knot. I hope the Vol Abroad will be out of town for the weekend, lest she be eyeballed and assaulted by some of the peaceful protesters.

Speaking of the Religion of Peace, apparently Google is shilling for them as well as the Chinese. Rusty points out the Google hypocrisy here.

Beth has a special White Trash Wednesday message from Beulah Mae’s friend Brittney. I can’t believe I missed WTW for the second week in a row.

That’s about it for the moment. More later.

UPDATE: The Vol Abroad shares this link regarding this weekend’s Religion of Murdering Cartoonists “peace rally” in London.

Back Bacon, Eh?

Is it too late to get Harriet Miers back? I had no idea she had this in her:

Vowing to highlight decision- by- decision how she would have ruled from the bench on each case Alito decides, Miers said of Taylor, “Stay of execution? I would have administered the potassium chloride personally, just to see him die. Take that, conservative beotches.”

The previously restrained and demure Miers seemed energized as Alito made his first decision.

During her brief stint as Supreme Court nominee, her response to a Senate questionnaire raised eyebrows among skittish conservatives, as she failed to use legal references such as ‘stare decisis’ and ‘In re: Sealed Case No. 02-001’ in favor of terms such as ‘pimp slap’ and ‘pop a cap in yo’ ass’.

An oustanding new series from Wuzzadem: Christiane Amampour Throughout HistoryPart One, Part Two, Part Three.

Why is every layabout and gutter snipe in the country getting help with their heating bills but me? I want my fair share, Mr. President – I WAN’T MY FAIR SHARE!

Beth points out that it’s International Offend-a-muslim Day – which has inspired Jeff to bring back – ughsuch classics as Jihad Juicers. More on the testy followers of the Religion of Peace™ later.

It looks like Hans may have gotten the energy policy he’s always wanted with the SOTU address.

Check out the Commissar’s new religion – The Third Church of High Wingnuttery – the “last supper” graphic is not to be missed. I believe their communion consists of graham crackers and chocolate milk.

Vinnie shares the news of Andrea Yates (NOW’s 2001 Reproductive Rights Superstar of the Year) being moved from prison to a mental hospital while she awaits a re-trial. I’m profoundly disappointed that she hasn’t been shanked in prison yet. Hopefully after her second trial, she’ll get sent back to prison, where the physical abuse can begin in earnest, leading to her eventual painful death.

In case you missed this, Ace points to a new 9/11 video of a plane hitting the second WTC tower. There’s some debate as to whether this one is legit, but it looks pretty legit to my untrained eye.

Wednesday Afternoon Sausage Links

Some quick linkage for a busy Wednesday afternoon. (“Busy” in that actual work is taking priority over all other things today, for some strange reason) Now on to things that you may have missed, but shouldn’t have.

Wuzzadem has the lowdown on MTV’s new Trippin’ TV Show – This very special episode stars Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz.

My longtime enemy Crazy Leo Oshkosh lists the Ten Things that Made America Great. Methinks Leo has spent too much time inhaling fumes at the Schotz Brewery in Milwaukee.

This makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t even really like pudding or cowboy hats. I love hats, I just don’t have a “hat face”.

Club For Growth is celebrating Festivus by hosting an Airing of Grievances against the GOP. We’ve been doing this all damn year long!!!!

The Political Teen has the video of an Iraqi voter who tells the anti-war pacifist Sheehanites in the U.S. to “go to hell!” Sweeeeeet. (via Malkin)

Smell the mediocrity: Pajamas Mediocrity

You just had to see this coming. Huffington Post writer R.J. Eskow makes the comparison between Tookie “Pushin’ Up Daisies” Williams and Jesus Christ. I mean there are so many similarities if you think about it. Except that Tookie was a murderer and a thief and a gangster icon. I wouldn’t be waiting outside Tookie’s tomb for him to rise again after three days, though. It’s probably not going to happen. (via Right Wing News)

Speaking of Tookie “Room Temperature” Williams – check out this gallery from Zombietime from the “Save Tookie” rally. (Thanks, Lawrence)

ALSO: Today and tomorrow are the last days to vote for us for Best Humor/Comics blog. I know, we’re getting tired of it too. But still, only two days left – your votes could keep us out of a dreadful last-place finish. So Vote!

While you’re there, there are a couple of other close races you can help with. Vote for Garfield Ridge in the Best of the 3501-5000 blogs; and vote for Wuzzadem for Best New Blog.

No more vote blegging of any kind after tomorrow, I promise.

Two Good Reasons To Drop By Wuzzadem

John’s on fire this week. You know, the week before Thanksgiving, when post people are not at work and checking the Internet. The week when 200 hits is considered an avalanche.

Well anyway, check out Godzilla vs Murtha (dang, why didn’t I think of that?) and a great Johnny Carson spoof. For you younger fans- Johnny Carson used to host the Tonight Show before Jay Leno. Many people thought that the Tonight Show was funny back then.

Saturday Sausage

A few quick Saturday morning sausage links before I head off to another sports-entertainment trainwreck trying to pass itself off as a football game.

First off, two of my favorites have returned to blogging. Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities has at least temporarily found his muse. I think it was between his couch cushions. The other Jeff at Shape of Days has returned from some time in the wilderness and brought a new design back with him. Go visit them often… or at least until they go on another break.

Froggy has an excellent post that lays out – in very precise terms – how liberals, despite their frequent claims to the contrary, are indeed unpatriotic.

I relate all of these facts to say one thing. While the garden variety liberal moonbat hanging on every word coming out of Cindy Sheehan’s piehole may not know that these charges of manipulation intelligence are false, liberals in the Senate are knowingly LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE every day. They are lying to gain an electoral advantage at the expense of the War on Terror and our troops. Paris is burning, Jordan, Britain, Spain, Turkey, Bali, Indonesia have been recently bombed, and the Aussies just rolled up a massive plot by AQ. The stakes in the War on Terror could not be higher and yet the Democrats shamelessly lie every day so that they can destroy the President of the United States. That is UNPATRIOTIC, and those who engage in this scheme are traitors of the lowest form. If you are a liberal reading this post and you followed all of those links and read that material, you now know. If you persist in this campaign of lies, you are UNPATRIOTIC, a TRAITOR, and SCUMBAG as well.

You really should read the whole thing – it’s excellent, and he’s right.

Aaron’s CC has its Blogger Deck of Cards voting open for the Hearts suit – the Hearts are reserved for your favorite female bloggers – go and vote for your favorite fairer-sex blogger.

One of Sarcastro’s mentors, Syrian-born film producer Mustafa Akkad, died in the Jordanian bombings this week. Sarcastro has a few thoughts to share about Mustafa – very interesting stuff.

Two celebrities that don’t suck: Bruce Willis and Karl Malone. I believe they’re the only two, though.

Ace points out how Barack Osamaobama, race-baiting political hero of the left, doesn’t think it’s right to scrutinize young arab muslims. Ace: “Barack Obama surely is the future of the Democratic Party. Demagogic and dangerously stupid.” Sounds like a suitable Dim-O-Crack hero to me.

A lot of folks are praising President Junior’s speech yesterday as some type of watershed event. It seems to me that Junior has had plenty of time to fire back and point out the falsehoods that Kennedy, Durbin and the rest of the left have been vomiting forth for the past two years. But he’s been weak and I’m not sure yesterday’s speech was anything to get excited about. Chad at ITB wasn’t overwhelmed.

The entire speech was just over 30 minutes long, with maybe 2 minutes devoted to countering claims counter to the war and the supposed trumping of intelligence. For a speech that was allegedly supposed to be Bush striking back at critics, he failed miserably in that regard in my opinion. Then again, I’m not the target market for the speech therefore it may have been more effective than I saw it, and of course we have to assume news organizations will spin what they can as they’ve done for five years now.

Insty says that it’s about time.

The White House needs to go on the offensive here in a big way — and Bush needs to be very plain that this is all about Democratic politicans pandering to the antiwar base, that it’s deeply dishonest, and that it hurts our troops abroad.

And yes, he should question their patriotism. Because they’re acting unpatriotically.

I absolutely agree, but I fear that it may be too little too late because Junior (or is it his advisors?) doesn’t have the stones to call the left on their anti-American bullshit. President Milquetoast. Sure, yesterday’s speech was a step in the right direction, but only a baby-step, and Junior tends to fall over after putting more than one baby-step together.

One of Insty’s throngs of readers sanctimoniously asked him to “define patriotism” to which the puppy-blender responded “I think it starts with not uttering falsehoods that damage the country in time of war, simply because your donor base wants to hear them.” Clutch cargo quote.


Iowahawk’s failed musical: Les Risiblés.

Brilliant. More than worth your time.

Sausage Links (Now With More Maple Syrup!)

  Mr. Doofus, guest columnist at The Therapist, asks “Me thought the Allah was really, really smart and powerful. Why for did he stone his own people to death with the shaky ground?”

  Froggy watched PBS Frontline’s brutal expose on torture, which provided indisputable evidence that President Junior personally ordered ice water enemas for innocent detainees and forced freedom fighters to watch hours upon hours of Family Ties re-runs in order to break their will. Or maybe not.

  Mad Dog Vinnie takes on a story that fills me with too much rage to even contemplate. In the Six Meat criminal justice system, Lashaun Harris would be hacked to death with a dull, rusty machete.

  Sharpy points out the complete absence of logic inherent in the gun-control crowd, and provides actual real-world evidence.

  Now this is one of those rare instances where I fully support the “woman’s right to choose.”

  Sobek’s penetrating official interview with Protein Wisdom’s Jeff Goldstein.

  I’m getting my TiVo ready for CBS’ Rock Star: VAN HALEN. I just hope that VH winds up with a black, female, lesbian lead singer. That’s the only fair result after what those racists/homophobes did to what’s-his-face during Rock Star: INXS.

  TNOYF: Burger King: Benevolent Ruler Or Maniacal Despot?

  Jeff Quinton needs some help with his honeymoon. Go help a brutha out.

  Not everyone is happy about the Cranky Neocon joining the Six Meat staff. I’m just hoping, that if I really work hard, and start visiting the DimoCrack Underground every day and open my mind to new, more maniacal ideas, that maybe – just maybe – I’ll get promoted from “really horrible” to “generally sucking.” I’ll try harder, I promise.


There’s so much good stuff going on in the news and the greater ‘sphere, and here I am crippled by this damn job. We’ve been so busy here at Six Meat churning out content that we’ve neglected the art of the semi-regular link-drop.

First things, first, it’s HANS WATCH: DAY 50 according to Parrot Check, who is apparently counting. If you’re out there, Hans, check in! Duncan is starting to get me worried about you and your relationship with Hugo Chavez. Come back, Hans Bricks! We miss you. Really. Would it kill you to send an e-mail or leave a comment?

Area 417 has uncovered the Lost Scrolls of the Bill of Rights. They were uncovered right next to the huge crater that was left after the government blew up the New Orleans levees, intentionally flooding the black neighborhoods, leaving the white neighborhoods unscathed.

Dr. Shackleford spent his weekend chainsawing trees in the Katrina damage zone. He’s also got a message to those of us on both the right and the left assigning blame to various parties. Just go read it.

You may or may not have heard the absurd remarks last week by GOP mouthpiece Tom Delay, when he said that there is “simply no fat left to cut” from the Federal budget. After the spending spree those bastards have been on, not only is this comment laughable, he should be driven out of office for being completely fucking deranged.

In response to Delay’s nonsense, Insty and N.Z. Bear have teamed up to encourage the blogosphere to help find the fat in their state and local budgets. There is even a Porkbusters blog out there. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were trying to steal my meat gimmick.

Stop the ACLU has the scoop on memos related to the Roberts nomination that could tie leftist special interest groups to certain Dim-O-Crack members of congress. Unfortunately, if you can find a dead body in the back of a submerged Dim-O-Crack’ Senator’s car, and that’s not enough to nail them, I doubt this will amount to much.

Is anyone else sick-to-death of seeing President Bush 1 and President Clifford’s ugly mugs on television begging for money? It seems like every time something happens, these two team up to repeatedly offend my sensibilities via television and radio. Then President Clifford has to take his temporary opportunity in the media spotlight to take unnecessary shots at President Junior. I was considering taking on Clifford’s comments, but Garfield Dave has already done an excellent job of taking him to the woodshed. Why reinvent the squeaky wheel?

By the way, if you want to give, don’t give to the Bush-Clifford Katrina Fund. That will probably go straight up President Clifford’s nose. Give to the Salvation Army instead.

Feisty is still in Norway and living life on the fjord’s edge. Get home safe, you filthy whore, you.

Now I think I’ll tune out and watch some damn football.


I made the mistake of leaving the TV on ESPN for the Giants/Saints halftime-show where Three Doors Down just performed something they might call a “song”. Just because you’re a band from Southern Mississippi doesn’t give you the right to play maudlin bilge with a lead singer who doesn’t have the gift of pitch or key.

I hereby demand all halftime shows that are not simply a marching band spelling out letters or playing fight songs be prohibited immediately.

Six Quick Friday Afternoon Meats

The Dirty Dozen

So much good stuff out there, so little time. Here’s a dirty dozen of the best stuff I’ve run across over the weekend. Yeah, I’m late on some of it, but give me a damn break.

Link Sausages

First of all Vince Aut Morire has somehow achieved TTLB Playful Primate status. I don’t know what kind of underhanded programming tricks took place, or who was bought off, but this is an OUTRAGE. Vinnie, you will pay. So will all of your filthy filthy guest bloggers. I don’t know how, but you will all pay!

Wuzzadem brings you Burger King: INXS.

Ace takes a look at those “sassy” terrorists.

Michelle Malkin shares the story of the Ebonics as a foreign language revival in San Bernadino, California. Hey, when public school is too tough, just lower the lowest common denominator until everyone gets an A. That will sure help us compete with the rest of the industrialized world.

It’s Garfield Ridge vs. Wonkette – 30 minute time limit, no disqualification. Lumberjack strap match.

More from Chris Short on the Center for Purposeful Living. They are not to be confused with another well-known cult, the Movementarians.

The lovely Sadie shares the tale of a Georgia woman who was recently flooded out of her home due to Hurricane Dennis. Help out if you’re able and so inclined.

John Cole’s sneak peak at the Iraqi Constitution is troubling. (via Protein Wisdom, who also brings us Chucky Schumer’s top 9 alternatives to SCOTUS nominee John Roberts)

There’s much more out there, but I’m freakin’ beat. Thanks go out to Mark for upgrading my WordPress software last night and tweaking this and that. You’ll see a few minor cosmetic changes to the blog over the weekend, but nothing major. I’m too lazy for anything major.

Weekend Buffet Roundup

Weekends are usually slow, but since a bunch of European surrender-Socialists have dropped in while looking for photos of Debra Lafave, I’ve had to stay semi-tuned in. I do that so you don’t have to. You owe me.

Anyway, here are a few golden nuggets from around the sphere recently. At least IMHO.

That’s about it for this link drop. Anyway, I’ve got to get off of here… Cheaters is coming on and I don’t want to miss it.