Political Correctness

Lecturing The Wrong People About Tolerance

Is everyone ready for their annual lecture about how they’ve let Obama down but it’s not too late to repent and quit being so unpatriotic? That Is Not Who We Are(tm) as a country! Those Are Not Our Values (c).

In an effort to check off every possible box on the victim grievance scale, Obama has invited the gay boyfriend of one of the men murdered by the San Bernardino islamic terrorists to sit with the Mooch in the balcony at the State of the Union address. This will not be to rally people against the murderous Muslim ideology. It will not be about demanding a change in the Islamic community to embrace tolerance of other religions and other lifestyles.

It will be to lecture decent Americans, who committed no crime, that it’s not too late to love your neighbor and pass some “common sense” Executive Orders:

Touched by the kindness of Muslim neighbors after his boyfriend was killed in the San Bernardino terrorist attack last month, Ryan Reyes became an unplanned spokesman against religious intolerance.

On Tuesday he’ll take his message to Washington, where he’ll sit in the balcony at the State of the Union address, a guest of President Obama.

For Reyes, it will be a moment with potential for healing — for himself and, he hopes, the country.

“If we ostracize people, they can’t help us,” Reyes said in an interview with The Times. “If we embrace, we can all help each other. I’m hoping this can unify us as a nation.”

If “we ostracize people, they can’t help us” what?

Who is doing the ostracizing?

Muslims attacked a Christmas holiday party. The Muslims are not the victims here. The people they killed are the victims.

But at least now we know why Obama stopped off in San Bernardino for a whole three hours before another luxurious, two-week, multi-million dollar Hawaiian vacation. It wasn’t to console the victims’ families or to promise to shutter and prosecute the mosques that radicalized at least one homegrown terrorist.

It was to pick out a pro-gun control, protected minority status tool to pimp his political agenda.

Rather, in his final national address on the state of the country, the president plans to exhort Americans to embrace an optimistic view of themselves and the nation in 2016 and beyond his presidency.

Part of the message, aides say, is about uniting Americans and working to realize their shared potential.

A) Bullshit. Obama is incapable of letting the smallest occasion pass without interjecting his far Left ideology into it much less a national audience with his political enemies in forced attendance. B) So, in other words, Jimmy Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence” speech.

Then, as mourners gathered for a memorial service a few days after the attack, four bearded men in tunics appeared on the sidewalk, Reyes recalled.

The men were leaders in the local Islamic community. One was a member of the mosque attended by the San Bernardino shooters.

Reyes told them about his relationship with Kaufman. During a quiet conversation on the perimeter of the crowd, he accepted their gifts of flowers and tearful condolences.

“I was so moved,” Reyes said. “They risked their own personal safety to come and pay their respects. It really meant a lot to me.”

So, the fellow mosque members of the murderers came to survey the damage but it is *they* were the ones who “risked their own personal safety”.

They would throw Reyes off the highest building within the hour if the could get away with it. But they risked their lives.

From who exactly? Who is going around killing Muslims in the US so much that they fear for their lives?

So nice recovery, Mr. Reyes. I guess you’ve got to suck somebody else’s dick now. Might as we be that of the people who killed your partner before his body got cold so you can lecture the people who didn’t kill him about tolerance and civility.

That is life and death in Obama Bizarro-world these days.

It’s Not Every Day That You Can Say You Were A Part of History

That’s the title above what was formerly Al Gore’s webcast and what was supposed to be his big night to terrorize and fearmonger the world about non-existent climate change from the Eiffel Tower tonight.

*It’s Not Every Day That You Can Say You Were A Part of History*

and above that “The World Is Watching”

They are aren’t they? But will they have the guts to call what they are seeing out for what it is?

So far, CBS Evening News has assiduously avoided saying the words “Muslim”, “Islamic”, “Islamic Terrorism”, “Radical Islam”, or any descriptions of the attackers who launched coordinated attacks across Paris tonight.

Once again, we can safely assume that Amish motorcycle gangs and roving bands of Catholic nuns in matching bowling shirts are burning Western Civilization to the ground.

Coming to a street in America near you in the immediate future thanks to the Moses of Muslims – one Barack Hussein Al-Obama. And who just took credit and declared “Mission Accomplished” for “containing” ISIS ISIL this morning.

Clearly, some bad apples are trying to give The Religion of Peace ™ a bad rap. Not that the media won’t do everything it can to prevent that from happening.

Current count: Over 60 dead. 140+ dead. Approximately 100 hostages are reportedly being executed one-by-one inside the Bataclan Theatre where the American band “The Eagles of Death Metal” were reportedly six songs in to playing a sold out show.

Al Gore’s feed simply reads that the climate terror feed has been suspended out of respect for something else that is apparently going on. Whatever it is.

Also, that “Our thoughts are with all those who are affected and the entire nation”. Again, for whatever is going on.

Noticeably absent – their “Prayers” since they don’t have any. And “affected” by what exactly?

Currently, 60 people have been permanently affected by at least 7 explosions throughout the entire city as martial law has been declared for the first time since 1944.

Looks like you did get to be a part of history after all whether you want to or not. And not that you’re going to learn anything from it.

Related: Yesterday, The University of Minnesota rejected a measure to have college campuses hold annual 9/11 Remembrances because it violates “safe spaces” and probably causes racism against Islam which isn’t a race.

It’s like they said after 9/11 – Never Forget Remember! Or like Todd Beamer said on Flight 93, “Let‘s Roll It Go!”

No matter how many innocent people Muslims kill, Muslims always seem to be hardest hit after these episodes. Why do bad things always happen to such a peace loving people this way?

Further: St. Vincent’s Paris Is Burning.

The Supreme Court of Sodom and Gomorrah

For what seems like the millionth time in the last 7 years, I’ve never been less proud of my country. Pick a topic. For this exact moment, it is going to be the tyranny of a 5-4 majority of unicorn riding mystics cloaked in psychobabble and schmaltz making up laws, rights, and divining the intentions of legislators as they go along. The con-artists formerly known as The Supreme Court.

The Breitbart reconstituted Ben Shapiro makes Scalia look like My Little Pony:

In the end, Kennedy’s case is simply that to be against same-sex marriage is bigotry: “It demeans gays and lesbians for the State to lock them out of a central institution of the Nation’s society.” With breathtaking arrogance, Kennedy concludes:

The limitation of marriage to opposite-sex couples may long have seemed natural and just, but its inconsistency with the central meaning of the fundamental right to marry is now manifest.

For thousands of years, everybody got it wrong. For hundreds of years, every American state got it wrong. Today, the vast majority of the planet’s population gets it wrong, and so do hundreds of millions of Americans. But their wrongness is “manifest.” Why? Because Kennedy says so.

But he goes even further: he explains that rights emanate not from God or nature, but from the wise oligarchs of the government, who can reinterpret rights as they see fit:

[R]ights come not from ancient sources alone. They rise, too, from a better informed understanding of how constitutional imperatives define a liberty that remains urgent in our own era.

Better understanding by whom? By the government, of course.

The Lead-From-Behind Executive. A Beclowned Congress. The Lawless Judiciary. All know better than the tens of millions of voters who spoke out on this issue across the country. “Goddamn their franchise!!!!”, condemns the self-righteous and godless government.

And as “The Free” Press has determined: There has always been Gay Marriage in Oceania.

The Current Squirrel is trying to ban the confederate flag. Nevermind that the government and courts have seceded from the will of the people under a rainbow flag.

There is no end to the Left’s anti-American agenda unless it is the end of an America that believes it has a right to defend itself. It’s the Communist’s long march through the institutions. Next they’ll come for you in your churches. They already demand to know the contents of your prayers. Your religious thoughts will be hate crimes. Your children will be placed in a foster home if you make the mistake of expressing them in public.

The marauding Left does not allow you to remain silent or neutral so there is no safety in merely not participating in The New Normal. Formerly, the Old Abnormal. The same abnormal opinion on gay marriage that Obama held until 3 years ago. You won’t ratify the new federal holiday celebrating this 5-4 decision. What? You didn’t want a day off from work? Homophobe! Homophobe Alert!!! Check Facebook. Where does he work?!?!?! Perhaps poverty will change your doubleplusungood wrongthink.

Today it’s this and tomorrow it’s that you’re a bad parent because you don’t send six-year old Johnny to school in a mini-skirt and you’re stifling his being able to bloom into full womanhood. Do you really want to live in a world where a father is ashamed to have a conversation with his son about how to use a tampon when he gets his first period?

If you don’t realize where the Gaystapo is going with this, you seriously need to wake the fuck up. Sodom and Gomorrah’s Supreme Court just gave them the green light to buttfuck you in the steeple of your church at high noon on Sunday in front of a cheering crowd of leftovers from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and demand you to say you like it or be crucified by The New Romans.

The NC Gay A

I know there’s a lot of other pressing shit going on but since the NCAA is only concerned with guys pressing their dicks into other people’s shit being able to eat a wedding cake I thought I’d tool around on this topic.

To wit, Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s recent signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that ostensibly allows private business owners to not be forced to violate their faith in the wake of the federal government and their minions in the courts enthusiastically sodomizing businesses into closure for not celebrating the homosexual agenda.

Enter stage left. NCAA President Mark Emmert immediately threatens to take his balls and go to Fire Island or wherever:

The NCAA, which is holding the Final Four men’s basketball tournament in Indianapolis next week, also expressed concerns. NCAA President Mark Emmert said the Indianapolis-based group would examine “how it might affect future events as well as our workforce.”

By all means, please reevaluate where the NCAA’s modern day slavery will play or be based out of in the future. A man who governs a same-sex sports league that demands billions of dollars in television revenue and alumni donations and only provides a half-assed education, if that, to so many student athletes is concerned that his employees aren’t treated fairly at some hypothetical bakery. He sells shirts with unpaid players’ numbers on them, demands that they take a four year vow of poverty, and they don’t get paid a dime. They sustain physical injuries that they carry for the rest of their lives and he could not give a damn.

But this, this is just a Golden Gate Bridge too far. The NCAA may not be able to blackmail the State of Indiana into accepting the recent unholy union of the Gaystapo and the federal government in their celebratory mazel tov as they stomp their matching jackboots on the throats of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Notre Dame, Hobby Lobby, etc. but there are a number of things that are in their control.

For example, how committed are the league’s players to taking it to the hole? I mean I know the NCAA screws their players over regularly but they could easily demand that their players sign a statement affirming their commitment to gay rights before being allowed to play.

A number of them appear to have tattoos of religions that do not condone homosexuality. Those should be removed as they are quite microaggressive.

March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility. Perhaps the men’s teams and the women’s teams can switch uniforms for that day to underscore the NCAA’s commitment to denying both science and Nature. The fact that they haven’t done this yet offends me.

Given that NCAA games can be located in every state of the union, some of which are bound to adopt similar laws to Indiana’s, this is a declaration of war that could start a competing league. Why should a state like Indiana have to continue to provide logistical support to this non-profit association? Does the NCAA build gymnasiums and football stadiums or do the taxpayers of the states that support these laws?

This isn’t a codification of state sponsored discrimination. It is a natural reaction to a federal government that is forcing private citizens to take part in ceremonies against their religious beliefs or be shut down and it is without end. If the federal government can force you to violate your religious beliefs, they can compel you to do anything.

Personally, I don’t think any of these issues are cut and dry. How is this different than a “No shirt, No Shoes, No Service” sign? A bar that says they reserve the right to refuse service to any customer?

Ideally, if someone does not want my business – say a restaurateur who puts a “no guns in my restaurant” sign to discourage concealed carriers – then I just don’t frequent that business. I can’t demand that the federal government sue him into providing private catering services to my NRA function at the gun range. The right to bear arms is a civil rights issue after all. This man, let’s call him Randy Rayburn, does not even have a religious exemption on this issue. His property rights should not supersede my civil rights.

But people can’t just be left alone. The Soup Nazis must be brought before Nuremburg. To proactively protect those who may want to buy a cake from someone who doesn’t want to bake them a cake and who base the decision to buy a cake solely on who doesn’t want to make it for them so they can sue them.

We must be supremely intolerant of the intolerant in the name of tolerance.

Ben Carson Is Gay (Because He Chose To Be)

This is the second overtly gay act committed by Ben Carson by my recollection. To begin, Ben Carson started the week off right with a little chin music to one of the favorite lies the Left tells themselves. Namely, that people are born gay:

The remarks were made on CNN’s “New Day” in response to a question from host Chris Cuomo, who asked if Carson thought being gay was a “choice.”

“Absolutely,” Carson replied.

Asked why, he went on to explain his prison theory. “So did something happen while they were in there?” he said. “Ask yourself that question.”

He continued, invoking his argument against same-sex marriage: “Why do gay people want to get married? Because they want to have various rights,” he told Cuomo. “Property rights, visitation rights … Why can’t any two human beings, I don’t care what their sexual orientation is, why can’t they have the legal right to do those things?”

And then the piano player stopped. It’s not just property rights and visitation rights, the issue is having “special” rights which is ultimately what Carson said. Defining a lifestyle choice as a protected status like age, race, religion, or gender gives a personal choice the same legal protection that those who have been historically discriminated against solely on the basis of their appearance. I’m a little iffy on the religious one in that regard unless you’re wearing a yarmulke, a cross necklace, ash on your forehead, a hijab, or some other religiously identifying attire or accessory but obviously if you want time off from work to celebrate a religious holiday then it becomes quite apparent.

No one can just look at you and tell you’re gay – thus the prejudice. They can discriminate against you for a host of other reasons that are completely legal. Such as being, short, fat, ugly, a slob, a pink mohawk, offensive to the nose, they remind you of an ex, a jacked up grill or a host of other physical attributes that are all perfectly legal for you to be discriminated against.

An attack on this issue is an attack on a founding tenet of the Left. And once you go down that road, you either need to say something you have no intention of apologizing for or not say it:

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson apologized for commenting Wednesday that prisoners’ changes after they leave jail proves being gay is a choice, but said that the science is still murky on the issue.

And then, in a radio appearance later Wednesday, he criticized CNN for airing the comments he’d made in an interview and said he won’t be addressing gay rights issues for the duration of his presidential campaign.

He backtracked in a statement afterward, saying he “realized that my choice of language does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues.”

Gay heart reflections aside, Carson said what he meant. His backpedaling is only because he mistakenly thought no one was watching CNN which is understandable. But like his previous cowering from a college graduation speech, which was over gay marriage too (in March of 2013), because of the hue and cry of those that shall not be offended, Carson picked the fight and then tucks tail and runs.

You can be heterosexually oriented and be abstinent. Or monogamous. Or polygamous. You can be bisexual and screw anything that moves. You can choose to deny science and pretend you’re another gender. Or, you can choose to be homosexual and have sex or not. But at the root of all of them is a choice. You may choose one because you feel society thinks that’s how you’re supposed to be or not. And you want to have some special protection if you feel you’re in the minority in that regard but you shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t define yourself as a human being by what you stick up your ass or someone else’s. Or whose genitals you stick in your mouth. You’ve really lowered the standard for what a human being is if that is the sole determining baseline for your existence. Or your race. Or your gender. If that is all you are, then you are not much of anything.

Having said this, Carson did not make that argument. He is not a suitable candidate for elected office and people need to quit running his flag up the pole to see who salutes it. For a neurosurgeon, he stumbles over his words as much as Hillary Clinton tripped over her old dick when her non-State Department she-mail came to light.

Let him oversee healthcare issues but he is not a politician and needs to stay that way.

Exit Bumper: The Lemonheads, “Big Gay Heart“. That one goes out to you, Ben Gay.

Jester, Jester Truth Molester

The NY Post has an outstanding piece by Kyle Smith pissing on the media parade for Jon Stewart’s not-a-moment-too-soon exit from the Daily Show:

Stewart is a journalist: an irresponsible and unprofessional one.

He is especially beloved by others in the journo game. (For every 100 viewers, he generated about 10 fawning profiles in the slicks, all of them saying the same thing: The jester tells the truth!).

Any standard liberal publication was as likely to contain an unflattering thought about Stewart as L’Osservatore Romano is to run a hit piece on the pope.

The hacks have a special love for Stewart because he’s their id. They don’t just think he’s funny, they thrill to his every sarcastic quip. They wish they could get away with being so one-sided, snarky and dismissive.

And that couldn’t be more true. Though, in fairness, CNN and MSNBC have ritually hoisted the pole and populate the three ring Old Media circus with lesser bozos like Don Lemon, Ashleigh Banfield, Piers Morgan, Ronan Farrow to unintended comedic effect.

Back to Stewart, there is no greater dissembling of his clown shoes and red rubber nose than this Bill Whittle take down of his assertion that the atom bomb did not need to be dropped on Japan to end World War II. If you watch anything today let it be that. Whittle should have done the humanitarian thing and dropped leaflets over Comedy Central before laying waste to Stewart’s sanctimonious misinformation in an attempt to cast a U.S. victory in WWII as being based on a war crime. It should be mandatory viewing in any journalism class, US history class, and tattooed on Stewart’s tombstone when he chokes to death on his lack of success in a post-Daily Show world.

Brian Williams has become a joke for telling lies, but Jon Stewart is a liar for the way he told jokes.

The ATF is going to have to investigate Kyle Smith for dropping all that Kaboom without a federal license.

Courting Controversy

I am utterly baffled by what gets people happy these days.  Why should liberals be excited that the same 5-4 margin of victory as Citizens United just went the other way in favor forcing businesses, churches, religious-based hospitals and people who have voted overwhelmingly the other way to accept gay marriage?  Oh, for Citizens United it’s wrong.  But for this it’s right.  Striking down part of the Voting Rights Act is wrong.  But this is right.

It’s always right when it’s something you want and it’s always wrong when it’s something you don’t.  Some consistency would be nice.

Let’s just get something out of the way – I do not believe that being gay should be a protected status.  It is a lifestyle choice.  Just like being straight.  Just like using drugs.  Just like wearing a pink mohawk and a leather jacket.  People get judged for lifestyle choices.  By their families, friends and employers.  Whether or not you feel you are born that way and how you choose to live your life is a personal choice.  Embrace the personal responsibility for how you have chosen to live your life.  That’s not a judgment against it.

Presumably, you are a person.  Presumably, one rich in spirit and capable of many thoughts and feelings above those of primates.  I myself am an amalgam of a wide-ranging and sometimes contradictory set of personal beliefs and actions.  However, I would never seek to only define and identify myself but what I prefer to stick in my asshole, mouth or what genital I prefer to lick.

To define yourself solely based on your sexual behavior is a perversion whether you are homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or asexual.

I don’t fully know what to think about the Supreme Court rulings today.  My personal belief is that government has no right regulating marriage – period.  The only way conservatives can preserve marriage is to have the federal government end giving tax credits, incentives, etc. to one group of people and not to another.  Otherwise, Big Government with it’s all crushingly clumsy boots are going to step all over your steeple.

Everyone can still get married in their church.  If your church recognizes same-sex marriage well good for you.  But everyone should enter a civil union if they want the state or federal government to recognize legal implications from your religious ceremony and eventually there will be standardized nomenclature for asset distribution and in the event of death or marital dissolution.  It can automatically renew based on a negotiated timeline with an auto-renew clause unless notified in writing 90 days in advance.

I know.  I’m a romantic.  But tax credits and government incentives are what have given the government the wink and nod to jam the tips of their gangbanging 5-4 Supreme Court strap-ons into the tender orifices of the historical institution of marriage and the only way to preserve it is to quit taking their welfare.

Exit question:  So, the historically anti-samesex marriage Obama can call up gay activists congratulating them on a judicial victory like they just won the Super Bowl with a sense of urgency he doesn’t reserve for his Ambassador in Benghazi crying for help as he’s being raped in the streets and murdered?

Priorities, people.  Priorities.

I Blame Bush Hog


Secretary of Homeland Sexpottery, Janet “Bush Hog” Incompetano

 This whole story just smells fishy to me:

Looks like the Department of Homeland Security could be renamed the Department of Hyper Sexuality.

A blistering federal discrimination suit accuses agency honcho Janet Napolitano of turning the department into a female-run “frat house” where male staffers were banished to the bathrooms and routinely humiliated.

James Hayes Jr., who now is New York’s top Homeland Security cop, claims Napolitano filled top spots in Washington, D.C., with two of her gal pals who were bent on tormenting male employees.

The suit identified them as Dora Schriro, who is now running the city Department of Correction, and Suzanne Barr, the chief of staff for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

I’d say to throw this incompetent clamlapper in jail but that would only be giving her the chance to live out her Caged Heat fantasy.
Perhaps giving her a beanbag gun and setting her on border patrol duty for the next four years would help her to re-evaluate her “Safer Than We’ve Ever Been” stance.  That and the lifetime ban from Melissa Etheridge concerts.

Barr “moved the entire contents of the offices of three employees, including name plates, computers and telephones, to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters,” the suit says.

Barr also stole a male staffer’s BlackBerry and fired off a message to his female supervisor indicating that he “had a crush on [her] and fantasized about her,” Hayes claims.

Sometimes, Barr took a more direct approach. In one case, she called a male colleague in his hotel room and screamed at him using sexually humiliating language, the suit says.

Hayes claims that after he reported the abuse to the Equal Employment Opportunity office, Napolitano launched a series of misconduct investigations against him.

When Obama is evicted from his federally subsidized housing in November, all of Homeland Security and the Justice Department are going to need to be taped off like the crime scenes they are.

Santorum Finally Drops Trou And Waves His Raging Social Conservatism In Our Faces

And isn’t that what the public is clamoring for?  A nosey, self-righteous, decidedly anti-libertarian prig longing to usurp the mantle of the Meese Commission while our country teeters on the brink of economic collapse?

Stacey McCain is the only kind of McCain I like but this excited defense of Santorum’s snooping streak doesn’t help anyone:

Yes, this is what Santorum says in a statement, one of about two dozen issue-oriented statements on the “Where I Stand” page of his campaign’s Web site. The statement is clear: Santorum wants to enforce laws that the Obama Administration has refused to enforce.

Would you like me to be more specific — because I could, y’know — about some of the clearly illegal obscenity now available online? Perhaps Jedediah Bila or Judson Phillips should contact former Attorney General Ed Meese or former Justice Department official Mark Levin and ask them about this subject. Because I’m reasonably sure that a whole lot of things now available online are, in fact, illegal.

Do we really need to re-fight what prurient community interest standards again?  These aren’t the old days where that shady shop with the tinted windows and neon lights needed to be harangued into the shitty part of town so all the rich people could drive 20 miles out of their way to buy a skin mag and protect their property values.

You pick your battles. While the decline of Western Civilization can be easily accessed by anyone with a $15 internet connection and a curiosity for just how many thick cuts of manmeat some young, sexually empowered feminist can plug into her adventurous pooter at one time, it takes someone as self-righteous as Santorum to decide he wants to play King Pyhrrus and electively fight his way to the top of that sweaty pile of fun flesh to count them on the public dime.

For the children no doubt.  The little lambs shepherded to safety by the self-anointed Smut Smasher.

Like investigating steroids in baseball, Congress should spend the first six months of the Santorum presidency *shudder* hanging out at strip clubs  watching reel after reel at Xhamster and Youporn to determine how many dicks is too many in a gangbang.  And how many are just right for Goldilock’s gash.

How can I put this politely? Ah! Let’s try this: What you want to do with that baseball bat in the privacy of your own home is strictly up to you, but the video is illegal obscenity.

Did that help clarify the issue somewhat?

Remember that Rick Santorum has a law degree and spent 16 years in Congress drafting legislation. He knows the law, and he knows the Constitution, and he knows doggone well that the First Amendment wasn’t intended to protect the kind of filth that’s on the Web nowadays.

So, yes, Santorum promised “vigorous” enforcement to shut down operators who are profiting from commerce in illegal obscenity, and you may agree or disagree with that. But this isn’t an issue that Santorum raised during a stump speech yesterday or that is the subject of his newest campaign ad.

No one’s asked him recently.  Ask him now.  See how far he wants to take it.  I’m guessing to third base on the first interview.

So Santorum would not have an issue with a crowdsourced pornography site where users submitted their own videos and weren’t paid for them.  Because the commerce from perceived illegal obscenity is what gives rise to government investigation?  This veers into Tipper Gore parental advisory sticker territory.  What starts out as wanting to protect little Suzie and Bobby from ever stumbling onto Max Hardcore’s oeuvre (NSFW) quickly devolves into an inquisition of Dee Snider as to why he wants to rock and/or whether or not he will be able to take it (short answer:  No, he ain’t gonna take it.)

Filth is in the eye of the beholder and I think everyone knows that Santorum would see filth as masturbation, premarital sex and non-procreative marital sex to music from anyone other than Pat Boone.  Every time you enter the Missus, you needed to be aiming for baby.

Not to conflate the issues as to whether the Establishment Republicans have the fix in against Santorum – they do.  And Gingrich.  And Paul.   The unholy pentagram of Drudge, Ann Coulter, Mitt Romney, National Review and Barbara Bush have all bathed in the blood of goat sacrifice while listening to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Suicide Solution” to ensure that no one but Romney gets to wear the horns and carry the pitchfork at the Republican convention.

Are the attacks on Santorum coordinated by the Establishment?  Almost certainly.

Are the assertions true that Santorum would use the presidency to enforce his brand of Big Government “I know what’s best for your personal / spiritual life” social conservatism?  Definitely.

From Santorum’s website:

Enforcing Laws Against Illegal Pornography

America is suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography.  A wealth of research is now available demonstrating that pornography causes profound brain changes in both children and adults, resulting in widespread negative consequences. Addiction to pornography is now common for adults and even for some children. The average age of first exposure to hard-core, Internet pornography is now 11. Pornography is toxic to marriages and relationships. It contributes to misogyny and violence against women.  It is a contributing factor to prostitution and sex trafficking.

Every family must now be concerned about the harm from pornography. As a parent, I am concerned about the widespread distribution of illegal obscene pornography and its profound effects on our culture.

Pornography, not illegal pornography mind you, just plain-assed pornography – it’s ruining marriages and causes brain damage.  The science is settled!  This isn’t about “obscenity”.  This is about Rick Santorum deciding that pornography period is not good for anyone and by gum he’s going to nip this in the bud.

I don’t know how many holes a bud has but, gee willikers, Santorum is more than ready to shove the hard cock of big government into as many of them are necessary to fuck the freedom out of the first amendment and get us all holding hands and smooching on the couch in between Family Feud and when we go to bed at a decent hour.


Stay Classy, Progs

So, in today’s leftist media culture, you’re not allowed to call a slut a slut, but you’re free to mock tornado victims as “greasy spots” on the highway getting smashed by their “God”. Thank goodness there’s no double-standard in the media or these loving leftists might get really nasty one day.

It’s hard not to wish ill upon a sick, diseased soul such as this, but I shall try to refrain. (or at least I’ll refrain from typing it)

UPDATE: Apparently this guy gets off on trying to make a name for himself via making “shocking” statements. Here he is celebrating Andrew Breitbart’s death. I guess this is how the talentless try to get attention.

EqualityPlus Fails The Crash Test

Like the Costa Concordia, I’ve been struck and sinking under the commentary about the men aboard that certain floating buffet of finger foods and all inclusive liquor who abdicated their time honored duty of protecting Women and Children First.

Was this ship a time machine?  Are we in the 19th century?

It seems like gender war and imagined parity is the order of the day until you’re waist deep in the drink. Then it’s “Save me!  Save me!  Women and children first!”

That’s not just water around your waist.  That’s equality creeping up on you.  Cold isn’t it?

Is it everything you hoped it would be?  Is it worth an extra  23 cents on the dollar to know that the stranger next to you is going to, at peril to themselves, throw you over their shoulder and carry you to safety because you ovulate half of your life?

Call it The Knight Fee.  The Chivalry Tax.  Includes free door openings and roadside assistance.

I’m just saying.  Everyone needs to pay their Fair Share ™.

Disclaimer:  Author fully endorses Women and Children First Policy.  Theses views are the author’s alone and do not represent the official policy of those of SixMeatBuffet.com, Six Meat Buffet, LLC, Seis Carne, S.A. de C.V. or our parent company DynoGlobal Chemcorp Heavy Industries.

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Where’s Their Messiah Now?

Don’t tell Peggy the Moocher though, I’m sure she’s still down at the payday loan office trying to figure out why Barack didn’t pay her mortgage and fill up her car for her.

Certainly, thinking such a thing is the height of cluelessness in the first place. However, the black middle class, which grew and prospered over the last decade has been (*gasp*) hit hardest by their jug-eared hero’s anti-capitalist economic policies.

In 2004, the median net worth of white households was $134,280, compared with $13,450 for black households, according to an analysis of Federal Reserve data by the Economic Policy Institute. By 2009, the median net worth for white households had fallen 24 percent to $97,860; the median net worth for black households had fallen 83 percent to $2,170, according to the institute.

Austin described the wealth gap this way: “In 2009, for every dollar of wealth the average white household had, black households only had two cents.”

Here’s the problem with the wealth-redistributionists — well, there’s more than one, but we’ll start here. These class warriors live in a world of Marxist economic theory that has, as its primary objective, to punish the achievers in the top tax brackets and bring them down. To them, having a rising tide that lifts all boats is somehow unfair to the smaller boats, even as they’re now able to get new gold-plated hardware to replace the rusted-out metal junk and new pine-scented air-fresheners to hang from the bridge’s rear-view mirror.

These jealousy-ridden lunatics only see the disparity between the white and black median household incomes, when they should really be horrified at the catastrophic drop that both demographics have suffered under the boot of the Obama/Soros/Geithner/Bernanke Crime Family.

But that would be too logical. If these race-baiters had any common-sense, they wouldn’t spend their lives race-baiting.

Wiley said Obama should be applauded for several initiatives that have helped the black middle class, such as programs to modify certain mortgages and prevent foreclosure because of job loss. But she would like Obama to aggressively counter the suggestion that first black president would be showing favoritism if he specifically helped black people.

“It’s the right thing to do for the nation,” she said. “Black people are a huge segment of the population, they’re especially hard-hit, and the country cannot recover if the black community — as well as the white community and others — does not recover.”

Actually, ma’am, they are still between 12-13% of the population according to the 2010 Acorn Census, which doesn’t exactly qualify as “huge”, despite their over-representation in the left-leaning media and entertainment industries.

For all those guilt-ridden white liberals out there who thought that voting in the first black president (well, technically, the second) would get you off the hook, think again. The class-warfare, race-obsessed media and political classes will never let it go. You could paint the House and Senate black and you’d still have the same tedious meme to wade through anytime you picked up a newspaper.

For an easier-to-understand, USA Today-style look at the problem, Cranky can help you out.

The Phoenix Suns: World Champions (Of Grievance Group Politics)

If you’ll recall last season, the Phoenix Suns went out of their way to cry like babies about Arizona’s “controversial” immigration bill. The reality is that the bill only sought to enforce laws that are already on the Federal books, but bothersome facts like that are irrelevant when there is political hay to be made by drooling idiots.

Now El Presidente de Los Suns has come out of the closet, because it’s not enough to have cornered the black and hispanic markets.

Phoenix Suns president and CEO Rick Welts, in an effort to breach what he sees as the tiptoed-around topic of homosexuality in men’s team sports, recently met with friends, associates and a newspaper reporter to reveal he is gay.

Welts, believed to be the first man in a prominent position in men’s sports who has declared his homosexuality, says he wants to now mentor other gay people who seek to pursue a career in sports, according to The New York Times.

Such a show of bravery is remarkable, considering the anti-gay slant of both the mainstream sports and entertainment industries. Oh wait….

The 58-year-old Welts, who began his career as a ball boy for the Seattle SuperSonics, spent several years with Stern in the league office.

Okay, that one was just for fun.

“I’m happy for Rick because I think it takes a ton of weight off his shoulders,” Gentry added. “I’m glad for him because it puts him in a more relaxed state. Do I look at him any differently or judge him any differently? Not in a million years. I’ve dealt with Rick for the last seven years and he’s a great CEO and a great person.”

I am glad that it’s a weight off his shoulders. I know how important it is for me to let the world know what I do with my genitals. Perhaps one day, I’ll let the media in on my own bizarre practices so I can join Rick’s elite, yet somehow crowded, club.

The Pot Calling The Kettle Fat

I’m pretty sure I prefer Pacman Jones’ way of “making it rain” to this one:

Wouldn’t you know it?  Right after I waxed my car.

/Because of The Optics ™!

THAT’S RAAAACIST-WATCH: Nicholas Kristof, from the editorial pages of the NYT, declares that we now live in a Banana Republic.  Poor form, Nicky.  Poor form.  We know what you meant you racist, bananaphobic bastard.

The Obama Anti-Terrorism Plan Works Like A Charm Again!

It’s like the climax getaway scene in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry where Vic Morrow (though not half-black or wearing a safety helmet)  is chasing after Peter Fonda and Susan George (two white, non-Muslims I might add) and he can’t quite nab them but he gets so inside of their heads that they screw themselves up.

That’s O’bama’s Luck of the Irish.   The Man In Command.  And this is going to make you feel so much better about airport security.

Two men taken off a Chicago-to-Amsterdam United Airlines flight in the Netherlands have been charged by Dutch police with “preparation of a terrorist attack,” U.S. law enforcement officials tell ABC News.

U.S. officials said the two appeared to be travelling with what were termed “mock bombs” in their luggage. “This was almost certainly a dry run, a test,” said one senior law enforcement official.

Not to worry, not to worry.  Both men only made it through two U.S. airports in Chicago and Birmingham, allowed to board both planes with mock bombs, multiple cellphones, large knives, box cutters and thousands in cash and they were still allowed to fly to Amsterdam.  I feel better already about this TSA agent fisting my prostate and having to wear pajamas and slippers to the airport while getting strip searched alongside some nuns from Dubuque and a kid with asthma in a wheelchair.

Meanwhile, Jethro the Security Guard is allowed to use the body scanner to take naked pictures of you and your kids and send them to his home e-mail account to jerk to and share with his friends later.

Though ABC News fails to identify the particular religious affiliation of these as yet Innocent Until Proven Guilty* ™ suspects,  Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezem al Murisi, they did mention that one is from Yemen which is widely known for its militant, rightwing teabagger Christianist population.

Because you see, we can jump to conclusions about some people and not others.

As we’ve seen with the Kentucky Census Worker case, you can blame limited government conservatives and accuse them of murder, try and convict them with zero evidence.  And never issue a correction.

You can be a leftwing Talking Points Memo blogger and firebomb and Democrat’s campaign office and they’ll blame Tea Partiers.

Or, you can be a lifelong Democrat who calls yourself a Tea Partier and makes a bunch of racist comments to smear them buy association.  It’s not like Professional Journalists with layers of fact-checkers are ever going to investigate who you are before they smear conservatives with their false narratives.

So when a fire mysteriously starts at a jihad training camp and the national media immediately jumps to the conclusion that some Constitution-loving, Patriotard has been stoking his anger after a long night of banging his head to Lee Greenwood and tracing his trigger finger around his leatherbound Glenn Beck transcripts that you’re going to have to excuse me for being a bit skeptical that a movement so paranoid about people making it look like a bunch of hillbilly racists would so easily play into the enemy’s hands when their enemies have such a history of planting the evidence on them.

Just because you’re comfortable with you bicyc-uality doesn’t mean I am.

Who’s up for another vacation?!?

Unintentional Irony From The Desk Of Martin Luther Bling, Jr.

al-Sharpton, without a hint of irony or expectation of being asked a follow-up question, commented on not being provoked:

“Trouble today? Ain’t no trouble today. We wouldn’t disgrace this day by allowing you to provoke us.

That certainly explains your counter-protest.

Extreme Makeover: Leftwing Bigot Edition

The seven “diamond merchants”  burned to death as result of Sharpton inciting a racist riot at Freddie’s Fashion Mart and murdered rabbinical student Yankel Rosenbaum stabbed to death at the prompting of a Sharpton inspired mob shouting “Kill the Jews” are still unavailable for comment.

We know how Sharpton hates being provoked.  He also hates painting people with a broad brush.  Profiting from crimes he’s responsible for?  He’s pretty cool with that.

It’s amazing that this disgraced, racebaiting terrorist still gets not only a press pass for current comments but one from recent history as well. 1995 was not that long ago.  Especially for a Democrat candidate for President.

Bonus Question: Between al-Sharpton and Obama, who gets to be the moderate?  Sharpton likes his Jews killed through attrition and close enough that he can hear the screams.  Obama wants the entire state of Israel destroyed at once from afar and preferably with zero emissions so as not to pollute the environment.  Discuss.

Nashville Necropolis!

Day 7 – Obama Imitates Me Imitating Obama Being a Lazy Ass, Disrespectful Mofo Completely Unsuited For His Title.

Of course, when I posted the Day 5 Update making fun of Teh Won’s proclivity to find a way to play golf when he should be doing anything else there was always a kernel of truth in the jibe.

Suffice it to say, I was merely showcasing my legendary clairvoyance:

Obama plays golf while wife speaks in Arkansas

By The Associated Press

Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 12:50 p.m.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is playing golf while his wife, Michelle, delivers a college commencement speech in Pine Bluff, Ark.

The president watched his daughter Malia play soccer Saturday before heading to the Fort Belvoir course to play golf.

If I were a Democrat in Nashville I would be a bit put off by the snub.  But that’s just me.  I have pride and self-respect.  Your mileage may vary.

Day 5 -  Waffler-In-Chief Update: When asked to respond on the status of federal efforts to the billions in damage due to the Tennessee floods, Joe Cool (aka “Mr. Wonderful Hussein Obama”) took a break from a round of golf to do his job, “Listen you filthy crackers, I just lost a Titleist to the water hazard on a Par 4 AND I haven’t even had my waffle today so don’t imply that I don’t know about hardship.   We’ve been there since Day 1.*

Newbusters notes the anemic attention.

It is being reported that Nashville flood victims have begun eating each other and raping babies on the feces-strewn floor of Bridgestone Arena. My hands tremble as I write this.

Dramatic Re-enactment as verified by Randall Robinson.

After initial reports of explosions that rocked the J. Percy Priest dam had been confirmed, investigators were fired upon by black helicopters as they attempted to survey the extent of the damage. Was it an underwater scuba explosives team? Who can say? All who attempted to find the truth were murdered in cold blood and have been stacked up and used for kindling in the parking lot of the Stewart’s Ferry Pike Cracker Barrel.

The West End P.F. Chang’s rivals Pol Pot’s Killing Fields as the littered bones of the damned tinkle and clink throughout the dining room floor in a near genocidal concerto.

Though widespread looting has become the norm, even the most crestfallen native wept in horror as the police department commandeered vehicles at Crest-Hummer-Cadillac on Rosa Parks Blvd., abandoned the citizenry and waited the storm out at the Harrah’s Metropolis while gambling with money stolen from the pockets of the dead.

When reached for comment three days after the flood, FEMA underling  W. Craig Fugate fumed, “Hold your brewed water you fucking teabagging faggots.  We’ll get there when we get there.  Don’t think we weren’t keeping score, brother.”

Despite the large African-American population in Nashville, their skin color has been of little help in ameliorating the media blackout that has been transfixed on an alleged bomber, one Pakistani Tea Partier who failed to cause even a single papercut  in New York because authorities were clearly in control of the situation at all times thanks to good ole fashioned police work.

Thousands are still waiting on their roofs at this very moment for a glimpse of Sean Penn to rescue them from the swelling rivers they inherited from the Bush administration.

The Shoney’s in Bellevue may still be underwater but you can get all your Nashville Flood news updates from Six Meat Buffet as it is invented.

DAY 4!!! – w00t! We’re up to 373 Google News hits on “Obama Tennessee Flood”

Heckuva Job, Barry.

Brave Athletes Speak Out Against Babies

Athletes Sean James and Al Joyner have gotten together to make an ad promoting the grinding up and subsequent throwing-in-the-dumpster of unborn babies.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But don’t worry about it, I’ve never heard of them either. But no matter, they are on the politically correct side of this issue, so they will be hailed as heroes.

Not-so-ironically, these black athletes are either ignorant of or supportive of the genocidal abortion rates in the black community. It would be nice if they would come out and confirm one or the other. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the former.

And who is behind this ad? Your loving friends at Planned Parenthood, where every child is a potential abortion. Especially those annoying black babies.

We must also remember that Margaret Sanger’s motivation for founding Planned Parenthood was to help rid society of those less desireable races.

But don’t bother these two brilliant athletes with these inconvenient truths. They probably couldn’t process it anyway.

Abortion is the holy sacrament of the left. It always has been, it always will be.

Obama’s “Leave No Child’s Behind” Czar

This is just disgusting but is hardly a shock considering that your President was raised by a sexual deviant.

Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings was the founder, and for many years, Executive Director of an organization called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). GLSEN started essentially as Jennings’ personal project and grew to become the culmination of his life’s work. And he was chosen by President Obama to be the nation’s Safe Schools Czar primarily because he had founded and led GLSEN (scroll for bio).

I’m not going to re-post the excerpts from the stories that Ped-O-bama’s  “Safe Schools” Czar has suggested for your kids to read in that public school they force them into that this gay radical is now in charge of.  Check it out for yourself.  It’s like the Yellow Pages for Pedos.  Reacharound and touch someone.

The books his group recommends for 5 year old’s to 10 year old’s aren’t nearly as veiled as you might think. The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, Marvin Redpost:  Is He A Girl? , and who could forget that timeless fable Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming To Visit!

There are dozens more.  Of course, you can see Obama reading Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming To Visit when the plane hits the tower not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Unless you happen to be the parent of a kid in that classroom who doesn’t think it’s the job of your 22 year old graduate teaching assistant to lecture your son or daughter on the virtues of rock hard tranny cock.

A far cry from the people who want to ban Huck Finn or Lord of the Flies.

So this is the Gay Agenda I’ve always heard about in your K-6 classroom.

This is way worse than Van Jones.  “Safe Schools” Czar, indeed.  Safe for NAMBLA.

And once again begs the question, “Does this dumbo-earred mofo know anybody who isn’t a frickin’ whackjob?”

It’s a subject open for debate as to what role schools should play in educating young adults about aspects of sexuality but if people actually knew what Obama’s appointee would like for your kids to be exposed to then there would be a full-scale riot.

Truth be told, I’m pretty open on the subject of gay adoption and couldn’t really care less about gay marriage but this is so far out of bounds that it demands immediate Congressional hearings.  There is no way this guy got appointed without them knowing where he came from or what he was about.

No NAMBLA members left behind

Change that you can deceive in.  Hope you aren’t paying attention.