Mexican Standoffish

Testy tyrant President Oblameless got to give a dress rehearsal of his The American President speech this afternoon in the Rose Garden.  It’s not the first time we’ve seen it.  After wiping his ass on the Constitution in front of the White House Stenography Pool, one brave reporter had the temerity to ask him a question in a stunning breach of lickspittle subservience etiquette that was adopted and strictly enforced immediately following the Peeved Prez’s Immaculation.

Apparently asking a question is now considered “heckling”.  It’s also very unpatriotic to yell out a question to the President before he can make his patented Coward’s Exit after announcing the abdication of his responsibility to protect this country in order to make a desperate election year pander to Hispanics or something.

Spitting in the faces of millions of unemployed Americans?  Ok.

Spitting in the faces of those all of the world taking the legal path to citizenship?  Ok.

Laying out the welcome mat for every Mexican felon to get a fresh start in the U.S. if they can get here in the next four months?  Ok.

But asking a question while Oblah,blah filibusters his own press conference before dashing away from the cameras is what’s unpatriotic.

The alleged “standards” for Obamnesty are as follows:

came to the United States under the age of sixteen;
has continuously resided in the United States for a least five years preceding the date of this memorandum and is present in the United States on the date ofthis memorandum;
is currently in school, has graduated from high school, has obtained a general education development certificate, or is an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or Armed Forces ofthe United States;
has not been convicted of a felony offense, a significant misdemeanor offense, multiple misdemeanor offenses, or otherwise poses a threat to national security or public safety; and
is not above the age of thirty.

Umm, how do you know the age of someone when they are – by definition – undocumented?

We’re going to profile  and discriminate against them by age.  Is that correct?

How do you know someone came before the age of 16 when there is no record?  You don’t.

What’s a successful student?  One who attends.

What stops any 30 year old in Mexico from running across the border tonight and claiming they’ve been here for the last five years or since they were a child?  Nothing at all.

The fact that they may not have been convicted in the U.S. doesn’t erase their criminal history in their native country.  The rapist, the murderer, the cartel member. If I ran a Mexican prison I would load every felon and insane crazy person on a bus and drop them off on the border tonight like a modern day Mariel Boatlift.

Granting Amnesty is “fair and right” but the discretionary enforcement by ICE and Homeland Security will be used to prosecute older illegals because of their age?  I’m sorry but I just don’t buy that particular line of bullshit.

This is Amnesty for everyone in this country regardless of whether they are from Mexico, Yemen or China.  Plain and simple.  Get here, shit out a kid and sign up for your free Obamacare Medical Card and map to the welfare office.  Followed shortly by your union card and directions to the voting booth.

You’re an American college student paying an exorbitant out-of-state tuition?  Tough shit, home slice.  That illegal alien is now going to get a cheaper college education than you.

You’ve been on unemployment for two years because you can’t find a job?  Congratulations.  I’d like to introduce you to  800,000 several million of your new competitors.

This is the death of Democracy.  When the will of the people is thwarted by a President who knows he is going to lose so he pours gas on whatever fire is in front of him.

Thank you Daily Caller for doing what every other news organization in this country is failing to do.  Thank you for coming down on Obama harder than Romney is going to do along with his VP Marco “Jose Biden” Rubio.

Our only hope at this point is for Congress to request a special review by the Supreme Court and for the southern Governors bordering Mexico to shoot or arrest everyone entering their state by illegal means for the next 5 months.

Your traitor President has stabbed every American in the back and invited a crime wave that will be felt for years if it is not challenged vigorously and immediately.

Unfortunately for us all, too many Republicans just breathed a sigh of relief that Obama did in an afternoon what they’ve been afraid to do for years.

EXIT QUESTION:  Isn’t it just another great coincidence, not unlike the Washington Post running their “Romney bullies homos from 50 years ago at the same time Obama evolves on gay marriage”, that Time Magazine’s cover story yesterday is about a bunch of illegal aliens standing up and saying that they are not afraid of being deported.

No collusion at all from The White House and the media.  Just another coincidence I’m sure!

The Timely Meditations of John Derbyshire

4/12 Update:  Derby Badger don’t care what you think and isn’t apologizing.  So n’yah.

Eric Holder infamously said, I’m paraphrasing here, that we’re a nation of cowards because we will not discuss race in this country.  After the John Derbyshire pogrom conducted this weekend, who can blame us?  He wanted to start a conversation in Taki Mag and what resulted was the usual reflexive cries of racism from the Left and the completely predictable rush to distance themselves from the hint of controversy from the Establishment Right.

So the stain of having Derbyshire work for NRO for all of these years is wiped away by his Shirley Sherrod-esque termination?  Vox Day was right.  This was a true profile in courage by the NRO crowd in between their apple-tinis. It’s like NRO is edited by a legion of David Frums.

In the piece, Derbyshire (whom I only ever previously read his “Impromptus” column at NRO  correction:  I never read Derbyshire – ed.) proposes a fictitious “talk” that white parents should have with their children about and around the “complexities” shall we say in dealing with blacks in this country.  Oh, you have “a talk”???  What a coincidence!  We have a talk as well.  Not terribly unlike the “talk” blacks have been having with their children about how everybody and the system conspires against them.  Which is worse?  Rather, which is least socially acceptable?

We have our answer.  Goose, gander, sauce, et. al?  Not quite.  One is celebrated as an unfortunate necessity and rite of passage in the New York Times and the other is heresy and professional suicide though in many ways they are both rooted in the same self-preservational prejudices.

Does no one remember Je$$e Jackson’s old comment about how, at his age, he feels relief to discover that it’s a white person walking behind him down the street rather than a black person?  Obviously a self-hating racist.

This is certainly not an endorsement of everything in Derbyshire’s column which I would label as intentionally provocative and many portions that I do not agree with at all but as long as everyone is having “the talk” let’s agree that there are two sides to that conversation.  Blacks have a reason to fear the police.  We all do.   No one cares when police abuse white people though.

Oh poor, pitiful white person.  Are those police abusing your rights?  Here.  Let’s sit down with Oprah and talk about how bad whites have it in this country.  That’s how that conversation would go should anyone pursue it.  Which they won’t.

On the other hand, Derb engaged the statistical side of where the real victims are in terms of racial violence in this country.  Whether you’re yellow, white, black, beige or magenta – you are more likely to be victimized by someone who looks just like you the majority of the time.  The myth of white on black violence pales to the reality of black on white violence as everyone saw in the Christian-Newsome murders which did not warrant even a fraction of the attention of the Trayvon Martin case despite being two torture murders over the course of days with a level of cruelty reserved for a snuff film at the hands of subhuman filth that are now getting a new trial because the judge was a pillhead.  Where’s Je$$e and Al and Ben Jealous for this one?

Derbyshire laid his prejudices out on the table as an open invitation to a discussion.  Not seeking converts or acceptance.   If this nation is a country of cowards because we won’t talk about race, Derbyshire’s firing is evidence that it’s not because we won’t talk about race but that we can’t because the politically correct powers that be come after your job first and an honest discussion of the issues never.

Somehow, Derb didn’t think to put that point on his list.

Meanwhile, Al Sharpton was invited to White House for Easter today.  Because provocative, potentially racist opinions are not tolerated in polite society in this day and age.

How Much Political Mileage Can You Get Out of a Dead 17 Year Old?

Because evidently dead 17 year olds are just the kind of biofuel running Obama’s 2012 campaign.  Based on the comment threads I’ve read, and watching David Pfluffer on Meet the Press, if Obama can start at the toes and roll his way up to Trayvon Martin’s eyes he should be able to squeeze enough political mileage out of his corpse to get 98% of the black vote or more.

All the commies are talking about it and all the people on the right are talking about the way the commies are talking about it.

I get it.  A Latino neighborhood watch leader is accused of being white so that his shooting of an unarmed black teenager will give the black community an excuse to riot over anything not related to the way Obama has totally screwed them all over economically for the last 3 years.  Really, I get it.  It’s a wonderful distraction to galvanize the black vote and poison the well with race before this next election.

If I were a post-partisan, post-racial Earth Healer / attorney I would definitely interject my opinion that what happened in Florida was a hate crime and encourage my friends in the Black Panther Party to put up $10k to kidnap and murder the alleged cracker before the case goes to trial.  Better yet, just post his address and hope some hotheads shoot at the right house like Spike Lee has suggested.  That’s just what calm, cool and collective community organizers bring to the table.

With the proper cross-branding, The Trash Can Through The Burning Storefront Toss can get funding from Michelle Obama’s Move360 program and hold a voter registration drive at the same time.  Can’t let a crisis go to waste someone once said.

Like the Jena 6, Duke Lacrosse and Tawana Brawley, we are a much better country thanks to the awareness raised by ginning up fake hate crimes charges if the alleged victim is the correct color.  Usually a President doesn’t take the time to note the hue of the victim and to what degree they fall in the spectrum near a color that he’s more comfortable looking at in the mirror but these are post-racial times my friends.

If you do not look like Trayvon Martin, you will be given the opportunity to self-lynch and all carbon taxes will be waived if you act now.

When Hope Came To Town

And left about November 4th.

You tell me. Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Obama Headquarters on Rosa Parks Boulevard – October 7, 2008


I think about this every day when I drive by this prime piece of real estate a stone’s throw from the state capitol and across the street from the Farmer’s Market.  Three and a half years later.

Elections have consequences

Lots of consequences


He’s like King Midas.  Except that everything he touches turns to shit.

Who does this strip mall think it is doing impersonations of a White House event for CEOs?

Local Merchants Pay Their Fair Share ™

Something tells me if some of these people were standing in line looking for a job and not sitting outside of a mall waiting for some Chinese made sneakers with a multi-hundred millionaire’s name on them that their families would be considerably better off:

Louisville, Ky. (WDRB) – Witnesses say Louisville Metro Police had to break up a fight early today at Jefferson Mall over the release of a new style of sneakers.

Officers were on the scene where witnesses told WDRB that 75 to 100 people were reportedly in a fight over pairs of the new Air Jordan Eleven Retro Concords.

One witness claimed that a security guard was trampled by the crowd waiting for several shoe stores to open early. That claim could not be independently verified, as WDRB News was not allowed inside the mall.

At least eight police cars were on scene. Sources with the mall claim they were already there to provide security.

From the Keynesian / Krugmaniac  perspective, look at all of the jobs this melee helped to create or save.  The riot police called in to maintain order and make arrests (plus overtime!), the booking agents who would log them into the jail, the ambulance drivers who would pick up the wounded, the therapists who could counsel them,  the locksmith to prepare new fences for the stores and the janitors to clean up the blood.  And, of course, the welfare office who cut the checks that allowed these folks with such misplaced priorities to use their cash on hand for something this important to begin.

This riot is probably the greatest thing to happen to this particular strip mall since October 2008.

“I got the love for the ‘Js,’ you feel me?” said Brandon Betts, a customer who purchased the shoes. “Look at the box! The box is cold!”

“Man it’s crazy in there: people getting run over and security guards getting trampled and stuff,” he added. “They almost tried to arrest us!”

Sources with the Mall deny that there was a fight and say no police report was made out.

Correction:  No jobs were created for booking agents logging anyone into a jail for these various felonies.  And from North Carolina:

PINEVILLE, NC (WBTV) – Dozens of police officers had to break up fights and restore order at a local mall while shoppers were waiting for an overnight sale of a popular tennis shoe.

WTF is it about tennis shoes?  They don’t make you jump any higher or run faster.  Michael Jordan retired from basketball almost a decade ago.  Now, this could just be the cracker in me talking, but are tennis shoes important enough to add another candle to the Kwanzaa menorah?

You’ve got Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia, Kuumbaa, Imani and Air Jordans.  Air Jordans being the last candle.  The highest.  The culmination of all of your race-based collectivist couch-sweating labors.

In a related story, Eric “We’re Cowards On Race” Holder brought a federal lawsuit against South Carolina today for daring to ask voters to show some form of identification in order to vote:

The Justice Department on Friday entered the divisive national debate over new state voting laws, rejecting South Carolina’s measure requiring photo-identification at the polls as discriminatory against minority voters.The decision by Justice’s Civil Rights Division could heighten political tensions over the new laws, which critics say could depress turnout among minorities and others who helped elect President Obama in 2008.A dozen states this year passed laws requiring voters to present state-issued photo identification, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Just how is this related to a story about people rioting over Christmas tennis shoes?  Maybe because if showing some form of official ID to vote was such a hardship that all of these people standing in line to pay $200 for a pair of tennis shoes could, I dunno, take their Granny or Auntie to the DMV to get a $15 driver’s license.  The wait would be less too as well as not being out in the cold.

Voting with Their Feet:

Do Blacks care more about tennis shoes than their right to vote?

 In Tennessee, we have to show a government issued photo ID to buy 8 tablets of Sudafed and enter our names in a DEA Registry if we want to effectively combat allergy season.  Yet, somehow, exercising your right to vote – the ultimate franchise – shouldn’t require anything more than showing up at the poll of your choice several times a day and show nothing save the cartons of cigarettes and “walking around money” that Eric Holder gave your preacher.

Taking time away from his busy schedule of murdering border agents, funneling illegal arms to and money laundering for Mexican drug cartels, AG Holder had these comments earlier this month regarding those who have an entire year to figure out a way to get a Photo ID in between their hectic tennis shoe rioting schedule:

Holder expressed concern about the new laws in the Dec. 13 address, saying: “Are we willing to allow this era – our era – to be remembered as the age when our nation’s proud tradition of expanding the franchise ended?’’

At the same time, Holder vowed to not let politics affect his department’s review. “We’re doing this in a very fair, apolitical way,’’ he said in a recent interview with The Washington Post. “We don’t want anybody to think that there is a partisan component to anything we are doing.’’

Of course, not.  Politics plays no part whatsoever in  suing those racists in red states for affirming the identity of their voters and preventing fraud at the polls using the same standard as buying a six-pack of beer or cigarettes.

And if you believe that, I have some Black Panthers standing outside of a voting station  in Philadelphia to sell you.

The Tribe Has Spoken

It’s not often that I find myself thinking about Chris Matthews.  Sure as we approach Halloween and I see more straw-haired dummies sitting on bales of hay it happens more often than not.  Or the occasional bout of sciatic pain that results in tingling of the extremities of a distinctly non-political nature.  Sure.  It can happen.

But when I heard about The Obamessiah’s blatant race huckstering to the socialists and Marxist sympathizers at the Congressional Black Caucus, I was indeed reminded of Sissy because of his description of Tea Partiers not so long ago:

Much like mainstream media coverage of this year’s Tea Parties, Matthews and “Hardball” guests Norah O’Donnell and Salon’s Joan Walsh made an issue of how “white” the crowd was at a Palin book signing event in Michigan.

This is a largely white — almost no minorities in this crowd,” reported MSNBC’s O’Donnell live from the scene.

Matthews reiterated, “Well, they look like a white crowd to me,” later claiming, “I think there is a tribal aspect to this thing, in other words, white vs. other people.”


Technically Incorrect: Though both "white" and a Tribe

Ooga booga.  The albino tribe chucking their boomspears towards the skies and their dog-whistling smoke signals codewords.  Terrifyingly patriotic and god fearing at the same time as they took afternoons away from work to protest a black president big government and a black president out of control spending and an unconstitutional power grab by a black president of their healthcare.  In fact, if it was a white president doing all of these things these less than noble savages would have been perfectly fine with it.

Not to distract from the theme, but what am I to make of these race-based crowds gathering to plot to exclude other races from exercising their bigoted franchise?

President Obama’s campaign is developing an aggressive new program to expand support from ethnic minority groups and other traditional Democratic voters as his team studies an increasingly narrow path to victory in next year’s reelection effort.

Operation Vote will function as a large, centralized department in the Chicago campaign office for reaching ethnic, religious and other voter groups. It will coordinate recruitment of an ethnic volunteer base and push out targeted messages online and through the media to groups such as blacks, Hispanics, Jews, women, seniors, young people, gays and Asian Americans.

None dare call it “tribalism” it seems.  Instead of “dogwhistles”, Big Bro “O” can scare up some chain rattles to add some rhetorical umph! to his firepit chats about the slavery to come when the almighty Clock Is Turned Back ™.  The Ghost of Jim Crow should evacuate the bladders of the recipients of his version of voodoo economics in a trail all the way to the voting booth.

Getting Warmer: A Tribe Called Quest


After all, with black nationwide unemployment at a 27 year high and the vicinity of 16.7%, it’s got to be somebody else’s fault other than the guy in the funny headdress because he’s half the same color as you.  Because that’s not racist.  High Economic Priest Timmeh “The Pale Rider” Gheitner can don the ceremonial bone in his nose, stomp his tiny feet, wrench his pencil neck and warn of big falling sky if another Trillion dollars from as-not-yet-written bill isn’t passed immediately, or at least a month from now after Chief’s next much needed double jumbo jet visionquest to the oppressively black Martha’s Vineyard.

Addressing the (ed. – somewhat tribally blacks only) caucus’s annual dinner Saturday night, Obama reeled off more statistics showing how he said his jobs bill would help millions of black Americans. He lamented the community’s steep economic troubles, telling cheering audience members that he needs their help, despite any discouragement they have felt.

“I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain,” he said. “I am going to press on. I expect all of you to march with me. . . . Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on.”

He said, “Between all these rounds of golf, I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself.”  He said, “Don’t change Chiefs in midstream”.  And if he just so happens to set back race relations in this country 60 years to win a 2nd term well that’s just the Saltine calling the Townhouse “cracker”.  It sure beats running on his record.

Almost There: I still don't see any marching shoes.

Either way, sewing racial division so that his slavish followers will paypal their EBT cards to him is the quickest way to Make-It-Rain Dance.  Whatever you do Chrissy, don’t refer to this as tribal behavior.


Diarrhea of the Mouth of a Mad Black Woman

Admittedly, Tyler Perry looks better in a dress and is more ladylike.

Drudge has been leading with Sheila “I am a Queen” Jackson-Lee’s accusations that  Obama is facing unprecedented opposition because of his race and that no other President has faced the kind of disrespect that he has because he’s half-white.  *Yawn*

“I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president…has received the kind of attacks and disagreements and inability to work,” Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said. “Only this one. Read between the lines.”

“I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness of this president. Why is he different?” the Texas Democrat asked. “In my community that is the question we raise. In the minority community that is a question being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully?”

“Read between the lines”??? Given the illiteracy of Mrs. Jackson-Lee’s constituency, it’s a bit insensitive to ask them to read anything not in spraypaint or Spanish.  But it is instructive to know that she only represents “the minority community”. Of course, whites are a minority in her community but she doesn’t  mean to say that she represents them.  /read between the lines

This is coming from the Cynthia McKinney of Texas.  Elected time and time again from the dregs of Houston’s welfare wards.  They elect her for the expressed purposes of keeping her in zebra print moo moos, flowing gold scarfs, and to be a professional bigot representing Houston’s parolees and babymamas.

When it comes to matters of “showing disrespect”, I’m inclined to agree with her.  She stands out as one of the most disrespectful members of Congress of all time.  To her staff, to her colleagues, to airline attendants, to the American people and to a former President.  That’s not a mote in her eye, it’s a lumber yard soaked with gasoline and set ablaze.

A former staffer recalls one revealing episode during the height of the financial crisis in the waning months of the Bush administration. Jackson Lee demanded a meeting with a top Treasury aide, even though she did not sit on any of the committees with jurisdiction over financial matters. As her car pulled up outside the Treasury, Jackson Lee told her driver to park directly outside the door.

Due to the proximity of the Treasury Department’s headquarters to the White House, Secret Service officers told the driver not to park there. After an argument with the agents, who kept telling the driver to back off, Jackson Lee finally emerged from the building.

As the car drove away, a Secret Service van flashed its lights behind them. “Keep driving,” Jackson Lee told her staffer. Ultimately, the driver pulled over in defiance of the boss’s wishes. At this point, Jackson Lee emerged from the car, screaming, “I’m Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee! Who do you think you are?” to a team of Secret Service agents.

Jackson Lee accused the “white” agent at the gate of racism, claiming she wouldn’t have to deal with “this stuff” when Barack Obama became president. She then filed a formal complaint with the Secret Service, which prompted an investigation. A Treasury official later explained that the accusation had been dismissed because the agent in question was Hispanic, not white.

This is but one of dozens of examples.  Her deck only has race cards in it.  If this woman was any more of a loose cannon, Eric Holder would have already sold her to the Mexican drug cartels to kill border agents.  Check out the entire Daily Caller piece from earlier this year.  That’s just an excerpt of page 1 of 7 on Hurricane Sheila. Be thankful she failed in her quest to become a judge.

Welcome to your post-racial America, folks.

Where’s Their Messiah Now?

Don’t tell Peggy the Moocher though, I’m sure she’s still down at the payday loan office trying to figure out why Barack didn’t pay her mortgage and fill up her car for her.

Certainly, thinking such a thing is the height of cluelessness in the first place. However, the black middle class, which grew and prospered over the last decade has been (*gasp*) hit hardest by their jug-eared hero’s anti-capitalist economic policies.

In 2004, the median net worth of white households was $134,280, compared with $13,450 for black households, according to an analysis of Federal Reserve data by the Economic Policy Institute. By 2009, the median net worth for white households had fallen 24 percent to $97,860; the median net worth for black households had fallen 83 percent to $2,170, according to the institute.

Austin described the wealth gap this way: “In 2009, for every dollar of wealth the average white household had, black households only had two cents.”

Here’s the problem with the wealth-redistributionists — well, there’s more than one, but we’ll start here. These class warriors live in a world of Marxist economic theory that has, as its primary objective, to punish the achievers in the top tax brackets and bring them down. To them, having a rising tide that lifts all boats is somehow unfair to the smaller boats, even as they’re now able to get new gold-plated hardware to replace the rusted-out metal junk and new pine-scented air-fresheners to hang from the bridge’s rear-view mirror.

These jealousy-ridden lunatics only see the disparity between the white and black median household incomes, when they should really be horrified at the catastrophic drop that both demographics have suffered under the boot of the Obama/Soros/Geithner/Bernanke Crime Family.

But that would be too logical. If these race-baiters had any common-sense, they wouldn’t spend their lives race-baiting.

Wiley said Obama should be applauded for several initiatives that have helped the black middle class, such as programs to modify certain mortgages and prevent foreclosure because of job loss. But she would like Obama to aggressively counter the suggestion that first black president would be showing favoritism if he specifically helped black people.

“It’s the right thing to do for the nation,” she said. “Black people are a huge segment of the population, they’re especially hard-hit, and the country cannot recover if the black community — as well as the white community and others — does not recover.”

Actually, ma’am, they are still between 12-13% of the population according to the 2010 Acorn Census, which doesn’t exactly qualify as “huge”, despite their over-representation in the left-leaning media and entertainment industries.

For all those guilt-ridden white liberals out there who thought that voting in the first black president (well, technically, the second) would get you off the hook, think again. The class-warfare, race-obsessed media and political classes will never let it go. You could paint the House and Senate black and you’d still have the same tedious meme to wade through anytime you picked up a newspaper.

For an easier-to-understand, USA Today-style look at the problem, Cranky can help you out.

Not Black Like (Half of) Me

Nothing says you’re trying everything to avoid a government shutdown like skipping town to hold a race-based pep rally and nothing says “post-racial” like making the first stop of your re-election campaign to kiss Al Sharpton’s ass ring.

Obama will be speaking Wednesday for the first time as commander in chief at the annual convention of the National Action Network and standing with its founder, the Rev. Al Sharpton – whom the President largely ignored before his 2008 election.

Umm, because nothing would have said “post-racial” like hanging out with a racist murderer.
Traveling alone?

The Rev. Al Sharpton is marking the 20th anniversary of his Harlem-based organization by teaming up with President Barack Obama and top White House officials to grapple with issues affecting black Americans.

The president is scheduled to appear Wednesday evening at the annual conference of Sharpton’s National Action Network. Cabinet members spoke earlier at the Manhattan event.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said he’ll work with Sharpton’s group to alleviate teen violence in black neighborhoods, especially violence involving guns.

Shaun Donovan, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said he’s teaming up with Sharpton to help black homeowners facing foreclosure.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he’s been traveling with Sharpton around the country to black neighborhoods with the highest school dropout rates.

Pfew.  For a second there I was afraid that with a Black President, a Black Attorney General and a Black Secretary of Education that no one was going to look after the blacks.   In fairness,  Arne Duncan’s not black but he did coin “Race To The Top” which is evidently Obama’s re-election strategy.
Nice to know their interests are being looked after above everyone else’s.


Michelle Obama Is A Dumb, Fat Twat

And Obamacare would need to cover the Dent Doctor to pull all the dings out of her hail-damaged ass.

Bill Maher uttered a female vulgarism when referring to former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin on his HBO show Friday night.

“Did you hear this – Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she’s demanding that we invade ‘Tsunami,’” Maher said. “I mean she said, ‘These ‘Tsunamians’ will not get away with this.’ Oh speaking of dumb tw**s, did you…”

Maher was offering an imagined Palin response in an apparent attempt at humor, as Palin had made no such statement.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) refused to comment on Maher’s use of the derogatory term. A rep told FOXNews.com it is a “known fact” that NOW does not correspond with FOX News.

This is from a midget who beats up his black hookers.

I know what you’re thinking. How dare I call her dumb? After all, wasting an Ivy League education majoring in Sociology and minoring in Afro-American Studies (oOooOoo, so hard) as a literal affirmative action placement because her brother played on Princeton’s basketball team and got her enrolled means she’s smart about pimping her race and doesn’t that count?

Umm, no. No it doesn’t.

But NOT, formerly NOW, now known as the National Organization of Twats has no comment on Maher’s remarks.

I expect no less from the hypocritical cunts who exiled Tammy Bruce so they could support OJ Simpson murdering his ex-wife.

NAG, NAG, NAG Update: NOT reluctantly renounces Bill Maher’s comments once asked by a reporter not from Fox News.  And I do mean reluctantly:

In the wake of Bill Maher’s tasteless slur against Sarah Palin Friday night, in which he called the former Alaska governor a “twat,” the National Organization for Woman (NOW) has not only denounced the use of such sexist words, but also issued a warning to conservatives who they believe are attempting to use the issue to discredit their organization: “We are on to you, right-wingers.”

“Listen, supposedly progressive men (ok, and women, too): Cut the crap! Stop degrading women with whom you disagree and/or don’t like by using female body terms or other gender-associated slurs,” Lisa Bennett, NOW communications director wrote in a statement.

In addition to chastising men (and women) like Maher who use their position as progressives as a shield against charges of sexism, NOW made it clear that their denouncement of Maher’s sexist remark toward Palin is in no way an endorsement of her or conservative policies.

“You’re trying to take up our time getting us to defend your friend Sarah Palin. If you keep us busy defending her, we have less time to defend women’s bodies from the onslaught of reproductive rights attacks and other threats to our freedom, safety, livelihood, etc,” wrote Bennett. “Sorry, but we can’t defend Palin or even Hillary Clinton from every sexist insult hurled at them in the media. That task would be impossible, and it would consume us. You know this would not be a productive way to fight for women’s equal rights, which is why you want us stuck in this morass.”

They certainly do seem to have a stick up their morass.  So that’s one line about Maher and then a paragraphs long rant against conservatives for pointing out their hypocrisy.

Juanita Broaddrick is still available for comment, Clinton coddlers.

Black Congressman Hates Black People

What else to make of this?

Congressman Charles Rangel caused a stir in court Friday while trying to lend his support for bail of Afrika Owes.

Owes, 17, had been a student at the prestigious Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Prosecutors say she was also a member of a drug gang that terrorized 137th Street in Harlem.

Owes was one of fourteen suspected  “137th Street Crew” gang members arrested last month. Prosecutors said the gang used shootings, beatings and robberies to protect their turf and gain street status on a stretch of West 137th Street. The gang allegedly openly dealt crack in apartment lobbies, near Harlem Hospital and near the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

Nevermind contempt of court.  Charlie Rangel is arguing that a menace to society be allowed to continue terrorizing the captives of Harlem.  And you’d better believe it’s racism if she’s not allowed to keep drug-dealing to, robbing and killing black people.

A court officer told Rangel three different times to sit down. When he stood up again, Judge Edward McLaughlin had apparently had enough.

“I see someone standing who should not be standing, unless you have a bad back like I do,” McLaughlin said. Rangel sat down.

Rangel says Owes was a straight-A student and should be given a chance to straighten herself out.

Why is this senile, old crook still in office?  I thought he was supposed to be kicked out over ethics violations.

Oh, that’s right.  Democrats have no shame, ethics or morals.

Sorry Harlem.   Payback’s a bitch.  You produced the crook that robs you and you keep electing the one that robs us.

Where “My Peoples” At?

What a candid admission.  After stonewalling a Congressional investigation for two years into accusations of race-based law enforcement, soon-to-be Former Attorney General Eric Holder finally snapped and started flexing the Black Panther tattoo on his biceps in front of his mixed race interrogators:

The Attorney General seemed to take personal offense at a comment Culberson read in which former Democratic activist Bartle Bull called the incident the most serious act of voter intimidation he had witnessed in his career.

“Think about that,” Holder said. “When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia—which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people,” said Holder, who is black.

Umm, is 1960s Alabama on trial today?   Apparently so.  Again.  As institutionalized white-on-black crime is non-existent these days, Holder feels it necessary to put his thumb on the blind scales of Justice and reconcile the cosmic ledgers against Crackerdom.

Presumably, “my people” aren’t all Americans.  “My people” are his people.  Black Panthers making threats and brandishing batons and making racial slurs to voters  in front of a Philadelphia polling station on election day are “his people”.  Being forced to enforce the laws, that is his function, against “his people” is anathema to what Equal Rights Under the Law means to Eric Holder.

Is Eric Holder the Black Bull Connor? His strident defense of the indefensible on race-based grounds would certainly suggest as much.  Like Connor, his unapologetic advocacy of segregated justice has motivated more people against him than to his side.  For a reminder of what happened exactly that sparked the Inquisition of Attorney General Blackie McBlackman, Fairest Sheriff For 12% of Americans Across The Land:

The episode—which Bartle Bull, a former civil rights lawyer and publisher of the left-wing Village Voice, calls “the most blatant form of voter intimidation I’ve ever seen”—began on Election Day 2008. Mr. Bull and others witnessed two Black Panthers in paramilitary garb at a polling place near downtown Philadelphia. (Some of this behavior is on YouTube.)

One of them, they say, brandished a nightstick at the entrance and pointed it at voters and both made racial threats. Mr. Bull says he heard one yell “You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker!”

In the first week of January, the Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit against the New Black Panther Party and three of its members, saying they violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act by scaring voters with the weapon, uniforms and racial slurs. In March, Mr. Bull submitted an affidavit at Justice’s request to support its lawsuit.

When none of the defendants filed any response to the complaint or appeared in federal district court in Philadelphia to answer the suit, it appeared almost certain Justice would have prevailed by default. Instead, the department in May suddenly allowed the party and two of the three defendants to walk away. Against the third defendant, Minister King Samir Shabazz, it sought only an injunction barring him from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of a Philadelphia polling place for the next three years—action that’s already illegal under existing law.

These are the defendants that Eric Holder stood up to be counted with.   Well, defendants who didn’t attack America on September 11th anyway.  In a slam dunk case, waiting for the verdict, he dropped the charges and then has refused any inquiries as to why for almost two whole years.

Now we know.  He’s righting historical wrongs from 50 years ago.   A lifetime ago.

Eric Holder should be impeached yesterday and his bigoted reign at Justice cannot be over soon enough.  As long as The Klan With A Tan is lynching the rule of law, there is no faith in the DOJ while Blind Justice swings from its tree.

Mighty White Of Ya

O-Tay by me

When is a white person calling a black person “buckwheat” in a political argument, okay?  Why, when you’re of the correct party persuasion of course:

A Broadview Heights woman is accusing state Rep. Robert F. Hagan of using a term that some believe has a racist connotation on a social networking site.

Hagan, D-60th, of Youngstown, used the term “buckwheat” in a Facebook posting Saturday.

He said the posting wasn’t racist, and the attack on him is the tea party’s attempt to make him look bad.

The Tea Party made him call somebody “Buckwheat” on Facebook.  Is there no end to their mysterious powers?

Pay no attention to the bigot behind the curtain.

Crowther of Liberty Township in Southwest Ohio, believes the term was directed at him.

“I was offended by that,” Crowther said.

He called it an odd and inappropriate thing for Hagan to say.

“I felt it was beneath somebody that we’d elect” to say it, Crowther said.

Hagan said it’s an attempt to make him look bad.

“They are so full of —-,” he said. “They’re so negative, these teabaggers.”

He said, “Listen here you full of $#|+, teabagging f@&&0+$ – I’d never call you a N|&&3r”.  Thanks for the clarification, Congressman.

The offending exchange snapshot:

Have Yourself A Merry Little Juneteenth

From Post-Racial to Most Racial, continued.

It’s gonna be a Happy Juneteenth ya’ll.

Breitbart’s got the goodies on the only thing you need to read today.

How does a 400 farmer racial class action lawsuit balloon into the billions and now has more “farmers” as plaintiffs than black farmers ever recorded by the USDA?

Have a guy run for President who promises reparations for people supporting him.  That’s how.

Quid pro quo, nappy ho.

Southern Bribed Chicken

Say what you will about Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown, but one thing she knows is her constituency.  So when it comes to bribing people to vote for her with the lure of a free meal, she knows how to close the deal.  And you don’t close the deal with bruschetta:

A flyer distributed by U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown’s office promised “a complimentary coupon” for a meal at an Orlando restaurant to “the first 350 to vote” at an early voting site on Friday, sparking the latest charge in the contentious race in Florida’s Third Congressional District.

The Brown campaign also used a taped phone message from the candidate to push the offer to people in her district, in which she asks people to “early vote and receive a coupon to have lunch with us at Mama Nems Restaurant.”

Yea.  It’s totally illegal to do that but Mama Nems, eh?  That must be some kind of Eye-talian joint, right?  Hrm…

“Federal law prohibits vote buying in any election where a federal candidate is on the ballot,” he said “[Brown] may have a violation.”

Paul S. Ryan, an attorney at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center in Washington, came to a similar conclusion.

“If this is tied to the campaign, it would appear to be a violation of federal law,” Ryan said. “It’s a pretty serious violation. It is illegal to give someone an inducement to cast their vote.”

The voice recording reviewed by The Times-Union was confirmed by Ronnie Simmons, Brown’s campaign manager, as authentic. And Brown’s Orlando campaign office acknowledged distributing the flyers.

Simmons, who is also Brown’s chief of staff, said he wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about.

“After they voted, they are welcome to join us for lunch,” Simmons said.

Some voters took advantage of the offer. A woman who answered the phone at Mama Nems said a number of coupons had been redeemed, but she wasn’t sure how many.

That would be Corrine Brown, not Nino Brown handing out turkeys at Christmas.

But take a look at Mama Nems menu.  It’s as pernicious as it is delicious.

Seriously, woman – do you get a carton of Newports with that racial stereotype?

I find the menu’s lack of arugula disturbing.  Not as disturbing as the braised oxtail or neckbone salad combo but disturbing nonetheless.

The US Attorney for Florida’s Middle District said it’s not his job to investigate this vote buying scheme and that he’d let Eric Holder’s Justice Department handle it.  Which will be coming any minute  now for a Class X Felony dietary infraction while in the commission of a hate crime.

REMINDER: In case you can’t smell what the Dems are cooking, it’s Election Day, folks.  We can’t promise you any free fried chicken gizzards or “lip smackin’ ribs” but if you’ll vote for the right candidate the jobs will come back that will enable you to buy all of them that you can eat.   And that’s the quintessential truth, Ruth.

Unintentional Irony From The Desk Of Martin Luther Bling, Jr.

al-Sharpton, without a hint of irony or expectation of being asked a follow-up question, commented on not being provoked:

“Trouble today? Ain’t no trouble today. We wouldn’t disgrace this day by allowing you to provoke us.

That certainly explains your counter-protest.

Extreme Makeover: Leftwing Bigot Edition

The seven “diamond merchants”  burned to death as result of Sharpton inciting a racist riot at Freddie’s Fashion Mart and murdered rabbinical student Yankel Rosenbaum stabbed to death at the prompting of a Sharpton inspired mob shouting “Kill the Jews” are still unavailable for comment.

We know how Sharpton hates being provoked.  He also hates painting people with a broad brush.  Profiting from crimes he’s responsible for?  He’s pretty cool with that.

It’s amazing that this disgraced, racebaiting terrorist still gets not only a press pass for current comments but one from recent history as well. 1995 was not that long ago.  Especially for a Democrat candidate for President.

Bonus Question: Between al-Sharpton and Obama, who gets to be the moderate?  Sharpton likes his Jews killed through attrition and close enough that he can hear the screams.  Obama wants the entire state of Israel destroyed at once from afar and preferably with zero emissions so as not to pollute the environment.  Discuss.

I’ve Sucked So Long You Forgot What I Was Good At

Sounds like somebody found their Magic 8-ball then poured it out on the tray and chopped out some Ashley Biden sized lines of teeth-numbing goodness:

“We’ve got three months to go, so we figure we can politic for three months. They’ve forgotten I politic pretty good,” he said. “I’m happy to have this debate over the next several months about what their vision of the future is, because they don’t have one.”

Let’s make sure our vision of the present is clear before we break out the Ouija board and do a few lines off of it.  Massive unemployment, he’s failed our troops and lost two wars that were relatively in hand, as Carjacker-In-Thief he stole two car companies and gave them to his union buddies, a nuclear Iran is months away, a deteriorating border and the only thing redder than his unprecedented deficits are his Cabinet appointments.

By all means, let’s talk about The Future because Your Present sucks.

Rick Perry offers Obama a shovel-ready job:  Here you go, son.  Dig your own grave:

Gov. Rick Perry welcomed President Barack Obama to Texas with a round of applause—literally — clapping as the president descended Air Force One today in Austin. It was the first time a governor has applauded the president in a tarmac greeting, an Obama spokesman said.

But it wasn’t all warm and fuzzy between the Republican governor and the Democratic president. Perry handed a letter to Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, standing behind the president, in which he charged the federal government with neglecting its responsibility for border security.

Only the most slavish bootlick masochist would try and portray Perry’s backhanded “applause” as something to celebrate.

*Applause* – I just love the way you’ve failed the country like you failed The Gulf during the oil spill, the workers during your Depression, and the freedom-loving world during your Groveling Tour!

On the bright side, imagine what a positive spin they’ll have during the Impeachment hearings.

The Klan With A Tan

Gateway’s got the video and part of the transcript of a St. Louis NAACP speaker as he locks arms and defends one of the men who assaulted Kenneth Gladney:

Back in the day, we used to call someone like that, and I want to remind you, uh, when this incident occurred, I was really struck by a front page picture of this guy, which we called, a Negro, i mean that we call him a Negro in the fact that he works for not for our people but against our people. In the old days, we call him an Uncle Tom. I just gotta say that. Here it is, the day after a young brother, a young man, I didn’t mean to call him a brother, but on the front page of the Post Dispatch, ironically, he’s sitting in a wheelchair, being kissed on the forehead, by a European. Now just imagine that as a poster child picture, not working for our people.

That is one of the leading representatives of one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country standing in a room full of allegedly like-minded people and condoning a black man being beaten in the streets by several SEIU union thugs because he’s “not black enough” to warrant protection after attending a tea party rally.

He didn’t mean to call him “brother”.  After looking at what constitutes their family I’d consider it a compliment.

So there you have it.  The NAACP officially sanctions beating blacks in the streets if they don’t support a leftist agenda and stands with the criminals who assault them.

I missed the press release for the NAACP’s mission change but apparently their new acronym stands for the National Association for the Assault of Some Colored People.  They are cloaked in the white hoods of their organization’s once admirable history but their own words are burning crosses on the lawn of human decency.

Someone should tell them that.  Someone of respectable pigmentation so they would listen.  I wouldn’t trust that half-cracker President though.

Perhaps we could get Yaphet Kotto to do it.   Er, nope.  He’s a Jew and a Republican.   Out of the “brother” club, Yaphet.  No space program for you.

First Lady Commencement Speech: Segregation Now. Segregation Forever!

Plessy vs. Ferguson never got such good press!

“Diversity”  had its biggest setback since the last time this weekend when The Woman With The Biggest Chip On Her Shoulder gave a commencement speech to a bunch of neo-segregationists:

Michelle Obama told graduates Saturday to prepare to overcome adversity, building on Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1958 commencement address at the same university, when he told students to summon their courage to fight segregation.

The first lady gave an impassioned speech to 270 graduates of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff that referenced the legacy of their historically black school, which opened in 1873 with seven students, most of whom could barely read.

“Let’s just imagine how those seven students would feel if they could see you here today,” Obama told a packed downtown arena.

Imagine seven black students in 1873 cheering that their descendants would still be separated from learning with children of others races in the year 2010.  By choice.   In 1873, seven students could barely read.  In 2010, they can barely comprehend.  Your chocolate’s not going anywhere near my peanut butter!

If Martin Luther King Jr. “told students to summon their courage to fight segregation”, what measure of success is it that the President, his bitter half and a cottage industry of grievance colleges encourage drinking at a separate but equal educational water fountain?

People in the audience said they hope her appearance draws more attention to historically black colleges.

Promoting and underwriting a racially segregationist public education is banned by the Constitution and is downright un-American.  It’s too bad that Mrs. Obama’s commencement speech is more akin to the Bull Connor than to Brown vs. the Board of Education.