Toad Blogging

Summer’s Here

… and Toad Blogging is back!

Just get a look at these little buggers coming out of the woodwork!


This guy lives near the front porch and dines nightly at the walkway light.


Though technically not a toad, froggie has made his summer home at my pond.


These toads appear every Thursday at the Philadelphia Suburban Station. Though kindly, I approached with caution and asked if they thought Obama was going to change it. To this fella’s credit, the cause for nonviolence applies to the new administration.


Not so much with this specimen who still believes Bush is in office.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

It’s your occasional dose of Politically Incorrect Saturday morning cartoons from yesteryear. Remember when we used to be able to stereotype Mexicans and get away with it? Those were the days.

The Sheriff reminds me of the Dim-O-Cracks when they attempt to stand up to islamofascism. The Toads also take on monetary policy in “A Pair of Greenbacks”.

Cranky, this counts as Toad Blogging™, by the way.

RIP, Charlton

As Vinnie so aptly put it, Hollywood just got 100% shittier.

Of course, Charlton was one of those nasty “activists” who stood in the way of the global good, according to the Anti-American-Associated Press. I’m sure glad there are no other activists in Hollywood, or that might cheapen their consistently excellent product.

Unfortunately, whenever I think of Charlton Heston, I also think of the Stump video “Charlton Heston” from the late-1980’s glory days of MTV’s 120 minutes. Video below the fold. The video also qualifies this post as “Toad Blogging”.


See Thru Frogs!

Those crazy Japanese. Is there nothing their superior technology cannot do?

Sumida said his team, which announced the research last week at an academic conference, had created the first transparent four-legged creature, although some small fish are also see-through.

The researchers produced the creature from rare mutants of the Japanese brown frog, or Rena japonica, whose backs are usually ochre or brown.

Sure we laughed at their mutant Godzilla monsters, but this stuff is getting serious. And seriously cool.

(s/t Nigel)

Toad Blogging – Lazy August Sunday Edition

My babies, the green frogs tend to be a lazy group of welfare recipients. While mowing the lawn today, I chased two turbo leopard frogs (sorry, no photo available) out of the long grass. To be fair, I believe the green frogs are nocturnal.

However, when I came across my Carbon Offset Victory™ pond, what should I find but no less than seven of these little bad boys.

They really do sit on the lily pads just like the cartoons.

For those following the saga of the garden itself, please note that I completely lost the battle of the jungle weeds. All the nice Hastas and Ferns are lost in the Lucifer Grass. Robbo has never had it so easy in his gardening travails.


Toad Blogging – Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

On hot summer nights, when the rain is falling and the pavement is still warm to the touch…


they come out and lay on the road. Dozens of them. They only have one apparent wish. To DIE!


Does the warm pavement feel good on their bellies? Are they depressed over ozone depletion? We may never know – they’re not telling.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, no toads were harmed in the documenting of this bizarre phenomenon. In fact, it often takes the documentor forever to get to the end of the street because he keeps stopping the car and shooing the toad to the side of the road.

Toad Blogging – The Season Begins!


It’s the Summer of 2007 and we’re back!


First come the micro-toads. From a nearby pond, hundreds of these little fingernail sized toads emerge and spread out throughout the neighborhood yards.

Next, a few of the smart ones will set up shop under walkway lights and proceed to balloon up like Al Gore’s ego backstage at Live Earth upon receiving an emotional handjob from Dave Matthews

BTW, this is my Carbon Offset Victory Garden. So far, it offsets more carbon than a 50,000 sq.ft. mansion. You’re welcome. (Thanks again to your generous donations to save the planet.)




Toad Blogging Returns

My Offset Victory Pond™ is nearly complete and Mother Gaia is ready to party!

Meet the first frog of Spring. I think we’ll call him Captain Equinox.

Uh oh. Run Captain Equiniox! Run!

BTW, do you suppose that this presents some sort of problem for PETA people? I think the snake may be having “unethical” thoughts about my Captain.

Toad Blogging – The Payoff

All this toad-lovin’ is paying off. Now the toads are delivering the goods:

This is the majestic Blue Spotted Skipping Frog (BSSF). Completely unknown to science until just recently, the BSSF was discovered by a small group of scientists near Borneo.

According to leading expert, Dr. Brackowitz, preliminary testing suggests that the BSSF:

  • emits a chemical known to enter the Earth’s upper atmosphere and reverse global warming.
  • sheds a protective coat that provides the means to safely harness fusion energy.

There’s more too!

(sirloin tip Billy)

Winter Toad Interlude

Beneath the frozen ground, my reptilian children slumber. However, there are legends in these parts that if a tropical frog emerges and sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of Winter.


Meet Philadelphia Wartz. We had quite a ceremony this weekend when he emerged from the mud and promptly dove back under.

It will be a cold Spring indeed.

Thanks to CatBat for the pic.